Mother’s day gift ideas: Unique and Meaningful gifts for the special women in your life

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Each of our lives has a special place in the heart of a mother. They play a part in influencing and molding how we adapt to future and of course to present situations. A mother is commonly referred to as “Ilaw ng tahanan” in the Philippines which means mothers bring light , warmth and solace to her family and she’s willing to go beyond what is necessary to ensure our growth and success.

Every second sunday of May, Mother’s Day in the philippines is a special occasion that is celebrated along with different countries to commemorate mothers, motherhood, and the effect they have on society as well as on oneself. This a perfect time for us to surprise them with thoughtful gift, quality time or even kind of words that shows our love, appreciation and gratitude for our moms and other mother figures in our lives. If you’re searching for a unique, meaningful and best mother’s day gifts ideas, we can provide you a few gift guides so you can begin choosing:

1. Personalized Clothing

All you need is to customized a perfect gift! Personalized gift like clothing could be an ideal Mother’s day gift. You can come up with a unique and thoughtful present for your mother by adding her name, initials, or a personal message to an item.

Personalized/customized clothing can come in a variety of forms:

1. T-shirt

The secret to a superb customized T-shirt present is to make it unique and personalized to your mother’s hobbies and personality. You may write “Best Mom Ever!” or “World Best Mom” or her name in addition.

2. Hoodie

This Mother’s Day, a custom hoodie might be a cozy yet stylish gift for your moms. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs, making it a fantastic choice for customizing with your mother’s name, initials, quotations, or a picture.

3. Apron

If your moms enjoys baking or cooking, then a personalized apron can be a perfect gift for her. It could be worn not only in the kitchen to add a dash of personality to her cooking outfit, but also when engaging in other hobbies like gardening, crafting, or painting.

2. Customized Jewelry

For Mother’s Day, jewelry could make an elegant and classic present. It could possess sentimental worth and be a reminder of that specific moment you spent with your mother. Custom jewelry made for your mother will add to its uniqueness.

You can take into account some of the following while selecting jewelry as a gift:

1. Birthstone jewelry

It is a timeless present selection that can be personalized according to your mom’s birth month. You can choose a pendant, bracelets or rings with her birthstone.

2. Personalized Pendant

You are able to show how much you care about your mother by giving her a personalized pendant with her name, a stylish figure or a simple word engraved on it.

3. Photo jewelry

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, photo jewelry can possibly be considered as a meaningful and unique mother’s day gift for your mom since it can bring back favorite memories and feelings that she’ll never forget. You can also put the photo of your whole family.

3. Flowers & Plants

Flowers are a reflection of love, gratitude, and recognition and are a perfect present to celebrate the nurturing efforts and sacrifices made by our moms for us throughout our lives. Including plants with the flowers could help your Mother’s Day gift a deeper level of importance and meaning. Here are some of the examples of plants and flowers that can make your gift great:

1. Flower Bouquets

An aesthetically pleasing fresh bouquets of flowers can serve as a visual treat for the eyes. Flowers are lovely. In order to showcase an array of flowers’ colors and types, bouquets are usually arranged, making them a beautiful present to view and appreciate.

2. Succulents

Succulents are plants with low care requirements which need minimal water and attention, making them a popular Mother’s Day gift alternative. They are suitable for working mothers who do not have the opportunity of having a time or energy to take care of plants. Succulents are a great gift selection since they come in an immensely range of colors, sizes, and forms. They are frequently utilized to beautify both indoor and outdoor areas and can be placed in a number of containers. Succulents have also been demonstrated to improve air quality and lower stress levels, among other health advantages.

3. Orchids

The exotic and exquisite plant known as the orchid can be bought in a broad range of hues and styles. They could make an amazing accent to any area or place and are renowned for their delicate and sophisticated appearance. Love, elegance, and tenacity often have a connection with orchids. A gift containing an orchid could represent a meaningful way to show your mother how much you love and respect her as well as how much you appreciate everything that she has done for you.

4. Treat mom with SPA day

Spa services are intended to relieve tension and promote relaxation after a year of struggle, caring for others, and handling several obligations. Numerous spa services, including massages and facials, can improve circulation, reduce muscular stress, and promote healthy skin, among other physical health advantages. Spending time together while having a good time can be achieved by taking your mother to the spa. It could be a good way for improving your bond, make fresh memories, and have fun together.

5. Gift basket

Bonus points, a gift basket is also one of the perfect option for parents who enjoy trying new things since it allows you to include a range of goods in one delivery. There is something for everyone if you offer a variety of goods, such as cosmetics, gourmet foods, novels, or technological devices.


There are countless mother’s day gifts ideas to choose from whether it is personalized clothing or jewelry, a plant or flower arrangement, a day at the spa or a gift basket. What’s important is to choose a gift that is unique and meaningful to your mother figure, mother in law or even to your new mom. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that Mother’s Day is about showing love and appreciation for everything that women do for their families, not simply about giving presents. The most important point is to let moms know that they are respected and cherished throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

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Written by Sheryl Ann Damgo