Should you install bidets at home?

home bathroom with bidet

Is it worth installing a bidet? Or do you need a bidet at home? A bidet or health faucet is a sprayer with a nozzle to help you wash in the bathroom. Bidet has been invented by Mr. Bidet himself, Arnold Cohen, to easily wash and help his father clean himself who is medically ill at that time. In the 1980s Japan Company licensed Cohen’s design and successfully invented an electric bidet compared to its first launch in 1964 which is mechanically operated, these 1980 designs have basic bidet features such as water heating, air dryer, and heated seat. Here in our country, the Philippines, it is common to use a tabo as our bidet for our after-bathroom routine cleaning, just like a bidet is usually located next to the toilet. Although the significant use of tabo as a Filipino universal household object or thing for cleaning, Filipinos already learned in the past pandemic that upgrading towards cleanliness that gives us overall health reliability is more efficiently important.  

While tabo has been our bathroom companion in our everyday cleaning here in the Philippines, is it worth installing a bidet rather than tabo? For this fast phasing technology, it is no longer uncommon to use a bidet. You can see that the establishments and malls already have been using a bidet and took a switch as part of the cleanliness easy access service for their customers. Also, our country in terms of health has been signaling a progression and adapting technology, and emerging into innovative products that can be useful to all of us and will give us an overall healthy living advantage.  When it comes to health it is undeniable that cleanliness at home is a priority and you do not want to compensate for your health safety, especially in your own home.  So the question is, is it worth installing a bidet? Let us discuss the benefits and advantages of having a bidet for cleaning yourself, updates, and the kinds of bidet that you can get in your bathroom.

Benefits and Advantages of using or having Bidet:

1.    It is Hygienic – Using Bidet is more hygienic, it will keep your hands cleaner. Bidet also eliminates potential bacteria and germs in your hands that will prevent you from spreading them to your family and surroundings. You will also feel cleaner and healthier by using Bidet. 

2.    Health Benefit

  • Aside from preventing you or limiting you from spreading bacteria, a study has proven that using a bidet can help prevent hemorrhoids. Using a bidet maintains the anal area in a much cleaner, soothing, gentle, and tender way that specifically benefits you.
  • Help benefit with mobility issues, using a bidet can be a big help to people who have health problems like arthritis, obesity, and Parkinson’s disease or those who have uncontrollable movements.
  • Using a bidet will help you ease constipation; the use of a bidet will help you to simulate the sphincter muscle by its pressure which will help you to make a bowel easier.

3.    Efficiencies – Filipinos upgrading to using the bidet instead of tabo or toilet paper is more logical, realizing that using a bidet is cleaner than using a combination of hands and tabo and environmentally bidet can save thousands of trees for toilet paper supply.

Different kinds of Bidet:

So, what is the right Bidet for you? Knowing the benefits of using a bidet, here are the kinds of bidets you can specifically check and choose for your home bathroom convenience. 

1. Electric Bidet – This electric bidet has the following functions: front cleaning, water pressure control, self-cleaning, water temperature control, and heated seat.

2. Non-Electric Bidet – For non-electronic here are its functions: they do not require electricity, they are compatible with most toilets, have front cleaning, water pressure control, self-cleaning, and water temperature control. 

3. Hand-Held Bidet – handheld bidets are compatible with most toilets and don’t require electricity as well. 

San Bidet – Bidet Bathroom Tracker Apps

From different kinds of bidets and their advantages, did you know that there is an app that you can check near places with bidets when the call of nature comes? The app is called San Bidet; it was created and developed by Lawrence Velasco. The app creation is based on his experience in finding the right place with a bidet to comfortably call nature; it is an ideal concept to help you to locate the nearest toilet with a bidet.  San Bidet is a free mobile app that you can easily download via Google Play Store and AppStore for your convenience. It is more likely a map pinned with locations that tell and help you find the nearest bidet for you. You may also follow its Facebook Page for details and updates.

Key points: Is it worth installing a bidet? 

For its advantages that can benefit you, it is a yes. For cleanliness, mobility, and orderliness it’s a yes too! Installing a bidet generally saves your lifetime well-being and welfare because a bidet can eliminate or lessen the bacteria that will be scattered in your home and to your family. Having a healthy lifestyle is also saving you money by making your home free from germs and bacteria. Bidet also plays a big part for those who have health problems in terms of movement because it minimizes their difficulty in using tabo or toilet paper when cleaning themselves. Cleanliness saves lives and cleanliness plays a vital role in preventing you from getting sick. It will give your mind, body, and soul that peace you need every day.  We all wanted to be healthy and wanting to be healthy is also our way of using a bidet that can conveniently help us in return. 

Installing a bidet at home is not just a fad, it is helpful, and adapting to new health products will give us that sense of being neat and a sense of living our lives in harmony.  A quality of life that is orderly and clean gives us that achieving and maintaining an established state of life. 

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Written by: Rowena Lansang