Kidapawan City Traditions and Cultures

Kidapawan City Cultures and Traditions

Every Filipino who grew up in a particular place in the Philippines has preserved, well-practiced and beautiful traditions and culture that they are proud of. Places in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have wonderful sites, people, and history to visit and encounter. Let us take a trip in this article to the northern part of Cotabato, in the region of Soccsksargen, discovering the third interesting class of Kidapawan city as well as their modern and traditional cultures.

Do you know that the word “Kidapawan” comes from two root words, “Kida” and “Pawan?” The word “Kida” means to live near and “Pawan” means spring in the highland because the Kidapawan city is beneath Mt. Apo. Mt. Apo locally known as Apo Sandawa is a huge and active volcano, surrounded by hardwood forests, waterfalls, and hot springs. The root words of Kidapawana came from the people who have lived at the Obo Monuvu, these are the indigenous people that lived beneath the Mount apo, between Cotabato and Davio every generation. The very language that the people use is Cebuano, others can speak in Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Boholano, Manobo Ilocano, and Maguindanao, and some of those who moved in speak Tagalog. English is also their 2nd language as it is used as a medium of instruction in schools and other institutions.

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The land area of Kidapawan is 724 189.19 sqm Kilometers. In that particular place, Kidapawan is blessed with lots of awe-inspiring nature that are well preserved by the people who reside there and so, if you are fond of nature, there are so many beautiful places to experience when you choose to have your new condo or house and lot in Kidapawan. First on the list, aside from an amazing mountain view, nothing beats the relaxing dip in the steaming hot lake of Agco Mahomanoy. The tallest peak in the Philippines, emphasizes and gives greatness to Mount. Apo that makes it one of the breath-taking tourist spots in the Philippines. This is the best opportunity for the hikers and trekkers who wants to reach the top of Mount Apo. The astounding 65 ft tall Mawig falls that will make you love at first sight. The interesting Paniqui Cave will make you witness the numerous bats living within and the crystal clear and very gem of rock formation at Indangan Falls. Did you know that Kidapawan is one of the major sources of the huge flower-cutting in the industry that helps the people to earn as much? So, imagine owning and living in a house and lot surrounded by the magnificent land of Kidapawan and living in their modern and traditional cultures.

According to PhilAtlas, as of 2020, there is a growing community of 160, 791 in Kidapawan city. The people who have grown up here, even their ancient family, are known for imbibing both mind and spirit. The majority of the population of the city is Muslim. It is a religion that believes in Allah and Prophet Muhammad. Some are Roman Catholics. It is a religion the one believes in the loving work of the Holy Trinity in the salvation of mankind. Despite the different religions and beliefs, it is not a hindrance to building one community, strengthening togetherness, practicing a fruitful collaboration, and also to experience a welcoming and helpful neighborhood.

They are living together harmoniously with others even though various things vary especially in Religion and beliefs. The different people’s beliefs are there are many unseen spirits when they interfere in the lives of human beings and also, the spirits are to be distinguished as good or evil ones. The very reason that they are freely united is that their cultural identity is firmly grounded and rooted in their land and also in their nature. Kidapawan’s modern and traditional cultures are passed on and on through their words – their stories to their children, the language that they used, the family ties, and most, the passing on of the traditional skills and arts within the family.

What is amazing about Kidapawan is that, when you choose to buy your condo or house and lot, you will never feel indifferent, alone in a far, deserted place. Hence you will feel belong just like how nature welcomes and gives what is due to the people and just like how God’s blessings overflow into the life of the people in Kidapawan. What goes around, comes around, when they choose to preserve and take good care of nature, Kidapawan’s modern and traditional cultures give from generation to generation, ancient to the present, and even in the future, will receive what is of its worth.

One of the popular festivals that symbolizes their culture of the harvest of fruits is the Timpupo Fruit Festival. They celebrate it every year in August. It is called Timpupo because it is the generic name for harvest. This event begins with a Fruit float parade. This is a great spot that thousands of people visit, and not just that! It does not end with a fruit Float parade. Can you even imagine? Everyone can even eat or consume all the fruits that they want – the sweet taste of lanzones and rambutan, the delicious fragrance of durian, the tasty mangosteen, and the nutritious banana. Many more that there are also contests and showcasing of talents at this feast. Does this signify the oneness of the city? Who would not want to live in Kidapawan with their modern and traditional culture where you feel belong?

Enhancing, honing, and sustaining the skills and livelihood of themselves and their family by the way of how the living revolves around what the nature can provide. Nature provides good soil for those who are working in agriculture, also, good harvest for those who are creating a masterpiece of ancient cuisines and also inventing new ones, good tools for building a house, and other materials for the betterment of the community. Aside from the above works of nature, the community is also blessed with commercial retail centers that include the largest shopping center.

It is a dream to live in a place where nature is well-maintained, sustained, and taken care well of while the city is progressively growing day by day. The opportunities to showcase their skills and talents are well given and set to the indigenous and local communities to provide better welfare for their family. If you want to make this dream, come true, here is a piece of great news for you! BRIA Homes give the opportunity for you and every Filipino with big discounts to those who want to fulfill their dream of living in a magnificent place like Kidapawan and its modern and traditional culture.

Start owning the most affordable yet grand house and lots in Kidapawan! This is a place of security, growth and belonging to a better community. If you are still reading this at the end of the article, it is a sign and a signal, that you start owning and investing in a house and lot, for you and your family. If not now, when? Remember, BRIA Homes is willing to assist you in all circumstances. Welcome to Kidapawan and their modern and traditional culture, higala!