The Life-Changing Magic of the KonMari Method

Marie Kondo Method

“Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order.” – Marie Kondo (KonMari Method)

If you want to live a life that sparks joy, there is just one thing you need to do to put your house in order and organized. Choose to let go of everything else and keep just the things that speak to your heart. A life that is organized leads to a peaceful and full of joy that leads to self-discovery, mindful living, and fulfillment.

Marie Kondo and the konmari method have thoroughly changed people’s organize their belongings by demonstrating how to organize and declutter their homes once and for all. Marie Kondo is the author of the New York Times best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and its companion, “Spark Joy.” A world-renowned tidying expert, and Star of the Netflix Show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” She is dedicated to inspiring the world to choose joy with the konmari method. Since she was a young child, Marie has been fascinated with organizing and she started her tidying consulting business as a 19-year-old university student in Tokyo. Today, Marie is a renowned tidying expert helping people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration.

According to KonMari Media, Inc., the konmari method is an easy-to-use but effective tidying technique that ensures that you succumb to clutter again. It uses a unique selection criterion – choosing what sparks joy! You decide to maintain just the things that resonate with your heart rather than choosing what to reject. By cleaning up, you may reset your life and live the rest of your days surrounded by the things and people you love the most. It is unique because it was organized by category rather than by location.  In the konmari method, we tidy into five (5) categories in a specific order: (1) Clothing, (2) Books, (3) Paper, and (4) Komono- the largest category that stands for kitchen, bathroom, and garage or miscellaneous items and (5) Sentimental items.

Marie Kondo’s method has 6 Basic Rules of Tidying and she suggests that you complete each of them in a sequential sequence. The fundamental idea behind this decluttering technique is that, in an ideal world, you should only need to do it once, and then you should be free to decide whether or not to add things to your life depending on whether or not they spark in your heart. You thereby go through a significant, all-encompassing decluttering of your home, after which you can live in the freedom, peace, and joy that you have created.

Here are KonMari Method 6 Basic Rules of Tidying:

Rule 1: Commit Yourself to Tidying Up

The konmari method is not a one-time decluttering solution for a cluttered space. If you commit to upholding its values, you have the opportunity to restart your entire life. It is really important because decluttering your entire life requires a significant commitment, and you can’t do it half-heartedly. Recognize that it will take a lot of time and effort to completely declutter your life. You must commit to doing it and say, “Yes, I’ll do it, I’ll start it, and I’ll finish it!” The work will ultimately be worthwhile. You’ll not only enjoy having things you love in your home, but you’ll also be taking steps to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Rule 2: Imagine Your Ideal Life 

The goal of Marie Kondo’s method isn’t to clear out clutter or make your home look presentable for unexpected guests. It’s all about decluttering in a way that brings you joy and transforms your life. Imagine, visualize, and dream of the life and the home you want to build. Consequently, the second stage is imagining the perfect, decluttered space. As you go through the process of tidying and organizing, you utilize your vision of life and the home you want to build as a goal to keep you on track. In reality, when you visualize your perfect lifestyle, you are describing why you want to clean and think about your ideal existence.

Rule 3: Finish Discarding First

Remember to concentrate on what you want to keep as you start your tidying journey with the konmari method. Keep the things that make you happy and gratefully let go of the rest.

The konmari method does not focus on discarding, but it is an essential step in the process because it gives you a chance to draw lessons from your past. It taught you that you don’t need anything similar in your life if you let go of a possession you never utilized. You will change the way you live and acquire new items in the future by carefully considering each object your trash. This phase is all about accepting and making peace with the things we’re about to let go of because we often have an emotional or sentimental relationship with the things we have in our lives. According to Marie, one of the best ways to truly let go of an item in our lives and establish an emotional distance between us and that object is to express gratitude for its contributions to our lives. You can also add this point to the decluttering argument by stating that by truly letting go of an item, you can create a space that is both physically and emotionally free.

Rule 4: Tidy by Category, Not by Location

It may make sense to focus on one shelf, closet, or room at a time. But doing it this way will condemn you to a life of disorganization. You must organize your belongings by category, not by location if you want to truly declutter and transform your life.

 People frequently keep the same kind of object in multiple locations. When you clean each area independently, you’re doing the same task many times. You’ll never be able to estimate the total amount of each type of item you possess. You’re on the right track if you organize by category — clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and then sentimental items. One of the benefits of decluttering by category is that you’re able to fully see exactly how much you have of something and it makes it so that you’re not going through decluttering certain kinds of items multiple times

Rule 5: Follow the Right Order

According to the konmari method, we’re to declutter from easy to hard. It’s important to tidy up in the right order. Take it from Marie; she discovered this crucial konmari method step after countless hours of organizing sessions with clients. It is the most effective and efficient to organize your possessions in this order: clothing, books, papers, komono, and sentimental items. By beginning with clothing (very simple) and concluding with sentimental items (difficult), you develop your decision-making abilities along the way; by the end, deciding what to keep looks straightforward. Another reason why clothes come first is that completing that area would provide you with concrete evidence of your efforts. Every morning inspiration comes from seeing your favorite outfits in a neatly organized wardrobe.

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter gives you an energizing pick-me-up even though you may be physically exhausted as you proceed through each category. You learn more about the technique and yourself as the process progresses.

Rule 6: Ask Yourself If It Sparks Joy

The fundamental idea behind the konmari method is that only you can know what kind of surroundings makes you happy. It distinguishes it from other tidying methods that rely on objective standards rather than unique criteria. Marie’s approach is different from the advice you’ve surely heard, such as “Discard anything you haven’t used in two years” or “Every time you buy anything new, get rid of something old. You can discover exactly what you love and what you need by limiting your choices to only those things that make you happy.

Marie Kondo’s mission is to spark joy in the world through tidying. It assists you in becoming more conscious of your possessions and ensuring that you require and appreciate anything you have in your home. There is no rule about how much you should keep or throw away; if something sparks joy, hold onto it with assurance.

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