Style Rebirth: The Beauty of Arcs and Curves in Interior Design

Arcs and Curves used in bedroom interior

Isn’t it nostalgic to see old trends coming back and getting a modern twist on them? From fashion to interior design styles everything’s undergoing a process of rebirth – reviving classic and timeless pieces of “art” into the modern world. Curved lines are currently a trend in the world of interior design and so it is not a shocker for arches to be in the spotlight too! In basic interior design perspective, arches are back in the trend because it visually emphasizes the height of your walls, giving the impression that any area is larger. An arch elevates a place with a dash of old-world elegance, whether it’s a part of hallway ideas or living room ideas. Across history, arches have consistently been reliable architectural and structural components. Nearly all nations, from East to West, have their own variations of these unique components. Interior designers are currently rediscovering the elegance of arches and curves as an interior design and home feature.

Curves soften the angles of an interior, creating a sense of balance and warmth. Curved pieces add depth and beauty to spaces by casting artful shadows and silhouettes. Curves draw the eye in and keep it moving, creating visual interest. Interiors are brought together by them as subtle details, dramatic statements, or anything in between. You might be one of those people who wants to try putting arcs and curves in your home but get too intimidated by it? Don’t fret! We got you! We’ve compiled various ways of adding curves and arches in your home.


The most common curvy piece seen right now and can be shopped almost anywhere. This design is especially useful if you want to add some softness to an otherwise angular space because doesn’t involve extensive renovations. It also helps elevate your home and add character and depth to the space. Save you a peso yet adds quite an aesthetic interior design style in your home.


Doorways are among the best places to integrate curves because they can have a huge aesthetic appeal, completely changing the look of an area. These arched entrances become focal points for the various spaces among the straight lines and edges.


An arch window, also referred to as a radius window, adds dramatic flair to both modern and traditional homes. They can have a wide or tall profile, similar to a casement window. Arch windows can be used to create a Victorian-style effect in traditional homes and are an alternative to installing physical arches in almost any home.


Interior design for the past years is often dominated by minimalist lines and straight edges. Typical and boring but try tempering your home with curves and you’ll see how it helps to soften the look, creating a gentler and more welcoming space. They’re a great way to break up the lines in the room without going overboard. With a couple of cushions, you’ll feel like you’re in a giant hug in that cozy niche. Curves can also draw attention to a particular area of your space that you want to highlight and they are ideal for adding visual interest.


Time to visit your local furniture shop, bestie! Why? Simply because turning your attention to your furniture is arguably one of the cheapest ways to remove sharp or straight lines from a home or dwelling. Lean into circular or curved furnishings the next time you go shopping, including couches, rugs, coffee tables, and even the mugs you drink your afternoon cup of tea from. These small details can cause drastic changes with how your place would look like.


In basic interior design, curves are used to give dull spaces like lobbies and corridors an interesting dimension and an aesthetic visual quality. In connection to this, here is another interior design style you can try to incorporate in your home and that is having curved ceilings. Ceilings are typically flat, adding curves to them can make a significant difference in your space. You could choose to add them more subtly by only doing so at the edges, or you could build a full, curved false ceiling and draw attention to it with cove lights. Risky yet stylish!


Curves are also popularly used on kitchen islands and counters, custom dining tables, and even vanities. If you want a chunky countertop, you’ll notice that the tops are usually rather thin—all the better to shape those shapely ends. Also, keep in mind that they can look a little retro, which is fine if you’re going for that look. If not, pair them with clean lines like grids and fluted designs and modern palettes.


Curves can also be used to draw attention to a specific area of your space that you want to emphasize, and they are great for adding visual interest. Consider the curved window cut-out alternative if curved doors and doorways are far too daring. This will look great in a wall between the kitchen and dining area, especially if you want to emphasize the kitchen as the heart of the home.  Nothing beats curves for creating a sense of coziness and warmth.


Go loco with curves around the house and try having a curved bathroom in your interior to cover up small spaces. A curved shower wall softens a small ensuite, and covering the curve in mosaic tiles makes the room dramatic and eye-catching. Surely, your guests will take many trips to the bathroom!

As seen with the given tips the use of arcs and curves in interior is not limited to one, two, or three choices only. In the modern world of interior design, modern arches can be found in a variety of settings, including wall niches, openings, doors, and furniture. Using curves in design always gives the room a more organic feel.  You may ask why and well that is because the majority of our living areas are rectilinear, with distinct edges and clear lines. But the moment we add curves in the form of arches, we create a contrast with the linear elements, making the space more interesting and dynamic. Curves also connect the space to nature, because we will never find perfectly straight lines like the ones we create in nature. As a result, it provides the space’s occupants with a sense of relief and peace.

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Written by Noelyn Kate O. Cabrera