Tips to Ease Your Daily Commute Problems

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Commuting requires a great deal of patience and energy due to the long lines for public transportation. Many Filipinos rely on public transportation to get around but some have their own car. Either way, we’re not safe from the long, dreadful traffic that might await us. Here are some tips on the things you can do to deal with common commuter problems in the Philippines.

Dealing with long commutes has consistency with the traffic jams that are caused by the incomplete construction of roads. In some aspects, intersections on roadways cause us to deal with long commutes due to the overtaking of some vehicles and others making violations against the rules and regulations. Unexpected accidents on the road increase a commuter’s travel time and definitely become a hassle for them. Commuting has become a daily routine in the lives of many people, including students and workers. Dealing with long rides can affect the mood and performance of each individual towards their activities or responsibilities. Gaining stress from that scenario will eventually affect the people around them and may cause them to have conflict with work progress.

Through long commutes, people are used to adjusting themselves to changing the things that should not be repeated in the present for them to be able to keep up with their work schedules and destinations. People gathered ideas from websites or books to get some commute tips that would provide information to deal with it and that they could apply on their next commute because time is always precious. As time goes by, people will be aware of what things they should do regarding the long commute and can eventually share the commute tips with others.

5 things you can do during your commute that might ease your travel

The following commute tips below may be on your list to work out the long commute on your way to work or school:

1. Plan Ahead

As a commuter or the driver of your own vehicle, you must be prepared to do your research about the traffic situation within your area and the alternate roads that you can use to avoid traffic jams along your way. Being active in the environment of your place and having backups to include will surely make your day hassle-free. Having some regular weather updates can help you to be attentive and remind you of things that you should bring outside. Being prepared and aware of the environment is the first thing that must pop up in your mind when commuting or driving your car to check the news report of what will be the hindrances that will make the situation worse for commuting and driving in heavy traffic.

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2. Make the most out of your time

    There are times when it is unavoidable that you may encounter some delays when it comes to public transportation. So as to make the time not wasted, you may continue to set reminders of the things that you should prioritize for the week or month by using your smartphone. You may check some emails and may respond to them to lessen the work that you may do for the whole day. You can also read articles that will help you improve your mood and make your mind function in an early state. You can create a poem or compose a song during a long ride, which adds a nostalgic moment when you see something that causes you to build up greater feelings that match other people’s situations.

3. Entertain Yourself 

    Boredom may strike during a long commute, and to avoid that, our tips is you must find a way to entertain yourself – playing games that will help you exercise your vocabulary. Another thing you can do is to catch up on your favorite movies or series to lift your mood and relieve stress caused by the situation. Entertaining yourself will distract you from the negative vibes that you may get from the ride. One thing that makes you forget about the long commute is when you enjoy looking at the scenery outside too. That shows not only the wonderful infrastructure, but it makes you calm and appreciate the beauty of the environment.

4. Listen to Your Music Playlist or Podcast

    Music makes everyone calm amidst the long commute that people experience when they go to their workplaces. It has become a habit because many commuters wear earphones on public transportation to avoid the noise coming from the whole ride. Listening to a podcast can help to relieve stress and can teach a person a lot that is applicable to his or her life to enhance the way they see things around them. For those who own a car, it will be helpful for them to hear a song during a long drive to make the atmosphere lighter.

5. Try to Meditate 

    Trying simple meditation, like breathing exercises will somehow help you focus and breathe in a crowded atmosphere, even just for a few seconds. This will serve to improve your mood, especially if you feel headaches throughout the ride. Keeping your mental health is important, so to help to ease the situation, you may watch some meditation videos that you can download, and if that does not work out, you can zone out while listening to music to enjoy the long commute without having too much noise coming from other passengers.

Dealing with various commuter problems

    Commuting will drain you in many ways and will test your patience throughout your ride. Other commuters will trigger your mood and even distract you, even from the smallest things, but the best way to counteract that is to take a deep breath and do your thing by making yourself productive and enjoying the music from your playlist. Being prepared and updated regarding the situation within your area is an advantage too, as it takes the travel time to not consume all your energy. Alternate roads can help you reduce your travel time from work and will be a good way to keep up with the things that you should do at that specific time.

    For those who own a car, watching the news in the early morning will somehow help you to determine the location that you should avoid, and keeping your smartphone fully charged will keep you informed regarding the roadways through the help of route applications like Waze or Google Maps. Once you hit the road, tuning in through the radio station somehow keeps you updated regarding the environment, and you can enjoy listening to music when on your way to your destination.

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Written by Angela J. Cruz