Should you get modular kitchen cabinets?

modular kitchen cabinets design

Modular kitchen cabinets are pre-made cabinet sections that fit together to create a practical kitchen layout make up modular cabinets. Many local and online stores provide modular cabinets, which are typically shipped either completed or in ready-made portions that may be put on premises with relative ease. Modular cabinets are typically less expensive because they are pre-built, making them an excellent choice for kitchen renovations on a tight budget. If you’re planning to build a nice and compact kitchen, or do some simple changes for DIY renovations, read this article for more details about modular kitchen cabinets.

Upper and lower units are available in modular cabinets. Additionally, large floor-to-ceiling cabinets that can be used as closets or pantries can be obtained. Although modular kitchen cabinets are not made specifically for your kitchen, they may be bought and installed to suit your needs, giving your kitchen a unique appearance. You can arrange combinations of upper, lower, and complete cabinet units to suit the size and design of your kitchen. Modular cabinets also come in a range of finishes and colors to further add a unique touch to your kitchen.

The doors can be purchased in single and double versions to give your modular cabinets even more personality. They could also have glass panels or be beveled or smooth. All of these extra features enable you to design a unique look for your kitchen and give you the chance to show off your kitchen collections or dishware, or to create a specific aesthetic that complements the rest of your house.

Depending on the required shelf height, modular cabinets often come with multiple rows of pre-drilled holes for shelves that the individual homeowner can place. To meet your kitchen storage demands, you can also buy specialized wire storage drawers, dividers, and other drawer inserts.

While pre-fabricated modular kitchen cabinets are an excellent option for renovators on a tight budget, they can also be problematic if you have a kitchen with an odd layout or limited space. To employ modular cabinets in a custom design, some inventive arrangements must be taken into account because they are available in conventional sizes that could not exactly match the layout of your kitchen.

Modular vs non Modular cabinet

Have you recently purchased the home of your dreams or do you want to completely remodel your current kitchen? If the answer to this question is yes, you will undoubtedly need to make a few important choices. Are you searching for something more premium with a modular kitchen or do you like to stick with the tried-and-true civil kitchen (one that a carpenter designs)?

When it comes to any home repair job, carpenters have long been homeowners’ first choice. With factory-made alternatives, the kitchen business has experienced notable developments, though. To create a coherent kitchen unit, various components including cabinets, shutters, and panels are gathered and assembled at a factory. Here are the main advantages of modular kitchens over non-modular kitchens.

Modular Kitchen Cabinet

  • Movable and can be easily dismantled
  • Personalized storage options suited to your lifestyle and needs
  • Built with latest technology, high quality materials, finishes/hardware
  • See your kitchen in 3D designs before it’s built

Non-Modular Kitchen Cabinets

  • Immovable and can’t be dismantled
  • Fixed cabinets with no smart space-saving solutions
  • Built with locally sourced materials, finishes/hardware
  • Limited storage solutions: enclosed cabinets and open shelves
  • Rely only on carpenter’s drawings

How can a smart, modular kitchen be created?

Here are a few suggestions for creating a modular kitchen that is stylish, functional, and something you’ll love for years to come.

The Kitchen’s triangle

You should take into account this kitchen design guideline when creating your plan. Think of your kitchen as having three main sections: the sink/dishwasher, the stove/hob, and the refrigerator/freezer. The most effective plan for using your kitchen will result from placing these important areas in a triangle on your design. For an illustration of the kitchen triangle, see the picture below. To make sure that this approach is applied in the kitchen design, your designer will collaborate with you.

Choose quality

While a Budget Kitchen and an upscale Designer Kitchen may initially appear to be identical, closer inspection reveals significant functional and aesthetic differences. A budget kitchen may also start to seem worn out after a few years of use, but premium designer items will continue to look fantastic. It is absolutely worth paying a little bit more on kitchens to obtain something of much higher quality.

Consider Lighting

Lighting, which is frequently ignored until the very end of kitchen design, can greatly influence how beautiful your kitchen will look. Natural light can be considered throughout the day, while artificial light can be considered during the evening, night, and early morning. Consider adding a skylight or ceiling spotlights for natural illumination, and make sure none of the windows are covered by wall units. Sometimes, changing a window to one with fewer structural components might have a significant impact. Placing artificial lighting requires consideration of its location. You should think about whether you only require ceiling lighting or if you also need illumination along the plinths and underneath the wall units. The temperature of the light is a crucial choice when using artificial lighting. For instance, lighting with a higher proportion of red and yellow in its spectrum will make you feel cozier. While more blue and white in the lighting will make your kitchen appear colder and more clinical.

What are the most recent kitchen modular design trends?

Let’s look at some of the most recent kitchen design concepts to emerge on the market in recent years; perhaps one of them can spark your creativity.

  • Open concept

Our use of the kitchen has changed over time, and for many families, it is now the center of the house. This indicates that we no longer want them to be a separate area and instead prefer an open-plan layout with our dining rooms or living rooms. In open-concept rooms, 90% of the kitchens we offer are installed.

  • An industrial aesthetic

The trend toward modern minimalist designs gave rise to industrial design. Numerous consumers prefer the industrial look because it is the complete opposite of the traditional kitchen design.

  • Handleless

Most of the inquiries we get are for handleless kitchens, between 80–90%. These have gained popularity because they can create a minimalist, uncluttered style and can enlarge the appearance of tiny kitchens.

  • Multi-texture

It’s challenging to make your kitchen distinctive when there are only a limited number of unit types and door designs available. Playing with different textures or colors in the kitchen is one method to create something that hasn’t been seen before. You may add your personality to your kitchen by using various textures on the floor and wall units.

What are the different Units of a Modular Kitchen?

By choosing a modular kitchen, you may benefit from all the wonderful feature pieces being built for contemporary kitchens. The most fascinating components are in the inside fitments; let’s look at a few of the possibilities we provide. There are of course the regular wall, tall, and floor units; are just standard units with height adjustable shelves.

Green Bins or Eco Bins

These containers, which come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, are primarily intended for waste disposal but may also be used for storage. One possible waste unit is shown below, but your kitchen designer can go through all of your alternatives with you.

Pull-Out Units for LeMans

Corner units can be challenging since you cannot get objects in the back corner, which is difficult to access, but this LeMans unit overcomes this problem with a robust pull out swing arm. The unit’s two fixed arms let you easily pick out items without awkwardly reaching into the back of the units.

Units with glass fronts

These are wall units with a glass front, which goes without saying, but what makes them truly unique is their interior lighting. The gorgeous plates and glasses you have can be displayed in these wall units. Additionally, it makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for!

A storage space

The shelves on this kind of appliance are specifically made to hold all of your culinary supplies. To guarantee that everything stays exactly where it should, they have a little rail at the front of each shelf. There are various storage unit kinds available, including those with built-in shelves on the door, those with pull-out shelves, and those that draw out all of the shelves when the unit is opened. Find the ideal alternative for your kitchen by considering what you need to keep.

Drawer Storage

These units differ from typical drawer units in that they frequently have inner storage compartments and an organizational system. You may set up your drawer in a way that exactly suits your cooking needs thanks to this.

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Written by Raiza T. Gumarang