Comforter vs. Duvet; Which Should You Get?

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What are your thoughts about duvet vs. comforter as our sleep partners? Of course, all of us wanted that free-flowing pampered rest and sleep that gives us comfort and a relaxed body to readily face a new day ahead of us. A nice and cozy feeling that will give our heavy-eyed and yawny day the best recharge and peaceful sleep. So what side are you on? Comforter vs. Duvet?

According to Merriam Webster, a Comforter is a thick bed covering made of two layers of cloth containing the filling. Comforters are filled with layers of natural material such as down feathers, wool, or silk; alternatively, polyester is being used too. Comforters can also be made out of fur, usually with a backing of satin or silk. It is also called bed cover and its thickness depends on the weather or season of a certain location.

On the other hand, Duvets are types of bedding that consist of soft flat bag bags filled with down feathers wool, cotton, silk, or even synthetic fiber but unlike comforters, duvets have a removable cover. Originally Duvets are common in Australia in which the brand Doona was originally manufactured in the 1970s. Other terms used for duvet are “continental quilts” and “rally quilts”. Duvets are said to be popular around the world during the late 20th Century.

What’s inside the Duvet and Comforter?

Both The comforter and duvet’s weight depends on the filling inside the material. Usually, the fillings inside of the comforter and duvets are as follows: down feathers, wool, fabric silk, fur, and polyester. Down feathers are usually the down of birds is a layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers. Wool is the fine, soft curly, or wavy hair forming the coat of a sheep or a goat. Silk is a fine, strong, soft lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric. The fur comes from the coats of certain Animals. Polyester on the other hand is a synthetic fiber that does not absorb water.

What are the basic differences between Comforter and Duvets?

A. Comforter

  • Comforter is a Single Piece of Bedding.
  • It is our Ready to go for Sleeping.
  • We put comforters as our top blanket in our bed.
  • Comforters are hanging down on the sides of our bed.

B. Duvets

  • Duvet is a separate piece: an insert and a cover.
  • Duvets are warmer than blankets.
  • Duvets cover is usually cotton or a combination of cotton or cotton-polyester blend.
  • Highlights of Duvets Cover can be clean and washed like regular pillows because it is removable.

As discussed the main factor between a comforter and a duvet is that the duvet specifically has its cover. But as customers let’s weigh in more thoroughly about their benefits to us and let’s try to look at the other factors that comforters and duvets have similarities and differences that can have an impact on our choice preference in choosing what is the best bed partner that suits your sleep lifestyle.

Comforter vs. Duvets

1. When it comes to Prices

If we search for duvets or comforters in the physical department store or online store we may discover that or find out that these two have the same price level. The difference will depend on the materials used per comforter or duvet and also on who manufactured the popular brands, or set trends. Take note also that duvets or comforters that are made of feathers are more expensive than wool or synthetic fiber.

2. Talking about Durability

Of course, we are on the long-term side always in any properties we buy or we want to have. In this segment of durability, the duvet wins, because duvets have a separate cover that can be washed easily and the sheets inside are always protected. So speaking of long-term use consumers find duvets more typically used longer.

3. Considering Weight

In terms of weight, Duvets are specifically made in terms of weather or season and the required warmth in different places. Comforters, on the other hand, are sometimes lightweight and for aesthetic or decorative purposes because they are usually coordinated in style.

4. Care Efforts

With regards to the function of not demanding effort or involving difficulty in washing, duvets can be easily machine washed or hand washed while a comforter is one piece bulky to wash.

5. Size Reference

A. Duvet Sizes and Dimension

Single = 135 cm by 200 cm or 53 inches by 75 inches
Double = 200 cm by 200 cm or 78 inches by 78 inches
King = 230 cm by 220 cm or 90 inches by 86 inches
Super King = 260 cm by 220 cm, 102 by 86 inches

B. Comforter Size and Dimension

Twin Bed with 39 by 75 inches mattress = 66 to 68 inches standard comforter width
Double Bed with 53 by 75 inches mattress = 81 to 84 inches standard comforter width
Queen Bed with 60 by 80 inches mattress = 86 to 88 inches standard comforter width
King Size Standard with 76 to 80 inches mattress =102 inches standard comforter width

6. The Value of Comfort

If you want to feel more warm go for the duvet and if you want a ready-go-to sleep, choose a comforter.

Comforter vs. Duvets; So which is better? What is your choice? Well, both have the same functions of keeping us warm and giving us comfort while we sleep, the bottom line here, of course, varies on our preference and the way we live, where we live, and how we want our bed to be in a cozy comfort zone. It will always radically depend on our choice just like how we choose a property if we are choosing a house and lot to buy over a condominium instead, a ready-for-occupancy home, or that available affordable house and lot. You see, choices are in our likeness, prerogative, and tastes. It will always depend on our preferences and cultural diversity. If you want to choose that comfort and the peaceful serenity of living you can choose BRIA Homes who offers finest home for the Filipino family, welcoming home with the great advantage of supporting families’ fulfillment of having a home of their own.

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Written by Rowena Lansang