House Turnover Checklist for New Homeowners

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Having a home is an accomplishment in life because there’s no place like home. It’s starting point to build your hopes and dreams with your family and settled for the best. Home is one of the results of your hard work will pay off when you own a brand-new house and lot, and seeing it already constructed will feel good. After all those months and years of waiting, your house is finally finished and ready for you.

First things first…

You should make a list of things or a House Turnover checklist before you accept the Newly Turnover Home. This is important before moving in or signing your documents or agreement for Newly Turnover Home. You can make sure that all the part of the areas of your home and housing components are constructed and finished in accordance with agreed-upon requirements,

8 Things to Include in Your House Turnover Checklist for the Final Home Inspection:

1. The Entryway

             Make sure that every part of your home is finished, painted, cleaned, and     covered before beginning on the entryway. These areas typically include the front door, driveway, and specially the floors of your home and also check your main door’s ability to open and close smoothly after that, as well as the lock ability of your doorknobs because it’s important to secure your family to the strangers that can enter to your home and also the insects.

            Consider taking a moment to inspect the quality of the caliber or exteriors that’s has been used as you approach your main door. Next, make sure to check the surfaces are applied perfectly and that there are no cracks. More critically, Make sure to ask and confirm to the real state agent the unit’s square meter measurement. Verify the floor area measurement or hire an expert or if you have a friend that capable to do it.

2. Electricity Outlets

            Take special care to inspect your electrical to make sure that all of the wires are connected and importantly secure, Always turn on your circuit breaker and observe if there’s is a hazardous inside the circuit breaker like tangled of a electric cables or not functioning of wire . Make sure that all of the switches are working well and that the labels match the switches to make sure the safety.

            Outlets have an Individual can be found in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom. Verify the installation of all electrical fixtures to see if everything is in order. Turn on and off the all light switches to see if is works correctly. A digital multimeter can also be used to test your outlets to see if they are functional and to more completely examine the electrical outlets, you might bring an electrician. Additionally, it would be beneficial to confirm that the phone outlets and cables are functional.

3. The Bathroom

            Check the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub if there’s a loose, rusty, chipped, or cracked fixtures. Check the shower if is working well, and try to check for leaks in the bidet. Check the flush in the toilet if it’s working. Open the water in your bathtub and bathroom sink to check if it’s draining the water and not clogged.

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4. Windows

             Make sure there are no cracks or dents in the window frame by carefully                 inspecting your windows and glass panels. See if you can open and close your window smoothly by fully opening it and closing it. Verify the functionality of each track, seal, crank, and lock individually. When a window is closed, the lock must be secure and function properly. Test the windows if there’s air leak.

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5. Walls, Floors, And Ceilings

Accordingly, the furnishing should be carried out.  You can Start with the walls of your home and look at the paint that has been used and check if there’s is air bubbles on Painted walls and ceiling. Verify the accuracy of the paint colors, and the wall surface must be bump-free and smooth. See if any chips, cracks, or scratches require repainting or other repairs.

Check your ceiling molding and flooring. Keep an eye out for vinyl tiles that are fractured or cracked.  Check the ceiling if there’s leak of water or dust. And highly recommend to bring along someone to thoroughly inspect your home, such as a dependable friend or family member that capable to do it and to have an option when you having hard time to make decisions about what is the right color on the walls, ceilings and so forth.

6. Doors

Check the front door and bathroom door to make sure it opens and closes without difficulty. Make sure that it can be opened and closed without being pushed or pulled. Check the surface if there’s chipping, dents, scratches, bubbles, and termite or bug damage. Make sure that the door is fully painted including front, back and every edges of the door.  Try to lock and unlock to make sure that it’s works properly and also get extra keys for all of your doorknobs.

7. The Environment

Check the communities if there’s  school, hospital, malls, etc, nearby. Make sure it’s is safe, check if there’s history of Illegal activities happened in that community or subdivision, high crime rate which include taking drugs, drug dealing and prostitution and also a characteristic of a bad neighborhood.

8. Read The Contract Carefully

Make careful to read the contract carefully and make a copy of it in case of emergency and also comprehend all of its terms and conditions. Review your rental agreement to find out more about the costs or fees associated with turnover. To guarantee there are no unintended costs in the document, consult a specialist.

Bring a friend or family member who can help you in case you’re not decided in something like the Paint, colors of the Walls, right angle of the Mirror, color of Curtains, Doors and so forth . Bring an electrician that can be help to offer you a quick evaluation of your house about the proper position of electrical outlets also bring an architect and engineer to make a Home Inspection about the exterior design and to know if there’s possible issue in contractions and the materials that used to your house to make sure that your families are safe and to attract an aesthetics view inside and out of your house.

Be sure to give yourself enough time and preparation for your house changeover to be more safety and eye catching to all your family members.

Make a list if there’s a needs inside your home like Home appliances, Furnitures and so forth. Take as much time as necessary to inspect every area of your future home because in that home is you can start a new dreams, hopes and make happy memories with you family, friends or even your love ones to settled for the best. If you discover an issue or have concerns with your house you need to ask your contractor if there is a guarantee for repairs or modifications because the safety first is very important. Lastly, Make sure that your House Turnover checklist are followed correctly to avoid any problems and regrets with your new home. Make your do your own research to get more knowledge about making a House Turnover checklist.

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Written by Alfred P. Alaba