Ghost Month Do’s and Dont’s; Taboos to Avoid

Ghost Month 2022

In other countries like China and Singapore, they hold comedic performances in order to entertain the dead. To help get through this month safely, here are some taboos on what to avoid in ghost month. But even if you’re not a Buddhist or a Taoist, it is also respectful to be aware of ghost month’s do’s and don’ts.

What is Ghost Month?

Have you ever heard of the term Ghost Month? Probably your initial thought would be it is something related to or pertaining to the infamous “ghosting” or the act of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone, such as a former romantic partner. But that is not what we’re referring to. Ghost month, also known as the Hungry Ghost, is the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Buddhist and Taoist devotees believed that the souls of the deceased cross over from hell to the world of the living and roam around in search of entertainment and food. Roaming ghosts are believed to be much stronger on the 15th day of the 7th month.

Further, the Chinese people believe that Ghost Month is the most difficult month of the year. Unfortunate things that are beyond explanation tend to occur during this period.  During this month, it is highly advised to weak people in general, such as senior citizens and children, not to roam around at night or fear getting attacked by these bad spirits that are roaming around. Ghost month season also affects your finances not just your safety. Hungry Ghosts are those people that have committed suicide or died of violent deaths in the past such as murder, and rape, among others. In order to counter any unfortunate situation and to keep the ghosts from being mischievous, the living must prepare different kinds of offerings such as food and entertainment. They may offer things that these ghosts have enjoyed during their life to make them happy.

Things to Avoid During Ghost Month

1. Avoid staying out late at night.

The night is indeed dark and full of terrors. is believed that the yin energy is at its peak during nighttime, thereby giving the ghosts more spiritual powers. Their stronger presence and increased number at night may mean a potential peril for you. Having said that, what to avoid in ghost month is to stay out late at night. It is highly advised to stay indoors at night especially if you’re feeling down or if your chi is low because those people with lower energy have higher chances of bumping into a ghost at night. Your emotional mind makes you more vulnerable to being possessed by a spirit. If you’re walking alone at night and you suddenly hear an unfamiliar voice calling after you, you should better keep on walking and avoid making any sound such as whistling because they are highly attracted to the sound that you’ll make. Remember that they are roaming around for food and entertainment so don’t ever sing or hum for your own sake! Ghosts at this hour tend to be hostile and will either possess you or cause you to feel sick.

Also, children and pregnant people should not stay out late because spirits tend to go after young kids and fetuses. However, if you can’t avoid going out late, then just avoid whistling since the spirits might think you’re calling them.

2. Avoid any water-related activities

Another ritual on what to avoid in ghost month is to not enter any kind of water bodies. Avoid going for a swim during Ghost Month. Vengeful water spirits are said to be waiting under the water for their unsuspecting victim and substitute to take their place in death so they can finally be reincarcerated or they can have a companion.

Whenever someone dies, it is believed that it frees up a new place for an evil ghost to rebirth. Spirits will expedite this process by trying to drown people in seas or swimming pools. Some people even go as far as avoiding any travel by sea during this month to avoid mishaps with ferries and cruise ships caused by the evil spirits.

3. Avoid getting married

Don’t hold weddings during Ghost Month as it is believed that this month is inauspicious, making marriages during this period don’t last long. Bitter ghosts put bad curses on weddings so it is also said that marriages are predestined for failure during Ghost Month. And of course, you wouldn’t want any “uninvited guests” to crash your party, right? They can occupy empty places in your wedding hall, and just wait to put a curse on the unlucky couple. So one of the things on what to avoid in ghost month is to get married. Also for women, you should also avoid wearing high heels because it is easier to get possessed if your feet are elevated.

4. Ignore anything suspicious

If you see something strange, like a coin lying on the ground, ignore it and just keep walking towards your destination. That coin is possibly owned by the ghost and placed on the ground to lure you and they will be offended if you steal their money so don’t fall for any ghostly pranks. It is said that strange things are some ploy of the mischievous spirits to lure you, like placing coins on the ground, so they can possess you if you touch one of their belongings.

5. Avoid moving into a new house

Don’t take interest in any house and lot for sale that you might see to avoid moving into a new house during Ghost Month and having to meet a new unwanted companion. Moving into a new house, with space that was previously unoccupied might inadvertently invite wandering spirits into your new home. That is why any real estate transactions contracted during this month fail eventually. Do not leave your main door open to avoid any unwanted visitors or spirits coming inside your Bria Homes. Therefore, avoid making any big purchases such as a house and lot or car to avoid triggering jealousy among the evil spirits.

Things to Do During Ghost Month

1. Pray more

Prayer should be our first line of defense from anything, whether you believe in God or not and regardless of your religion, most especially evil spirits. Of course, nothing is more effective than prayer when seeking protection from bad spirits. Ghosts are more likely to lure people who are vulnerable and feed on those who have bad karma.

2. Light incense

Burn incense and say a prayer for the spirits. Offering incense dissolves bad energies and turns them into good ones. Further, there is something in the smell of incense that gives calming and cleansing energy which will make the spirits happy.

3. Offerings and Amulets

As mentioned above, spirits roam around for food and entertainment so offer something for their amusement. Offerings could be anything from food, candles, or even comedic performance as long as to make the spirits happy. Some would also burn paper replicas of money, jewelry, or any object that the ghost may be craving in the afterlife. Some also wear amulets such as prayer beads to avoid evil spirits or even put course salt around the house or brought with them wherever they go.