The Importance of Home Security: Protecting Your Home and Family

Comfortable home for the family

Animals have a basic desire for safety, but unlike other animals and pre-historic humans, we no longer hide from predators that are chasing us down for food. Despite this, safety is still crucial especially for our households, and our decision-making should be carefully planned to ensure our protection. One of the most essential components of life is the individual’s and family’s peace of mind through safety. Personal safety is the most important aspect of our lives. It is a fundamental necessity to protect ourselves and our family members from criminals, natural disasters, and wars or any violent occurrences.

Safety, as a human basic need had been acknowledged by the prominent American psychologist named Abraham Moslow, in his hierarchy model of basic human needs. It was created by arranging the five layers of human motivation in ascending order. The second layer of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs refers to the desire for security and protection. When our physiological demands for food and drink are addressed, our safety needs take precedence. These requirements stem from our innate need for a predictable, organized environment that is partially within our control. In today’s environment, safety demands might express as work stability, savings accounts, insurance policies, financial security, physical health and well-being. However, for this article we will be focusing on the importance of home security systems in the Philippines.

How Safe is the Philippines?

“The family is the fundamental group unit of society entitled to protection by society and the state”

One of the fundamental reasons we pay taxes is that we expect our government of providing a security system from crimes or wars. National security and public order are critical components in laying the groundwork for equitable prosperity, a high-trust society, and a globally competitive striving economy. People feel safe wherever they go in the nation and are free to conduct business, economic, or social activities as long as they do not infringe the economic, social, and cultural rights of others.

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Conforming to, Iceland continues to rank as the safest nation in the world, according to the 2021 Global Peace Index, it ranks in the top 25 safest nations to live in the world alongside with other Nordic and European nations like Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. The Philippines, on the other hand, may be too far down the list to make it to the top, moving up to 134th place. Since more people in the Philippines are uneducated and struggle to meet their basic necessities, they are more likely to engage in criminal activity. This is to be expected given that the Philippines is a third-world country.

According to statistics presented by Philippine National Police (PNP) the country recorded 7,865 occurrences during the first quarter of 2023, the nation’s index crime rate was lower than the 9,375 incidences reported during the same time in the previous year. Furthermore, recently released data showing a 16% decrease in nationwide index crime from January 1 to March 25.

As the country consistently combats the immense occurrence of crime, it is our responsibility to protect our family members. According to the constitution, the ‘family’ is the foundation of our nation and a key autonomous social unit. Our family code also recognizes the responsibility of the head of the family, particularly parents to be a security provider for its children. Below are tips on how to achieve an efficient home security system.

Home Security Systems to Try for Your Home

1. Own a Pet Dog

Dogs behave instinctively to defend themselves and, by extension, their family unit. In the Philippines, having a pet dog is another security system. Depending on your dog’s breed but our furry loved ones can be one of the best partners we can have to keep us safe from break in and other threats. Our pet dogs naturally protects us by guarding their established territory and members of their pack. When it comes to a pet dog, the home and its occupants become their pack and their territory. Putting up yard signs like “beware of dogs” would be burglars warning sign to back-off from the property.

On the downside, It will need thorough training to employ your dog as a security system in your home, regardless of the breed you select. Due to the scarcity of dog trainers in the Philippines, this can cost more.

2. Consult Experts on Home Security Systems

It is normally accomplished by consulting a professional healthcare practitioner, such as an occupational therapist or a medical social worker. A home safety evaluation is a comprehensive study of your house to find and remove any hazards. In addition, if you have a toddler in your home the best house security system to have is through baby-proofing.

3. Automate your Home

Home automation is a security system provides you the ability to remotely monitor and control devices in your house from anywhere using a mobile device. Home automation may refer to isolated programmable devices such as smart thermostats and sprinkler systems, but it more accurately describes homes in which nearly everything smart light switches, appliances, smart outlets, heating and cooling systems connect to a remotely controllable network.

With an appropriate wireless home security systems, you can see and manage the system and any linked devices from any Internet-connected device. These devices can provide you remote access into your home as you get to be instantly notified once they receive potential threats for your home. A wide array of home security systems can be installed to your home including but not limited to motion sensors, heat detectors, security alarm, automated door locks or smart locks, and fire alarm.

4. Install Security Cameras

Any person can feel a strong sense of protection and peace of mind when a security system of video surveillance is installed knowing that everything is being monitored and recorded as video footage since these security cameras serve as a deterrent to crime. In fact, outdoor security cameras can deter crime by drawing attention to it. These security cameras offer a number of benefits. It can also serve as evidence for your insurance company incase of property damage.

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In addition, many security companies also provides emergency responders who can receive notifications through access control systems with your camera.

5. Install Fire Safety Features

In a tropical country, Fires are a typical occurrence in many residential properties. A properly installed motion sensors and smoke alarms in your house can help prevent fires from occurring, since this type of home security system can detect the presence of smoke before it can become a carbon monoxide poisoning.


The importance of home security systems provides a lot of benefits in keeping our family safe. Having a security system installed becomes priceless to have the assurance that you have taken all reasonable precautions to keep your family, yourself, and your things as safe and secure as possible.

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