Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project and Its Benefits

Samar Pacific Coastal Road

           Samar (previously Western Samar) is a Philippine province on Samar Island with a plethora of tourist attractions. It is known for its awe-inspiring waterfalls, navigable rivers, and cave systems hidden within the province’s rough, hilly, and forested landscapes. Because of the countless explored and unknown caves buried in its pristine areas, Samar is also known as the “Caving Capital of the Philippines.” The province has a population of around 780,000 people who speak Waray-Waray, Cebuano, Filipino, and English. In Samar, you may go spelunking, canyoning, chasing waterfalls, kayaking, and more. The Samar Pacific Coastal Road project is also something that we will all be looking forward to this 2022. 

What is the Samar Pacific Coastal Project All About? 

           If you can remember in your Social Studies lessons, the Philippines is one of the many countries most visited by typhoons for the reason that we are located near the typhoon belt. This then causes so many flood problems in the different regions of the Philippines which could lead to a lot of losses especially economically. If you can also remember as well, one of the major projects of President Duterte is the Build, build, build. It is considered as the centerpiece of the Duterte’s administration. It aims to address the long neglect problem of infrastructures in the Philippines which causes economic losses in a year. With this, The BBB Program aims to increase public infrastructure spending from 2.9 percent of GDP on average under the Aquino administration to around 7.3 percent by the conclusion of the Duterte administration. From 2016 to 2022, it would cost about P8 trillion to P9 trillion to address the country’s massive infrastructure backlog. Despite the many typhoons that ravaged the region in 2019, the Department of Public Highways (DPWH) was determined and able to launch Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project. According to the report of Emil K. Sadain, the DPWH Undersecretary for Unified Project Management Office (UPMO) and Technical Services to the DPWH Secretary Villar, there are 1.17-billion Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project in Northern Samar is already 30 percent complete as of the end of December 2019. The Samar Pacific Coastal Road is one of seven major infrastructure projects that President Rodrigo Duterte wants to finish before his term ends on June 30.  

           As a result of improved transportation connectivity, the Samar Pacific Coastal Road project is seen as important in reducing poverty, eliminating the problem of local armed conflict, and improving the economic situation in the area. 

What are the places I can access through this project?

           These are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the Northern Samar so you can get a sense of the different places to visit:

1. Balicuatro Islands

The seven geologic ROCK FORMATIONS that are stunning, similar to Australia’s 12 Apostles, are BIRI’s main attraction. CAPUL, on the other hand, has a long history as a stopover for the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade in the seventeenth century.

2. Capul Lighthouse

Capul Island’s lighthouse is a granite conical structure that is 39 feet tall. When it was first illuminated in 1896, it had been half completed since 1893. The base is located 110 feet above sea level in a wrecked keeper’s home.

           The Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project entails the construction of a two-lane road connecting Junction Simora and Junction Palapag in Palapag, Northern Samar, with three (3) bridge components: Simora, Jangtud 1, and Jangtud 2 Bridges. With a total paved road length of 7.1 kilometers and construction of Simora Bridge at 90 percent and Jangtud Bridge 1 and 2 at 62 and 38 percent, respectively. With this construction, this site is indeed easier to locate and visit. 

      Just in case you are also thinking of buying or investing in an affordable house and lot with Bria Homes, we have an affordable House and Lot in Calbayog, Samar which is now more accessible through this road project. Calbayog is a city on Samar’s western coast. It stretches 60 miles from the northern tip of the island to the southern border of Calbayog City along the province’s coastline region. Now let’s get back to the places you can visit near Northern Samar. 

1. Blanca Aurora Falls

With a large natural swimming pool below the falls and a swimming lagoon on top, it’s ideal for swimming and cliff diving. The stone cliffs of the falls are quite high, making cliff jumping a particularly enjoyable activity. Day guests can also use the tables and bungalows. Commuters can ride their motorcycles to the falls and then walk a short distance to the location.

2. Lulugayan Falls and Rapids

It is called as the “Mini Niagara of the Philippines”. It’s a sequence of waterfalls that drop down the Calbiga River’s 14-kilometer rapids. The main falls, which have the biggest drop, are vast and majestic, with a plunge pool suitable for swimming and cliff jumping. A wonderful view of the forested regions and the river can be found higher up on the main falls. The spot is approximately 740 meters from the jump-off point, which may necessitate a 30-minute hike on a well-marked track. It is suggested that you hire a local guide.

3. Calbayog Zipline and Malajog Ridge Nature Park

There are gigantic trees, boulders, and a zip line in this lovely nature park. A well-maintained concrete trail leads to the top of the ridge, where the zipline adventure awaits, after around 900 meters of ascending, descending, and crossing of gigantic tree roots. It’s a 750-meter zipline that takes you to the next little island, Daraga Island, and then back to the mainland on a boat. Alternatively, tourists can simply relax and take in the breathtaking views from the View Deck.

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4. Langun-Gobingob Caves

This is commonly known as Calbiga Caves, Samar’s most popular spelunking attraction. It is the Philippines’ largest cave system and one of the largest in Southeast Asia. The cave system stretches for 7 kilometers and covers 900 square kilometers. Surreal stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and other types of speleothems can be found inside the cave. “The Football Field” and “The Stage” are two of the cave’s most noteworthy features. Exploring the cave is difficult because tourists will have to do rappelling, rock climbing, and long walking, yet it is a great place for brave people.

5. Malajog Beach

Is one of Samar’s most accessible and popular tourist destinations. Catbalogan City is only a 30-minute drive away (capital). Despite the fact that the beach’s black sand may not appeal to certain people, it is a popular hangout spot for both locals and visitors to the area. A lengthy stretch of black sand beach is bordered by coconut trees, under which various bungalows have been built. The beach’s tranquil and pristine waters are ideal for swimming and kayaking. Because of its location on the west coast, it is the finest place to see a spectacular sunset.

           Meanwhile, a Feasibility Study for the Samar Pacific Coastal Road Phase 2 was already completed which will cover the improvement of the existing 15 km of road and the construction of Laoang 2 and Calomotan Bridges. By 2023, the project will implement the engineering design stage and is targeted for civil works.

           So what are you waiting for? Let us altogether discover the treasures of nature and peace in the Samar province and let us contribute to the development of the region through tourism, investments, and support for their local businesses. With the latest developments in Bria Homes’ first project in Samar province, it is now possible for you to live on an Island that you can call your new home, away from the city and very much nature friendly. The affordable house and lot with Bria Homes are located in a commercial/showcase area, central open spaces, and open for future developments. Boosting to a total of 40 Hectare master-planned communities. It is situated along a diversion road for easy access and wherein City expansion will develop. You have an option to avail with the help of a Pag-IBIG loan or bank loan to achieve that dream house of yours.

Written by Raine Sanchez