Things to Understand Concerning Dogs’ Firework Anxiety

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The night of New Year’s Eve will come in less than a month. Even though government forbade us from using firecrackers, fireworks have always been present on this holiday as people like to make noise to welcome the New Year. Fireworks displays, which are captivating are still used by people to brighten the night sky.  When there is a big celebration in the Philippines, fireworks are always involved. We typically set off the fireworks in a wide concrete area to keep everyone safe while they are having fun, but what if some animals, particularly dogs, are suffering due to the total noise the fireworks are making while we are enjoying the display? How will you handle your pet stress during fireworks? Read this article to understand more about dogs’ firework anxiety and help them during this time.

Why Do Dogs Fear Fireworks?

Due to their keen hearing, dogs are easily startled by a variety of loud noises, including those made by gunshots, vehicles, and thunderstorms. The sound a dog hears is incredibly frightening; it is like hearing a fireworks display through an audio system at maximum volume. Dogs typically try to escape and hide to avoid hearing the disturbingly loud noise that fireworks produce. Therefore, we wonder “How can I handle my pet’s stress during fireworks?” 

Since hearing fireworks terrifies and greatly distresses a dog who has a noise sensitivity, keeping your dog stress-free can be complicated. This appears like you have zero control over a panic attack. Their heart races, they become more vigilant, and they might even act out recklessly due to this anxiety and fear. By scratching floors and doors, and other harmful behaviors, your dog may hurt themselves while attempting to escape their place as well as can cause damage.

10 Signs your dog dislike fireworks 

Your pet’s behavior may greatly change during special holidays like the New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, it isn’t always simple to spot anxiety in our fur babies. They can’t inform us how they feel. However, there are a few indicators to look out for. Some of the following behaviors that your dog shows could be a result of pet stress during fireworks.

  1. Progressively moving or irritation
  2. Trembling
  3. Breathing hard
  4. Excessive alertness
  5. Hiding away
  6. Shivering or immobility
  7. Extreme clinginess behavior
  8. Not wanting to eat
  9. Whining
  10. Scratching doors and floors

How to Keep your Dog Stress-Free from the Noise of Fireworks?

You may address a query that a lot of dog owners would want to answer! Most animals are indeed very uncomfortable or terrified whenever lightning strikes and since fireworks are much like the sound of all thunder/lightning storms they were similar in giving the dog anxiety. Dogs hid in closets, managed to crawl under beds, climbed on top of us, and sat even closer to us while trembling and shaking with their teeth clacking. We want to know how to help them to at least make them at ease whenever fireworks displays are happening.

1. Don’t Leave them Alone

Make sure your dog is never left outside to effectively prevent pet stress during fireworks shows are the first thing to do. You should also avoid taking your dog to any place where they’ll witness a firework. Nobody wants to miss out on special occasions like New Year’s Eve, but a veterinarian advises against leaving a dog at home alone if it has a strong aversion to loud noises or fireworks. Also even if they are constrained indoors, they still have the potential to hurt themselves or end up causing property damage, According to a Professional Veterinarian. The best recommendation is to find a dog sitter for time frames of loud noises like fireworks if you are unable to be at home.

2. Distract your Dog

If your dog enjoys certain toys, games, or activities, try to divert his attention to some of those. When he’s too upset or anxious though, don’t push him because it might worsen his anxiety. Given that dogs have keen hearing, it is impossible to completely wash away the noise of fireworks, but you can try to divert or calm them by making other noises. Use repeated or comfortable noises for the dog, such as relaxing sounds, or whatever on TV, recommends the vet. Additionally, make sure that all of the doors and windows are closed since a dog’s keen nose can detect the foul-smelling smell that lingers in the evening air, and also try to lie down in your room, and call him over if nothing else is working. See whether he’ll lie with you then attempt to communicate soothingly to him, pet him tenderly, or even massage him. Tell him you are with him, that everything is alright, and that he is a nice boy. Make an effort to appear unworried and let him know you’re not afraid or disturbed. 

3. Medication

It is crucial in keeping your dog stress-free, so there are times when trying to make a treatment to at least make your dog feel comfortable is incomplete and medication is usually required. 

Several medications are available, as well as treatments you can give to your dog in advance of or during a fireworks display. As a result, you might be able to treat your dog’s noise sensitivity symptoms more quickly.

Although not all dogs seem to be frightened of fireworks, it’s crucial to remember that your dog will follow your lead. Unless you make a big deal out of firework displays when your dog is typically relaxed, they might sooner or later start to feel anxious around them. Try to maintain your dog’s composure while also keeping your calmness.

Could a Dog’s Anxiety about Fireworks Cause Death?

It’s debatable but highly possible. Since we’re not conscious of any instances where it has been strongly proven that a healthy dog has died from anxiety, a dog with a fundamental medical condition, such as some heart issues, might do so. 

So a health condition could be brought on by a traumatic event, such as a night of nonstop fireworks. In this case, indeed the best preparation as well as to prevent our dogs in any high-stress situation is to isolate them.

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Written by Kyla Marie Bernales