The Golden Rules of Being a Good Neighbor

How to be a good neighbor

We often hear the term “good neighbor,” but what does it take to be one? The usual qualities we think about are that a good neighbor can make you feel welcome; they can always offer you a helping hand; they can offer assistance during emergencies; and they can even be willing to build and maintain a lasting relationship with you. Being on good terms with your neighbors has many advantages since the community will be more open, friendly, and safe. This is the case in every Bria Homes community, since they provide quality homes and neighborhoods with a happy and holistic lifestyle for every Filipino family.

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Every neighborhood has its own personality. Some tend to be more sociable, while others prefer to stay private. Everyone wants to have a good neighbor. However, it is hard to know how to be a good neighbor that your neighbors want. The goal is to live in peace and harmony, which is not always possible. At least try to prevent hard feelings by following basic etiquette rules regardless of the type of neighborhood you live in. The following are ten key traits and things you can do on how to be a good neighbor to others.

1. Don’t forget to introduce yourself

Take the first step whether you are new to the neighborhood or new residents have moved in, it is best to introduce yourself and put yourself out there. Most of the time, people are just waiting for someone else to take initiative.

You can simply say hello, offer a welcoming gift, gather a few neighbors for a meal, or engage in small talk about the local area. For instance, you can share or ask where the best restaurants are or what schedule the garbage truck comes by.

2. Get to know your neighbor

Keep in mind the people and their names. Listen when they are talking and remember their names. A quick way to jot down names is through your phone’s notes. This will make them feel valued and seen, thus improving the conversation. By knowing your neighbors’ lifestyles, such as their occupation or family situation, you can be considerate if they need quiet hours during a specific time of the day. Communicate with them so they will not hesitate to let you know and, likewise, give them information about your lifestyle.

Communicate and keep your neighbor in the loop. Remember the “golden rule,” stating, “do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” If you’re planning anything that may affect them, let them know in advance. Keep your communication open and remind them to feel comfortable informing you if you’re doing something that might disturb them.

3. Always give a helping hand

A good neighbor will always try to be available and approachable with the mindset of saying, “I’m available” and “I’m here.” Be outside more; take walks, spend time in your yard, and greet people. Meanwhile, spend time in common areas and facilities if you live in a condominium or apartment.

When your neighbor asks for help, say yes if possible. This will help you approach them easily whenever you are the one in need of any assistance. A helpful and trustworthy neighbor can help you take care of your children, pets, or property in your absence, as well as receive packages while you’re out.

4. Understand and try to be quiet

One of the most important ways on how to be a good neighbor is to respect your neighbor’s personal space. Raising the TV volume and making noise can cause a disruption in a peaceful atmosphere. If you’re living in a condominium or semi-detached house, you and your neighbors’ living spaces may be adjacent to each other.

Noisy household appliances, like televisions, speakers, or washing machines, should be moved away from shared walls. If you live above someone, try to put linoleum or rubber matting underneath appliances to muffle the noise. Also, be more mindful of your footsteps when walking around, since somebody living downstairs can hear you.

5. Keep your surroundings clean

A clean environment will help you, your family, and your neighbors stay healthy and safe. Dispose of your trash properly in order to keep a litter-free lawn and driveaway. Keep your garden neat and tidy by weeding and mowing your lawn regularly as well as trimming your flowers, trees, and bushes appropriately. Don’t forget to put the equipment away as soon as you’re finished using it. Lastly, ask if your neighbor and their family members have chemical sensitivities or allergies before applying pesticides.

6. Be a responsible pet owner

Not everyone is a dog or cat lover. Show responsibility for your pets by cleaning up after them and keeping them off the neighbor’s lawn. Keep your cat or dog on a leash if it has the habit of running and loitering around. If you have difficulties controlling your dog’s barking or whining, you can consider seeking advice from a local veterinarian.

7. Give and take

Enjoy the act of giving and practice the art of receiving. Try to be generous and remember your neighbor during holidays or special occasions. Don’t expect anything in return, but if your neighbors give you something, receive it with humility. This may also include borrowing from your neighbor. Remember to return the item after using it. If you break the item, it is your responsibility to fix or replace it. The art of how to be a good neighbor to others is an investment in the neighborhood that will build momentum in the relationship.

8. Invite your neighbors

When planning a party, be sure to alert your neighbors and inform them when the party will start and how long you expect it to be. Why not invite them too? Be respectful of the neighborhood when it comes to minimizing the noise and ask your guests to be considerate when leaving. In addition, you can also organize events for the whole neighborhood, wherein neighbors could pitch in and help cover costs.

9. Follow the rules

If your neighborhood has a homeowner’s association, be aware of the rules and follow them at all times. For example, take out your trash on the right day of garbage collection and try to contain it well to avoid attracting pests and insects.

Another thing you need to remember is to practice parking etiquette. Don’t block anyone’s access and make sure to park in the front of your home and not in other people’s driveways. Don’t over-rev your engine early in the morning or late at night. Avoid slamming doors and shining headlights on your neighbor’s windows.

10. Maturity to avoid misunderstandings

Being mature is important in learning how to be a good neighbor to others. If you have any issue with a neighbor, talk directly with the person and discuss the matter as adults. Don’t start a neighborhood rumor. Correspondingly, a lot of problems can be easily handled with maturity. Make an effort to make things right by apologizing and being on friendly terms.

These are some of the key tips on how to be a good neighbor. If you’re looking to buy a new home in the Philippines, BRIA Homes could be the best housing developer for you! Choose from affordable house and lot packages or condominium unit and you’re sure to live in a great neighborhood. Contact our consultants today and inquire about your future home.

Written by Gianne D. Inumerable