Leave and Cleave: The Importance of Having Your Own Home as a Couple

Couple Signing for Conjugal Property

A home is more than four walls and a roof. It elicits a variety of emotions and thoughts in us and represents security, comfort, status, and accomplishment. Having your own home as a couple is one of the greatest achievements in life because it feels great to be able to see where both of your money is going and that all of your hard work as a couple will be paid off. You can be proud that you and your partner own a home together, which is the greatest achievement. It is a good idea to start your new chapter in your life as a couple before planning to extend your relationship to getting married and planning to have your own child. But sometimes there are challenges while living together with your partner, such as financial problems, time management, misunderstandings, and trust issues, but the important thing is that you can face them or deal with them together. Those challenges while living together with your partner will make your relationship stronger through ups and downs. The decision to marry or live with a partner is a personal choice, but for most married and cohabiting adults, love and companionship take precedence over other factors such as the desire to have children someday, convenience, or finances. On this article might help you to understand the benefits of having your own home as a couple and why it is important for both of you to  decide to leave and leave.

Why is it important to leave and cleave?

Leaving and cleaving is the first step if you are planning to get married. Every couple must learn how to leave their parents to make their own family and stand on their own and with the help of their partners. They must also learn to separate from their partners to maintain their healthy relationship and to become as one. Leaving your parents does not mean that you need to cut off all contact, guidance, and relationship with them. You left them with gratitude for all the efforts and sacrifices of your parents to raise you; their guidance; as well as love, respect, and appreciation. You need their guidance as always and ask for their opinion sometimes on specific matters, but it still depends on you to make your own final decisions and how to handle these matters. You are fortunate if your parents were able to comprehend or accept this situation easily and that you need space to grow, stand on your own, and make your own family, but If you have a wonderful, loving family and at the same time have strict parents, leaving them to settle with your partners and get married may be difficult and even more traumatic for them to let you go, especially if you are the only child. Sometimes our parents are being protective of us because they care so much and they know what is best for us, but we need to understand that they need time to accept the fact that their own child is leaving them to have their own family and build their own dreams together with their partners and future spouse/husband. You are literally tearing the old parent-child relationship apart. You’re also splitting up with your siblings and extended family, whether you like it or not.

6 Benefits of having your own Home as a Couple

  1. No Landlord hassle

You will have a kind of freedom that renting a house does not provide, like the assurance that you will not get evicted by landlords, because landlords can suddenly decide if they no longer rent out their property or for other personal reasons. Moving is expensive, unpleasant, and emotional, especially if the move is unplanned. Having your own home is where you will get assurance without any worries. You can rest easy knowing that when you own your own home, you make the decisions without the hassle of having to follow many rules and regulations, unlike when renting a house.

  • You will have Greater Privacy

Having your own home as a couple can benefit both of you because it can give you more privacy without involving anyone else. When you own your own home, you have complete control over the rules of entry. Someone else does not own your home, and no one has the authority to enter without your permission. You can be confident in the security of your belongings while you’re away with nothing more than a simple modern home security system. You can be clingy to each other, kiss, hug all day and do anything you want to do, both of you. This is also a chance to have a deep conversation with your partner, like talking about your problems and future plans. It can also be an opportunity to improve yourself and resolve any past and present issues.

  • Increased bonding experience

You have a lot of time to bond with your partner and do all you want to do, such as: watching movies and series; food trips in the middle of the night; planning a trip or out of town; playing mobile games and other video games; playing card games; reading a book together; cooking all of your favorite foods, and so on. Maintaining our intimate relationships is all about bonding, and it’s all about putting in the work to make those bonds strong.

  • Build Trust

Trust is fundamental to many aspects of a strong relationship, and investing time in developing that bond will result in you feeling happier and more secure as a couple. It can build trust with your partner by confessing all of your secrets, having deep talks, planning for your future family, and not getting worried about having a third party or anything that involves other people. It can also be a great time to get to know each other more deeply. As a couple, you can also learn about your own strengths and weaknesses and work together to become a better version of yourselves. After that, you can rely on each other wherever challenges come into your life.

  • Instant Home Office

In the midst of a pandemic, a lot of companies are offering a work from home set up, and this is a great idea when you and your partner have a job, because when you are at home, you are more productive and comfortable, and it will give you peace of mind with less interruption while working at home compared to office-based.

  • You can create your dream home

It is an opportunity to make your own dream home, like planning for future renovations in the rooms, bathrooms, gardens, kitchen renovations, and so forth. You can decide to completely renovate, like a royal theme, different colors of painted walls, putting tiles, and if you want to expand your room and kitchen, you can do it also, and choose different kinds of design according to your preferences without worrying.

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Written by Alfred Alaba