Should You Buy a Dishwasher?

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Appliances like a dishwasher come in handy if cleaning the dishes is a chore for you. However, many homes can get by quite well without them. So, do dishwashers merit the cost? In most situations, dishwashers machine are worthwhile. In Philippines homes, the custom of having domestic assistance is ingrained. Even though most houses now have washing machines for laundry, the dishwasher was formerly questioned as to its necessity. Isn’t that a water and energy waste? The homeowner was undecided after learning about these and other falsehoods . Dishwashers are frequently brought up in conversation since they both make life much simpler and may be rather expensive. On the one hand, however, they also take up a lot of room. I have prepared for today the pros and cons of a dishwasher machine.

What Are the Advantage of a Dishwasher?

Time Saving

                Every housewife, especially those who have big families, spends up to an hour a day on dishwashing on average. And there are better ways to use this time.

Simple to Use

                Even unfamiliar users of equipment may soon make friends with the dishwasher because to its simplicity and usability.

Water Saving

                The dishwasher’s efficient water usage is its primary benefit. When you wash your kitchen utensils by hand, you will waste at least 100 liters of water, but your dishwasher uses just 15 liters of water to wash 14 to 16 sets of cutlery which is quite an astonishing quantity.
Is using a dishwasher more effective? The washing machine uses 10 to 15L of water for one washing cycle. When you are washing the dishes, water is flowing from the faucet at this time, and in only 30 minutes, you might use up to 60 liters of water without even realizing it. Depending on the mode, the dishwasher will draw water multiple times in little amounts and utilize that water to wash your dishes instead of having the water flow continuously from the faucet.

Additional Disinfection

                Only a dishwasher can be used to wash dishes since it is physically impossible to do so with water that is 90 or 100 degrees. All the germs will be able to be killed by such a temperature treatment. Therefore, dishwashers are especially essential if you have kids and are concerned about the quality of the tap water you use for washing dishes.


                The aqua-stop feature on dishwashers is self-explanatory. The dishwasher machine has the ability to turn off the water supply if something goes wrong with its operation, saving you from flooding your flat and your neighbors.

No noise

                All contemporary dishwashers are so quiet that you can hardly hear them operating. Families with children should take special note of this so that you can start the automobile at night or in the morning when everyone is still asleep. On the other hand, don’t you think hand washing makes a lot of noise?

The autonomy of the dishwasher machine

                You need the dishes done right before you get to a meeting because you’re running late. Not an issue. On the machine, you have the option of configuring a delayed start. When you need to leave or load the car for the night, this is quite practical since the essential dishes will be clean and bright in the morning.

Extending the life span of dishes

                A dishwasher would definitely enable you to save money on fresh dishes. And how does it operate? The issue is that when you wash your hands, you frequently use sponges that might cause microscopic damage to your dishes. The only “sensitive” layer on your dishes is not harmed by the dishwasher because it only employs water jets. Therefore, a dishwasher makes it simple to keep your dishes and restore their original luster. Even if you wash delicate porcelain items every day, you can be confident that they will endure a long time.

Easy to install

                Dishwasher machines installation is equally straightforward as washing machine installation. Two outputs one from the sewage system and the other from the water supply are all that are required. Although you may always follow the directions and set up the dishwasher by yourself if you have no prior expertise, it is always best to call the experts. Additionally, many stores provide free dishwasher installation and delivery, so you won’t even need to pay extra for such services.


                If your plates are particularly oily and have dried food particles on to them, you don’t need to soak them manually since the dishwasher can get to even the hardest-to-reach areas of your dishes. It flawlessly completes its task without creating any issues.

Is it OK to run the dishwasher daily? It is totally OK to run the dishwasher every day because it is far more “gentle” to your dishes than hand-washing because dishwashers do not utilize rough sponges that WILL quickly erode the covering of your plates and glasses.

Health and beauty

                You won’t need to breathe in any of these chemical detergents when using a dishwasher, and you won’t need to come into touch with chemical detergents that harm your skin and manicure.


What Are the Disadvantages of Dishwashing Machine?

Additional power consumption

                Even while many dishwashers are designed to save power, you should be aware that your electricity costs will increase. However, if you read the third paragraph in the section on the benefits of using a dishwasher machine in philippines , you will discover that you will save a sizable sum of money on your water bills. This means that even though you will save money, you will spend less time cleaning the dishes and more time relaxing and spending time with your family.

Is using a dishwasher more effective? In terms of water usage, using a dishwasher is more effective.

Not totally autonomous

                To finish your dishes, you will still need to put in some effort. Starting the dishwashing machine requires filling it, which may be rather bothersome at times. Few individuals enjoy washing two plates in the dishwasher. The majority of us will wait till there are several dishes. For perfectionists who can’t take having their kitchen unclean, this can also be frustrating. You should take additional precaution with that since sometimes heaps of greasy dishes might “attract” cockroaches and other pests into your home.

Additional expenses

                Dishwashers come with certain costs. The first are dishwashing tablets, which are relatively pricey and have a short lifespan. A range of dishwasher “accessories” are now available on the market, ranging from water softeners to rinse aids. Actually, the idea that the modern society encourages us to spend more money is nothing new. All of these things, in my opinion, are not essential unless the quality of your water is really low. Water quality differs from city to city; for instance, in Europe, drinking tap water is entirely safe; thus, if you can drink this water, you may use it to wash your dishes without purchasing extraneous equipment.

Filter washing

                Every dishwasher contains built-in filters that must occasionally be cleaned and replaced, which may be time-consuming and frustrating.

The price

                A dishwasher typically costs between P20,000 and P50,000. You cannot possibly describe this purchase as “spontaneous,” and in order to make a purchase of this magnitude, you will likely need to arrange your budget in advance. However, you may utilize the time you’ll save on dishwashing for something else that, in my opinion, is more essential. Additionally, several stores provide promotions and monthly payments.

Not all dishes can be washed in the dishwasher

                This holds true for things made of wood, silver, tin, brass, and aluminum (coating on pot bottoms). Your dishes may eventually lose their shine if you plan to use detergents that contain baking soda.

Is a Dishwasher Really Necessary? Dishwasher machines have many more advantages than problems. It prolongs the life of your dishes while saving you time and money on water costs. It also makes very little noise.

We have swiftly come to the conclusion that our kitchens, dining rooms, or pantries are not large enough to accommodate our need to consume a variety of meals. Kitchens that have recently been constructed or refurbished are now outfitted with additional equipment and accessories linked to food in order to increase their use. Since cooking at home has become more common, kitchens need to be more full and contain more sophisticated materials.

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Writer: Joshua Dave Morfe