How much does a water filtration system cost in the Philippines?

Water filtration system

Due to its numerous uses, water has always been one of the most important utilities for humans. The limited availability of clean water for consumption in developing countries like the Philippines, where a large percentage of the population suffers from diseases related to the use of water, has economic effects. Although there are an increasing number of water refilling stations in the Philippines and a growing number of Filipino households are using commercial water, not everyone can adapt to this way of life. Another issue found is that not every location has access to such a system, such as the communities on islands and close to the coast, which is why installing water filtration system in your home is important.

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How much does installing Water Filtration systems cost?

A home water filtration system could be useful if you dislike the taste of your tap water or are concerned that limescale will ruin your plumbing, and especially if you are worried about your family’s health. The average homeowner spends ₱5,000 to ₱100,000 installing a water filtration system, but prices vary greatly depending on the type of water filter you choose. This article might help you get guide  into how much different types of home water filtration systems cost.

What Does Home Water Filtration Systems Do?

Installing water filtration system in your home will help remove impurities and chemicals from the water. By removing treatment chemicals, one of these systems’ main functions is to enhance the flavor of your tap water. In addition to softening water by removing minerals, some home water filtration systems can also reduce limescale buildup on plumbing and fixtures. However, not all contaminants in your water can be removed by filtration systems, and many only remove specific contaminants. Therefore, when choosing a home water filtration system, it is crucial to take your water source into account.

What Are the Different Types of Home Water Filtration Systems?

The most affordable way to enjoy filtered water is to buy a water filter pitcher, which ranges in price from ₱100 to ₱1,000. You can also check them out on an e-commerce website. These pitchers have a tiny filter that can clean the water of impurities. However, they can only filter a small amount of water and need to have their filters changed frequently. As a result, many homeowners decide to put in a stronger water filtration system.

1. Countertop Filters

Due to their larger size compared to pitcher filters, countertop water filters enable you to filter more water faster. Because there is no plumbing connection necessary, the unit can be installed by a homeowner without the help of a professional. Consequently, it’s a lot less expensive than a whole-house or under-sink water filter, which is good if you are worried about your budget, but it does take up some storage space, especially if you have a small room or area. The price of countertop filters in the Philippines ranges from  ₱40 to ₱8,000 but it depends on the brand and quality, You can also check out to e-commerce website for the price list of countertop filters.

2. Faucet Filters

Faucet-mounted and faucet-integrated filters are the two varieties of faucet water filters that are available. A faucet-mounted model can be attached to your current faucet, but not all faucet types are compatible with them. Faucet-mounted filters can reduce the water flow from the fixture. This type of filter is widely used in the Philippines, with prices ranging from 200 to 8,000 pesos depending on the brand, quality, and level of filter.

Filters for integrated faucets are more expensive and require faucets with built-in fixtures to replace your current fixtures. Although these models need expert installation, they are less likely to change the flow rate, and the price of this filter ranges from 700 to 18,000 pesos, It is a really expensive filter, but it is durable and safer. You can also check out this kind of filter on an e-commerce website to make it easier for you to get an idea of the prices with less effort.

3. Under-Sink Filtration Systems

Installing water filtration system, such as an under-sink filter, is a good idea for healthy and delicious water because it removes more impurities than most pitcher-based options and even bottled water. Under-sink water filtration systems are also popular in the Philippines. You can immediately enjoy clean water straight from the faucet thanks to these systems, which are installed beneath your sink, saving you valuable counter or refrigerator space. Also, your visitors and family members should not hesitate to use under-sink water. Furthermore, unlike a traditional pitcher filter system, under-sink filters eliminate the need to refill a tank or wait for water to trickle through a filter block. Instead, they connect to your water line and provide a continuous supply of filtered water. Installing water filtration system can be expensive, it is ranging from 1500 to 30,000 pesos, but it depends on the brand and quality. If you are planning to installing water filtration system in your home, you can check to e-commerce apps and malls to get an idea about the prices.

4. Whole-House Water Filters

The water is treated before it enters your home by a filter that is connected to the main supply. Any impurities you don’t want in your home’s water supply could be removed by a whole-house water filtration system. Depending on your home’s water supply, you might want to remove sediment or get rid of the chlorine smell.

If the water supply in your home contains significant contaminants or is generally of poor quality, this might be the solution for you. Whatever problem you have with the quality of your water, there is a whole-house filter that can help. The complexity of whole-home water filters varies. With a whole-house water filter, the water coming out of every tap in your home will be cleaner. You’ll be able to use filtered water simultaneously for everything from making coffee and taking a shower to washing your clothes, cooking, and brushing your teeth. This kind of water filtration system is very beneficial for your family’s sake and their health. The average price of this water filtration system is 13,000 pesos. You can also ask for customer service and check out the price list on the e-commerce website for more details.

The Advantages of Having a Water Filtration System in Your Home 

1. Better Quality of Life

Such a high quality of water is not just important; it is essential to your survival. The body can benefit from pure water by developing stronger hair and nails, recovering from illness more quickly, and absorbing nutrients more effectively. Cleaner water also makes it easier to effectively rinse soap residue from the skin and hair.

2. Better Water for Cooking

Every Filipino loves cooking and eating. Improved water quality can have a direct impact on cooking, especially for those who get stomach aches easily. To begin with, tap water frequently has a chemical or even a mildly sour odor. This might have a significant impact on marinades, sauces, and the water used for cooking. Additionally, some excess minerals in tap water can adhere to pasta and alter the texture of certain foods. A water filtration system is a great way for cooks to create tastier and healthier meals for their loved ones.

3. Cleaner Dishes, Sinks, and Showers

Purified water is not only better for drinking, but it is also better for cleaning. As a result of soap scum and mineral buildup, dishes become less spotted.  Because there are fewer bacteria, showers stay cleaner for longer, which can cause stomach aches and other health issues. Due to a drop in chlorine content, clothing retains its brightness. Drain clogs are avoided by using less lime and calcium. 

With better water, everything in the house is a little bit brighter and cleaner.

4. Better Water for Your Pets

Our pets bring us joy and an unexplained bonding experience, so we need to be sure that our food is healthy and clean before giving it to our pets. Cleaner water can benefit animals by allowing them to live healthier, longer lives.

Pets washed in clean water may have healthier skin and fur as well as fewer instances of skin irritation because filtered water rinses with less residue than tap water. Cleaner water will benefit our pets and their food as well. 

Written by Alfred Alaba