Ceramic Pieces to Add at Home and Where to Get them

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Ceramics are any of the several strong, delicate, heat- and corrosion-resistant substances made by sculpting and then heating an inorganic, non-metallic substance like clay to a high temperature. Common examples are earthenware, brick, and porcelain.

The earliest ceramics pieces produced by humans were pottery (pots or vessels) or figurines made of clay, either by itself or when combined with other materials like silica, and then hardened and sintered in fire. Later, glazing and firing of ceramics reduced porosity by using glassy, amorphous ceramic coatings on top of the crystalline ceramic substrates, resulting in smooth, colourful surfaces. Ceramics currently comprise a wide range of materials produced for application in advanced ceramic engineering, such as semiconductors, as well as household, industrial, and architectural items.

What Is Special About Ceramic Cookware?

It might be challenging to find the best ceramic cookware in the Philippines at times. It must be adaptable enough to let you complete most kitchen tasks without too much trouble and fit within your budget. Try ceramic cookware if you want to prepare meals quickly, deliciously, and healthily. The fact that it doesn’t include PFOA, also known as perfluorooctanoic acid, which is thought to generate hazardous vapors, has earned its accolades for being environmentally friendly. You may start cooking right away because it doesn’t need any seasoning.

Ceramic pieces is also non-reactive to food since it is non-porous. This makes it fantastic if you frequently prepare acidic foods like tomatoes because it won’t degrade the fabric. Additionally, there is no flavor transfer.

If you need something adaptable to get you through short weeknight dinners to more celebratory dishes on the weekends, ceramic cookware is a useful item to have in the kitchen. It is non-stick, making it a helpful tool for regular cooking and cleanup! Check out our shopping guide, which includes our picks for the top 10 items, to learn what to look for when purchasing your very own ceramic cookware. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to remove troublesome food stains.

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Deko PH

Fans of minimalism, rejoice! Deko wants to win your heart with their minimalist yet beautiful designs. While Deko tends to favor simple design, owner Beatrice Dacara says the company “follows no rule book—whatever looks aesthetically attractive and is useful, they will glady sell to their clients.”

That Crazy Plate Lady

That Crazy Plate Lady is a true cray collector of unique vintage ceramics, stoneware, and earthenware. You won’t regret stockpiling intricately printed blue and white plates that will make your merienda extremely Instagrammable.

Tone Studio

Hands up if you’re a color junkie! More items from Tone Studio are available to bring color into your homes and lives. Their practical yet distinctive vases and sculptures have us smitten.


In Dequoria’s conception of a fashionable home, repurposed dinnerware and ceramics are taken into account. Succulents can be placed in your bowls, saucers can be used as a trinket dish, etc. They have cool items that serve multiple purposes, making every purchase worthwhile.

Vintage Therapy

If you enjoy oriental-style settings, Vintage Therapy will surely fulfill your dreams. Additionally, they have modern plates that have been carefully chosen to complement your favorite old items.


You’ll adore Ureshii’s straightforward designs since they adhere to Japanese minimalism, which uses a “soft color palette with creams, whites, and wood tones that lets the eye to focus on what is essential: The intricacies of the item.”

Mira Maru Home

Pieces that you may easily incorporate into your house can be found in this one-woman shop. After all, Mira Maru, which means “beautiful togetherness,” allows customers to buy eccentric home decor that they would cherish and keep forever.

Here some local ceramic store you can buy the ceramic pieces

In the Philippines, ceramics have a long history. They were once employed as a form of trade payment before Chinese porcelain gradually replaced them.

Because of how much care a potter puts into it, even a basic dish or cup has great significance in the manufacturing process. Before being burned in a kiln (a high temperature oven for making pottery), painted, and glazed, each item must be painstakingly created using a blend of clay, earthy materials, powders, and water.

Local makers and collectors have recently started raising their visibility on Instagram and other internet platforms in an effort to revive interest in ceramic artwork.

Here, we’ve rounded together a few shops that sell contemporary and unusual pieces that are ideal for your houses


The name, pronounced “noo-kuh,” is given by the proprietors as a lifestyle shop for contemporary nesting essentials. Unique ceramic vases and dishes with asymmetrical shapes can be found in Nooke’s “discovered” collection of old goods. Additionally, they provide contemporary home furnishings like mirrors and wooden garment racks. The pieces are scarce, therefore it’s wise to stick with them to avoid missing any of the great content.

Hey Kessy pottery

Why not have them specially produced if you can’t seem to locate anything that suits your taste? You can select your own shapes and colors to create your own plates and other ceramic items at Hey Kessy, an arts and crafts retailer. Additionally, they provide pottery workshops where you may learn how to create your own works. For questions, send an email to [email protected].


Bisq ceramics

With the assistance of a very small crew, potter Genavee Lazaro crafts each and every piece for Bisq by hand. Their product names are hilarious: On their website, handmade candy jars are listed under the “vices” category, while trinket dishes are referred to as “cookies” and soap dishes as “biscuits.”

Catchstar Ceramic Collections

The Instagram-based collector’s store Catchstar sells Japanese-imported ceramic cookware and tableware. As it carries genuine teacups, teapots, and sushi plates, it’s a fantastic place to browse if you’re searching for pieces to round out your collection of Japanese tableware.

Common Room PH

Iori Espiritu, a ceramic artist and illustrator, creates painted ceramics that are perfect if you want bold, wacky designs and color schemes. Since Espiritu is taking a break from accepting online purchases, you can try visiting one of Common Room’s actual stores to purchase one of her limited-edition pieces.

Best ceramic cookware in the Philippines brings out an “old world” but homier vibe that is perfect to every Bria Homes. Filipinos who buy Bria Homes in an affordable house and lot consider ceramic pieces as an investment in their kitchen-dinner because of its durability and its complete non-reactive made without any harmful chemical.

If you want to know more on how to beautify your home you can also visit Different Types of Upholstered Furniture and Essential Pots and Pans for Your Kitchen at BRIA Homes, your home of choice.

Written by Raiza T. Gumarang