Reasons to own a Bria house and lot in Baras, Rizal

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You must have already pondered how it is possible to balance the daily chaotic grind of the city with finding peace and tranquillity during your “me time”. We are aware that the province of “Rizal” still conjures up images of a place that is “too rural,” out of the way of daily life, difficult to access, full of mountains, or simply “too remote.” Don’t you think now is the ideal moment to begin your search for the ideal location where you can live close to nature while still having access to modern amenities? Let’s dispel that myth and let me present to you as well the things that Bria homes can offer in just a few because we are about to show you reasons why you should own a Home in Rizal more specifically in Baras.

History of Baras Rizal and its significance

 Juan de Placencia and Fr. Diego de Oropesa who are Franciscan missionaries as well as established a “visita” on 1595 for the Morong on the present-day Bosoboso location, south of Painaan, with Apostol Santiago as its patron saint. Before it became Baras, it was known as “Visita de Santiago” or Santiago. At that time, 400 Aetas and other mountain people lived in Baras. From 1606 to 1853, Baras was governed by the Province of Laguna. In 1857, it was handed over to the newly established Distrito de los Monte de San Mateo. This district received Distrito de Morong, whose capital was originally in Antipolo but was later relocated to Morong.

The representatives of Katipunan visited Morong, Tanay, Antipolo, Baras, and Pililla in July 1895 to explain the motivations for the secret group to the locals. At the Gogo or Pamitinan sitio, the Katipuan of Baras erected the Real or Military Camp. The Guardia Civil repelled the Katipunan’s attempt to seize the town of Morong on November 21, 1896. Baras joined Emilio Aguinaldo’s Revolutionary Government in 1898. The Aguinaldo Headquarters ordered the creation of the municipal township following the defeat of the Spanish at Morong. There was a special election. However, due to the start of the Filipino-American War, Aguinaldo’s Revolutionary Government was overthrown.

The Philippine Commission issued Act 942 in 1902, establishing the Province of Rizal, which would include certain municipalities from the previous Distrito de Morong. In reality, Baras was incorporated into the new province. However, it was demoted to a barrio under the Morong town in 1903. By virtue of Act No. 1442, Baras became a barrio of Tanay on January 16, 1906. However, there was a movement to separate Baras as an independent town because it was not recognized as a Tanay barrio and had previously been governed by Morong. The Municipality of Baras was established on November 24, 1920, by Executive Order No. 57, which was issued under Leopoldo Digma’s direction. The richness of the historical significance of Baras is one of the best reasons to own a home in this place especially if you are a history lover.

The benefits of buying and owning a home in Baras, Rizal

  1. Ideal proximity from Metro Manila

If you have to pick between having a successful profession and a quiet lifestyle, don’t waste your time thinking about it because you really dont have to do that. There are actually several ways to go to Baras, Rizal from the metro if you’re concerned about traveling there for work or meetings. Traveling by private transportation is the simplest and most practical option but if that is not possible, the Cogeo or Tanay route, which is commonly available in the Cubao, Ortigas, and even Makati area, can be be used to travel there by van or jeepney.

  1. Ideal place for sweet escapes

Baras has it all, including beautiful forests, mountains, ethereal rock formations, breathtaking cascades, and leisure spots. Here are some perfect spots to go to in Baras if you want to just breathe or have catch-ups with your loved ones.

  • Punta De Fabian Resort- One of the finest resorts in the province of Rizal is PUNTA DE FABIAN, which is tucked away on a lovely hilltop in the middle of Baras. It provides exclusivity and elegance in a chic but welcoming setting.
  • Paglitaw Natural Pool- is a protected natural park where you can marvel at the incredible natural pool.
  • Masungi Georeserve- In the Southern Sierra Madre range in Baras, Rizal, 47 kilometers east of Manila, the Masungi Georeserve is a protected area. It is centered on Masungi Rock’s 640-meter-high geological structures. You would believe that “Sapot,” a photogenic suspended net above the exquisitely carved limestones, is all that makes the conservatory famous, but this is just one of the Discovery Trail’s numerous attractions. If you enjoy the outdoors or are a new or occasional hiker, this trip is ideal for you.
  1. Ideal place to experience both worlds of city and province

Baras was able to maintain its wonders while maintaining essential services like public markets, hospitals, and schools. There is a ton of beautiful natural beauty in Baras that you may enjoy from a distance while taking a stroll, or for some high-level adventure! In contrast to other adjacent provinces, where infrastructures are just everywhere. Compared to the unhealthy air released by the countless factories or automobiles in large centers, the air in Baras is considerably cleaner and crisper, which is good for your health. Baras, Rizal will not only give you the province feels but more importantly it is also continuously developing into an urbanized area. These factors are very much considered by many buyers in moving and owning new homes.

Affordable Bria Homes property in Baras, Rizal

            BRIA Homes, one of the country’s top home builders, is poised to make condominiums and house-and-lot packages more accessible to typical Filipino families. Between Morong and Tanay in the Rizal province, Bria Homes Baras offers inexpensive housing for homebuyers who appreciate the convenience and a green environment. With simple payment arrangements and low rates, owning a home at Bria Homes Baras is feasible. Bria Homes Baras is a good choice for new families looking to establish a family. Every adventure at Bria Homes Baras begins at home. We also have the following features that will answer your question of why Bria Homes in Baras Rizal is the best place to own a home. 

Our facilities also includes the following:

  • Centralized Water System
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Curbs and gutters
  • Underground Drainage System

Now that affordable houses and lots as well as other properties are available for sale in one of the best areas in the Philippines, interested real estate investors looking for their ideal home can do so. Affordable house and lot packages from Bria Homes are available in Rizal for as little as Php 10,000 per month. With this, if you are actually interested, Bria Homes are offering by obtaining a mortgage loan from your preferred bank. You can get a Pag-IBIG housing loan or a bank housing loan, to purchase your first or new Bria home. Bria Homes will help you every step of the process, no matter which type of housing loan you select from the options offered. You can get virtual tours on the Bria website whenever it’s most convenient for you. Use your laptop or mobile device to view the genuine splendor of the Bria community.

Written by LM Sanchez