Tourist Attractions to Visit in Pangasinan

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There’s a lot of thing you can do in Pangasinan as it home of many natural wonders that can blow your mind with their beautiful sceneries to offer such as caves, waterfalls, hills and of course its famous white sand beach with this option  in hand it will be hard to choose where to go and what to do here are some of the tourist attractions you can visit in Pangasinan to help you in planning and give a glance in some place that might attract your attention.

Fun fact Pangasinan is derive from the word “pang asinan” means “ where salt is made “ because of it rich and fine salt bed in the vicinity which become the prior source of livelihood of the province’s coastal towns also Pangasinan product include bagoong(“salted-krill”) and alamang(“shirmp-paste”) also Pangasinan is famous for their tourist attraction.

1. Hundred Island

The most popular Pangasinan destination for both local and tourists from abroad is the Pangasinan Hundred Island National Park near Alaminos. There are 123 islets in the protected region, which is spread out throughout Lingayen Gulf. The view of these islands is even more unique and remarkable because each islet has a distinctive shape and is thought to have formed millions of years ago. While some of the islands have limestone cliffs, others have white sand beaches by booking a hundred island hopping trip to take you to some of the main island is advisable the three main island is known as Quezon Island named after President Manuel Quezon which is the most develop island, Governor’s Island that home cave’s you can explore and children’s Island which is kid-friendly because of its shallow waters and calm beach.

2. Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaog

Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaog is one of the tourist spot in Pangasinan that one should look for as you don’t have to be religious to enjoy the building’s and the area’s beauty the church itself has beauty on it own and have been built on a hill near the urdaneta you might also came across bria homes, Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the rosary of Manaog its interior is decorated with intriguing religious paintings, the exterior is incredibly gorgeous.

3. Cambongaoan beach and death pool

You might consider going to Cambongaoan beach and death pool as one of the tourist spot in Pangasinan although going there is not a easy feat as because of it seclude location it may take an hour trip going town center to Cabongaoan beach but once you get there you will know that your effort is worth it while the death pool is a natural pool but is not easy to access place still help the popularity of Cambongaoan beach and become one of the tourist spot in Pangasinan.

4. Patar Beach

This tourist spot in Pangasinan is similar to other beach around manila it become popular for those who is seeking quick break from the noice of the city Patar beach become famous for its beautiful gold white sand and crystal clear blue water that can give you refreshment and if your a fan of sunset you will definitely like it when the sunsets comes the view will blow your mind with beautiful scenaries as Patar Beach facing West Philippines Sea you might also visit the nearby rock formation and corals which has a breath taking view.

5. Enchanted Cave

Enchanted cave in bolinao, Pangasinan is a nice place to cool of during hot weather in summer inside the cave there is a pool of crystal clear water with a maximum depth of 6ft that make it perfect for a refreshing swim also it is deemed enchanted because locals in Pangasinan believe that million of years ago bolinao is resting deep underwater this belief makes plausible because of the presence of corals and fossil of clam around the area of bolinao you can also see corals on your way to enchanted cave this history make the enchanted cave become one of a kind and the reason why it turn famous for tourist spot because of its rich history.

6. Todol White Sand Beach

One of the most popular beaches close to Manila is Tondol White Sand Beach in the municipality of Anda, which has earned the moniker “The Little Boracay of the North.” Tondol features extensive lengths of beautiful white sand and clear blue waters, similar to Boracay, one of the top beach attractions in the Philippines. Given that the shallow sections of the seas extend far from the shore, the beach is ideal for families with young children. The area’s waters are actually shallow enough for you to stroll to the neighboring islets, and at low tide, a number of sandbars will be visible.

7. Bolinao fall

Bolinao waterfall is one of the tourist spot in Pangasinan going there will show you how beautiful mother nature is having not just 1 but 3 waterfall combining together that build bolinao waterfall compared to other tourist spot in Pangasinan balinao waterfall have a simple name on it but don’t make it fool you for this tourist spot has beauty on itself a jaw dropping sight will be shown upon coming there.

8. Cape bolinao light house

Cape Bolinao Light House may not be working anymore but it still attract the attention of the tourist thanks to its structure and picturesque view that it can give that make it a picture perfect in every angle where you chose to pic the bolinao light house used to guide cruising ship in west philippines sea before the battery light run out of energy at 2004 even though the light house isn’t operating and the 140 step spiral staircase it have is out for visitor it still become famous for the lushy green grass and the sparkly ocean view it have its no wonder why it become a icon.

9. Our Farm Republic

You should try going to our farm republic and take on a Pangasinan culinary tour, you can choose the ingredients and prepare the meals yourself while taking part in farm excursions, harvesting produce to take home, and learning best practices for bringing food from farm to table among the many dishes they serve are kalabasa soup, flower salad, tinolang manok native pork lechon and turonopig if you follow a plant-based diet, vegetarian options are also available.

10. Tayug Sun Flower Eco Park

This tourist spot in Pangasinan is not like other tourist park that have a beautiful beach crystal clear water but the name itself tells that the sunflowers in this park are indeed the main attraction and make for stunning photographs. You won’t have to wait too long to take those shots because the 2-ha park is home to thousands of sunflower flowers and various sunflower mazes with photo stops the best part of it is the continues planting of sunflower throughout the year that can guarantee there will be a sunflower that is blooming no matter what season you will visit you can also take home a sunflower as they sell some of the sunflower potted and bloomed flower like zinnias, torenia, and of course sunflower that you can put on your house and make it beautiful like Bria homes.

Written by Kier francis R. Presentacion