How to create a space for learning at your Bria Home


We all know the importance of learning; hence, all our parents sent us to school when we were young to engage ourselves in learning, and there’s a higher chance to succeed in life if we are well educated. But now that the danger of the Covid-19 is at high risk, schools from around the world were shut down. The world stopped for a moment, meeting in public was on hold, and to students, classes were held in a form of distance learning called Online class. In this article, we will give you tips on how to create a space for learning at home.

Having classes and learning at home may sound boring because of the lack of engagements like having a classmate sit beside us during classes, and of course, not having the environment specifically for learning. With that being said, learning from home comes with a lot of challenges, but here are some ways on how to set up and create an effective space for learning at home.

1. Planning the educational space at home

This is the simplest step in setting up a home learning space. First, evaluate ourselves, are we the type of person who prefers a quiet space for studying, or are we the type of person who prefers background noises. If we prefer silence during the study, then we might consider setting up in a room where it’s quiet. We can also set it up in our living room where background noises are present. There are a lot of things to consider, but it all comes to personal preferences. Life’s easier if you are someone who is living at a house and lot like Bria Home, not only that it provides good ambiance it also offers a various floor plan that can cater our desired home learning space.

For people who have limited space and prefer studying in private, we can set up our table facing a blank wall to avoid distractions or just buy a cheap divider available at Allhome to add privacy.

We can also use what we already have and save ourselves a penny. Learning spaces don’t have to be expensive. A normal table can do what a high-end table does. We can use all our resources like shoe boxes, organizers, and buckets. If we’re tight on spaces and can’t set up a learning space, consider using a folding table or even a coffee table that we can fold and get rid of right away after using it to save some space.

2. Lighting 

Lighting can make or break our learning space. That is why school rooms and library has such large windows so that natural light from the outside can enter the room making it easier for both teacher and students to read, be it on a computer or paper. Placing our learning space near a window may solve the problem but consider putting on some blinds on the window for harsh sunlight that may hurt our eyes.

Remember, it is not ideal to read in a dark and gloomy place because it will cause our eyestrain which can also lead to other health triggers like headache, dizziness, and migraine; thus, having good lighting is a must to prevent eyesores when we’re studying. At Bria Homes, windows are tactically placed for good lighting from daylight that enters the house that helps the owner saves power consumption; If there are no windows available, or we also need to study during the night, having a desk lamp is a must! We can create artificial ambient light by buying a good desk lamp. There’s a lot of quality and affordable desk lamps available at Allhome. Some lamps provide different kinds of lighting options like warm, cool, and daylight that will perfectly fit our dream learning space, from casual to classy style there’s a large variety that will surely match our style.

Multiple light source is also a good idea to brighten up the learning space, but be aware that too much light can also hurt our eyes, so balance is the key.

3. Furniture and Fixtures

It’s hard to study without the proper needs like a desk table and a good chair. Of course, it is still possible to study on any flat surface like the floor or kitchen table, but in terms of long hours of studying it can cause some health issues. an ergonomics chair and a desk table will provide good comfort that will prevent issues like muscle strain and back pain. An ergonomics chair will not only make your learning space at home look engaging, but it will also provide good health benefits and comfort for long hours of studying. At Allhome they cater to both office and home needs they have a variety of chairs and tables depending on our needs, all at a very affordable price, so do not forget to visit the nearest store near you. 

Consider buying an ergonomics chair with hydraulics and adjustable backrest, so that we can sit in the ideal position having the right height that will perfectly fit our body. When it comes to study tables or desk tables, do not buy tables that are too low to prevent having back and neck problems. When buying tables, always check the height first if it perfectly fits our chair or, we can just buy an office table set so it perfectly matched. Consider buying a table that has shelves and a wide working surface, so that we can fit all our things such as books, desk lamps, computer, and pen holders. If we want to save the hassle of having problems with picking the best table and chair that would also fit the house, Bria Homes also offer condominiums and house and lot that is fully furnished all at affordable price.

4. Headphones

Nothing beats a quiet study with a piece of soft background music. A good headphone is a must-have especially for learning spaces that are set up in a living room. It provides isolation between the user and the people surrounding us. It will feel as if that we are separated or in a different place because it will keep the outside noise canceled and helps us avoid being distracted while studying. It will also help us understand everything clearly if we are participating in an online class.

When buying Headphones can be tough, there are a lot of choices to pick from. There are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear, there is also a lot of terminologies that few people know to spot good earphones like frequency range, decibels, and impedance. While there’s a lot of things to look at, prioritize buying a headphone with high-frequency range with a mic set up near the mouth, so everything we say during online class is loud and clear to the listeners. For long-term use, I suggest using the headphones with earcups because it is more comfortable, and we won’t have to deal with tangled wires. 

5. Tools

Adding tools is necessary for our productivity. Like the desk lamp, we can also add tools like book holders, sticky notes, and a small whiteboard. We can add different kinds of tools that we think we need to boost our productivity. Hanging a whiteboard on a wall will make a blank boring wall look engaging and we can also write checklists or schedules that are needed to be done before the deadline. We can also stick sticky notes on a blank wall for things that we need to remember from time to time. Adding a clock is also necessary to keep track of the time especially for students who are doing modular so that we are organized on finishing the tasks on time. 

Stress is also a part of learning, so, adding a small plant wouldn’t hurt, it will make our learning space more stylish and adds a calm and peaceful ambiance that reduces stress. We can also visit the nearest Allhome store where there’s a large variety of office products where we can build our home learning space from scratch, the possibilities are limitless.

6. Eliminating Distractions

A perfect home learning space is free from any distractions. For children, as a parent, we can confiscate their phones and other devices that will contribute to losing their focus while studying. We can also block some websites and add parental controls so that they won’t lose out of their tracks, and they could focus on their research. For teenagers and up, there is a lot of software that can be downloaded for free in the Appstore that locks some applications to avoid being distracted and sidetracked by social media. For environmental distractions like dogs barking or noisy cars passing by if we live near a highway, just play a piece of soft background music to cancel out the noise.

7. Comfortability

It is given that comfortability is one of the keys to learning certain things fast. Making our learning space comfortable boosts one’s motivations and productivity. It is no question that it would be comfortable since we are set up in our houses, especially if we’re living at Bria Homes. The main goal here is to make our learning space comfortable (but not too comfortable). So let us avoid setting up our learning space on our bed to avoid falling asleep. Be sure to have a nice cup of coffee during morning classes to be energized and not feel tired or drowsy during the morning, also, it puts our minds in a comfortably calm state. If you are wondering if where to get a nice cup of coffee in the morning, you can check out Coffee Project. They serve nice and good quality coffees that can be paired with delicious pastries.   

Also, it is ideal to separate the learning space and strictly use it for learning purposes only so that we could enjoy a different kind of comfort when we leave our learning space.

Designing a space specifically for learning, be it in a dining room table, living room, or a random corner of our house, wherever we want as long as we are comfortable in our home learning environment. Keeping things organized will help with comfortability. 

8. Design it your way.

It’s fun to set up a learning space when we make it more personal. We can experiment with having themes that we like whether it’s all black, girly, or even anime. There are no rules when it comes to designing it just make sure that there is balance and there is a space left to grow. Over decorating our learning space will make it too crowded, hence, making it hard for us to move around, so keep things simple and only include things that are necessary for your distance learning. 

When it comes to going out and do shopping for your home learning spaces at a time where going in public places has a risk of being infected by the Covid-19, there is no need to make unnecessary trips to the store, Allday got your back. They have a website that sells everything from hardware, fashion, groceries, imported goods, and appliances which includes all necessary equipment needed to make our remote learning setup fabulous. So be sure to check on their website to save some hassle going out and to avoid the risk of being infected by the Covid-19.

9. Set boundaries

Talk to other members of the family and ask nicely to keep quiet or keep things down during online classes. If the learning space is needed to be shared but can only host one person at a time, set schedules in which both can agree on using the learning space. You can have boxes that has a name on them to store study materials. If the learning space is in the living room, remind members of the family to turn off potential distractions like TV, video games, and loud music.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to building your own home learning space as long as we are comfortable in sitting on it for long hours and our focus is not being disturbed by anyone or anything. The most important thing is that all online learning tasks can be accomplished whether it’s a homework assignment, school project, or an activity. 

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