Exploring Sustainable Choices for Bedding and Linens

Bedding and Linen

Nothing is more relaxing than unwinding on a plush, smooth, and comfortable bed after a long, stressful day. Fortunately, you can experience this kind of comfort provided your bed sheet is the appropriate one. It is an essential component of bedding since it helps protect the sleeping surface from stains and grime and increases your warmth and comfort when you’re lying down.

It could be a little challenging selecting this sleep requirement, though, because it is offered in a range of varieties, sizes, and styles.

We offer a fact-checked buying guide and some suggestions for the top bedding items you can get right now to aid you in your shopping!

Top Eco Friendly Sustainable Bedding Options

One of the most crucial elements of a healthy lifestyle is sleep. Good bedding, on top of a top-notch mattress and pillow, are the best way to ensure a restful night’s sleep. It is an excellent choice to spend money on comfy bedsheets because you will use them every day for a few years. Which bed sheet is the best in the Philippines given the wide range of options available on the market?

We have selected the an eco friendly top-rated bedsheets in the Philippines and provided high-quality choices to match your spending limit and lifestyle in this article. Keep reading:

Comfort Living PH

The Comfort Living PH Deluxe Premium 3-Piece Bamboo Set is as comfortable as hotel bedding because it is soft and breathable. To unwind in opulent, ultra-soft sheets on a medium-firm mattress, you don’t need to book a stay at a 5-star hotel any longer. The smoothest, softest, and toughest weave is produced by Comfort Living PH by exclusively using fine, long-staple fibers. Moments after you lie down, you’ll fall asleep and start dreaming! The most crucial aspect is that even after numerous washings, there is no pilling.

Additionally, these sheets are constructed entirely out of organic bamboo viscose, so even if you have skin that is delicate, you won’t need to worry. The linens are confirmed to be free of hazardous chemicals and hypoallergenic. And regardless of whether you reside in the Philippines, these Comfort Living linens are fantastic considering bamboo feels 1 to 3 times cooler than conventional cotton. We can relate to the sensation of waking up soaked in perspiration, but happily we won’t with these sheets.

Pottery Barn Tencel Sheets

The well-known Tencel sheets are also available at Pottery Barn, but what makes them stand out from other brands is how they are created. The sheets are constructed entirely of the sustainably derived material TENCELTM Lyocell True Carbon Zero. This merely implies that they don’t harm the environment while they’re being produced! The sheets have also been verified for more than 350 hazardous chemicals and are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. We adored the uniform white tone and wonderfully silky satin weave, which quickly enhance the appearance of your bedroom.

Linen and Homes

In the Philippines, summer can imply a variety of things, but it typically means hot, humid nights. Given this, it is always advisable to spend money on bed linens that will keep summertime cooler and more comfortable, which is exactly why the Bamboo Starter Sheet Set from Linen and Homes guarantees you. These opulent sheets are breathable as well as light because to have a completely cooling bamboo viscose weave, making them ideal for the nation’s tropical environment. You can also rest on the smoothest and softest bedding available thanks to these bamboo sheets! Therefore, these sheets are ideal you if you struggle with overnight sweats, want to lower your air conditioning costs, or just want a bed that feels like a 5-star resort.

A fitted sheet and two pillowcases are already included in the starter sheet set. These top-selling Bamboo sheets have a quality that is somewhat comparable to the most luxurious cotton sheets, but at a more affordable price. Additional advantages of bamboo sheets include durability, heat regulation, and moisture wicking.

Additionally, because they are constructed entirely of sustainable and ethical materials, the bedding will not only help you sleep better but will also enable you to contribute in a little manner to environmental preservation. Absolutely no hazardous chemicals or poisons! However, regardless of whether you have skin that is prone to irritation, you can still use the sheets.


MUJI is currently quite well-liked in the Philippines, and we think this is because the company can provide products that are both reasonable and of high quality. Nearly everything is available here, from office supplies to home goods like bed sheets! They also provide a large range of sheets and bed linens, but our absolute best is the Cotton Jersey Duvet Cover Border. It is well known for its suppleness and softness and is also highly breathable and wrinkle-resistant. The fact that it resembles like a beloved silk dress is most crucial. In light of the aforementioned, this bed linen is ideal for hot or wet evenings in the Philippines.

Doze Days

You may ensure yourself the coziest and most pleasant night’s sleep by using this Doze Days Bamboo Bedsheet Set. Because this product is made of 100% natural Bamboo Lyocell, it has excellent smoothness and breathability. This bedsheet is suitable for warm or hot conditions because of its cooling and moisture-wicking properties. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it suitable for use by the whole family. Given that it can be washing machine and it is very simple to maintain and clean.


When September comes, you could desire to snuggle and feel comfortable all the time, therefore buying the correct bedding necessities to keep you occupied is unquestionably necessary. It will be cozy all year long with Emma‘s All-Seasons Duvet, not just during the winter months. Emma made care to include microfiber stuffing that are particularly comfortable, lightweight, and breathable because they are aware of the Philippines’ tropical climate. As a result, the All-Seasons Duvet is the ideal sleeping partner even on steamy summer nights. This duvet is also quite soft, which will keep you comfy and warm on chilly nights.

Emma utilized a duvet cover made entirely of bamboo cloth in addition to microfiber stuffing. Additionally, since bamboo fibers naturally regulate temperature, the duvet performs a great job of keeping you cool. The bamboo fabric is far more lasting than organic cotton and is both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so it will last you for many years. Even better, bamboo gives your duvet the same buttery smooth, luscious softness as real silk.

The Emma All-Seasons Duvet benefits greatly from having the optional, removable bamboo duvet cover. The duvet will be considerably simpler to launder and still provide the same level of comfort and cooling as previously.

West Elm Silky Tencel

Particularly for hot sleepers, we heartily endorse the western Elm Siky Tencel Sheets. These sheets feel smooth and cool to the touch because they are made from genuine eucalyptus. You get what you paid for because they are adored for their brilliant sheen and silky smoothness as well. Additionally, each set is produced in a factory that is fair trade home decor certified organic, so its makers directly profit from it!


Look no farther beyond the Primeo Premium 100% Cotton Bedsheet if you’re seeking for the one of a kind best cotton linens in the Philippines. With a set that is reversible, you may create two distinct fashionable styles. The hypoallergenic bedsheet has a delicate yet durable feel thanks to innovative fiber technology. It will not only provide you with the finest sleep you have ever had, but it additionally is simple to clean! It only needs to be machine washed in chilly water and tumble dried on low to be like new. Even better, you may use the sheets as your quilt or extra blanket.

Top Domestic and International Sustainable Home Décor Brands

Whatever your circumstance, ethical and aesthetically beautiful home goods can be combined to complete that blank canvas with the help of sustainable home decor providers.

It’s a fact that a lot of the things we bring into our homes don’t rank well in terms of social or environmental impact.

You can focus your search on sustainable home furnishings and accessories in addition to applying general sustainable interior design principles. The details of how we selected the top eco friendly home décor brands are detailed below of this article.

1. The Citizenry

The Citizenry honors all people from all backgrounds, continents, and cultures. 

All decorative items made of sustainable materials, but their décor area alone is brimming with a wide variety of items that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Shop for mirrors, vases, baskets, textiles, coasters, platters, bookends, and planters in a variety of sizes.

Even if their alpaca wool throws, which are essentially a more ethical version of cashmere, will help you further brighten up that room, the Azibo Woven Wall Hanging will by itself fix that awkward space over your bed.


LIKH  offers a variety of natural-materials-made Filipino crafts to aficionados of home décor.

Any room will get natural beauty and texture from their reasonably priced sustainable home decor, which consists of planting containers, woven items such as coasters, and decorations.

Each fair trade home decor item is individually handcrafted by craftsmen using materials indigenous to the area.

The majority of materials come from the agricultural sector. Only ethical artisan partners dispersed around the Philippines are employed by LIKH, and they all make 25% more than the minimum wage.

Their minimal carbon footprint is achieved by providing fair trade home items manufactured by hand from locally obtained resources that would have otherwise ended up in a trash.

3. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is distinct because it uses a Maker-to-Market business model that prioritizes people and the environment.

It demonstrates that every handcrafted item has a purpose and a craftsman’s narrative behind it as one of the greatest fair trade artisan home decor brands.

They successfully mix paying fair workers with delivering cost-effective solutions for their assortment of reasonably priced sustainable home goods, which includes lamps, containers, statues, wall art, fabrics, baskets, and much more.

Upgrade your ecological candles with the Stone Globe Candleholder if you enjoy using them to set the mood in a space.

4. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a firm that takes pleasure in being totally out of the ordinary in nature, and you’ll adore the enormous selection of unique, eco-friendly home decor and accessories they provide.

This carefully curated online market collaborates with local small companies and independent artisans from across the world to promote their goods to a wider customer base.

The Living Composter will disprove your assumption that an indoor garbage bin couldn’t also serve as decorative furniture. Who would have guessed that décor could effectively handle food waste?

5. Parachute

With non-toxic bedding, Parachute initially set out to save lives, but rapidly grew to meet your needs all throughout your house.

You can certainly find decorative carpets from one of sustainable rug brands, but that’s not all.

Throw cushions, vases, diffusers for essential oils, woven items such as throws, lighting, and curtains are further accessories that will liven up an otherwise plain space.

6. Etsy Reclaimed

An wonderful source for unique handmade ethical home decor, Etsy is one of the finest and biggest venues for directly supporting a global community of tiny craftsmen, craftspeople, and producers of all things.

You can find an overwhelming variety of reclaimed, antique, and used decor in every category imaginable, from large sustainable furniture to small trinkets, when you combine the Etsy Reclaimed market.

Modern Timber Craft creates hanging shelves as well as additional storage items out of salvaged lumber and barn wood if you’re looking for a way to show off all your Etsy decor treasures.

7. Goodee

Global marketplace Goodee prioritizes upcycling, transparent sourcing, and sustainable production while having a good social impact.

The minimalist, mouth-blown recycled materials Canopy Trio Vase Set to the vibrant Tiny Pakurigo palm basket, Goodee’s socially conscious design has found its way into their collection of ethical sustainable home items for each area in the house.

Goodee can furnish any nook with wall art, carpets, planters, baskets, trays, toss pillows, and more from a variety of small manufacturers.

In Closing

We hope that our guides on the Top Domestic and International Sustainable Home Decor Brands and the Top Eco Friendly Sustainable Bedding Options will assist you in finding the best products to suit your preferences.

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