Iphone 14 vs. House and Lot Down Payment

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How Much Is iPhone 14 price in the Philippines? And how much will it cost me to pay the down payment for a house and lot? Which is worthier and what is in between the line that balances which is more valuable for us? Let’s find out and let us discuss having an iPhone vs. a house and lot down payment.

Costs of Down payment for House and Lot vs. iPhone 14

How much is the iPhone14 price in the Philippines?

Released last September 16, 2022, iPhone 14 price in the Philippines with 128GB costs P56, 990, iPhone 14 price in the Philippines with 256GB costs P63, 990 and iPhone 14 price in the Philippines with 512GB costs P75, 990 while the iPhone 14 Plus can be preordered now and will be out on Oct. 7, 2022.

How much is the typical down payment for a house and lot?

There are a lot of options and schemes in purchasing a house and lot, there is a typical 20% down payment structured in twenty-four (24) months payable is what you need to pay to start owning a home for yourself, for your family, or for investment. But here is one example of the down payment you just need to produce or have in paying the down payment, if the contract price of a raw house that has 54 square meters in size and a 22 square meter floor area costs P972, 000 you could pay the down payment for a total of P5, 825 for twenty (20) months and additional P5, 000 for the reservation. You just have to have a P30, 000 monthly income, and the monthly amortization is payable from 5 to 20 years.

For the following prizes let’s come down to why people choose to have an iPhone 14 and some choose to put their money as a Down Payment for House and Lot. 

Why do people love iPhones? What is so special about the iPhone?

  • It’s an “IOS”. iPhone is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that powers many of the company’s mobile devices.
  • Security. The iPhone gives us that security that we all need; many consumers will say that the security of the iPhone gives them that blanket of security without worrying about their cell phone identity. When do we say security means the iPhone doesn’t even need to have an antivirus, why? The ios platform is designed with a security mind itself which prevents the permission of gaining access to damage an iPhone.You just need to update your ios because it already has security fixes all in one update.
  • Storage Performance. The internal storage of iPhones is higher as compared to Android phones. For instance, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which has a six-core CPU and 6GB of RAM, is one of Apple’s most powerful smartphones. The iPhone also uses a much superior 64-bit processor manufactured by Qualcomm that is unbeatable, a chip that was released in 2013 and is constantly improving over the years with a system of efficiency and performance.
  • A Flagship of Performance.  The iPhone is unbeatable. That is why many users or we can say loyal users don’t care about the iPhone Philippine price because generally, the iPhone delivers a flagship of performance, and the integration of its software and hardware perform a smooth, fast, and longer refinement is much better than other phones.
  • Convenience Matters. The iPhone is conveniently combined into multiple devices in one small package in which you don’t need to purchase each item separately. Everything you need in this fast phasing technology iPhone has it.
  • Status. Having an iPhone is a form of social status it manifests as a social symbol to all iPhone users.

 Why do others choose to put their money into House and Lot Down Payment?

  • A good source of Investment. Having a house and lot is a good choice as an income generator for a future and stable life.
  • A home of your own. That sense of fulfillment gives you that satisfaction of comfort and happiness by having a property of your own.  
  • Security. Consider that choosing to put your money into paying the down payment for a house and lot is your road to security. A secure life is having a quality life and creating a valuable frame of financial freedom.
  • Status. Having a self-owned house and a lot is a form of a cultural symbol of status that is culturally part of us as Filipinos, we value that we were able to settle our family under a shelter that comfortably they can live in a space of serenity and fulfillment.

Key points: 

Between the iPhone 14 prices in the Philippines versus choosing to go for the down payment of a house and lot, which is worthier? Choosing what is the best option for you will always remain and boil down to you; it is a matter of CHOICE. It is always a matter of where we are coming from, where we are headed, what we do, and what it is that we want in our life. Our Goals and our Vision as an individual are not the same, we have different phases and spaces.  If you choose to buy an iPhone 14 as a gift or reward for yourself, for working so hard and for wanting to have it, buy it, you deserve it. If that iPhone 14 is a big help in utilizing your work every day and gives you that easy work frame, by all means, you can have it. If on the other hand, you want to put your money into a house and a lot of down payment and consider it as your investment and you think you are financially able then go for it. Buying and investing in the things we think we deserve is not wrong nor a sin to do, it is a deserving fulfillment of your hard-earned money and your lifestyle. The choice is always yours, the decision always depends on you and your goal set ahead.

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Written by Rowena Lansang