BRIA Trece Martires Set for Strong Property Appreciation

Like many megacities, a booming population coupled with non-stop development made Metro Manila the property hotspot of the Philippines for much of the latter 20th century. Today, however, the metropolis is showing a decrease in population growth.

This is just one indication of Metro Manila’s declining appeal for investors and homeowners alike. After decades of rapid industrialization and continuous immigration of people from the country’s far-flung provinces, Metro Manila is finally buckling under the weight of over 12 million people packed in just 42.88 square kilometers. The Metro’s heavy traffic, increasingly expensive standard of living, and urban pollution are only some of the common complaints from its residents.

Needless to say, the socio-economic situation has begun to seep into the real estate market, with experts and analysts predicting an eventual sharp decline in the demand for Metro Manila properties.

In contrast, the Greater Manila Area provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal are seeing a rapid rise similar to that experienced in the Metro’s earlier days. Infrastructure upgrades and private developments have helped catalyze the progress in these regions. Their continuous growth in all metrics, such as population, economy, and infrastructure development, can only spell good things for real estate in the area.

As one of the country’s top developers, the expansion of BRIA Homes in Trece Martires, Cavite, represents a golden opportunity for investors and homebuyers alike to capitalize on the advancements in Greater Manila.

BRIA’s residential villages, which offer some of the most modern amenities available in the country today, combined with Cavite’s ideal suburban-like location, makes BRIA Trece Martires an irresistible find for those who hope to get away from the stresses of Metro Manila without losing the conveniences of an urban lifestyle.

With its impressive industrial developments, superior infrastructure, and easy access to the capital city, Cavite remains one of the most attractive choices for those who aim to settle in Greater Manila. Unlike the more distant provinces, Cavite’s close proximity to Metro Manila makes a daily commute viable for Metro-based workers or even students.

it should them come as no surprise that many real estate experts are recommending Cavite properties for home seekers prowling the Philippine real estate market.

“Aside from being a strong draw for both investors as well as aspiring homebuyers, BRIA Trece Martires is also an example of BRIA’s earnest efforts in helping decongest the metro and optimize the Philippine housing market,” BRIA’s Division Head Ed T. Aguilar asserts. “BRIA hopes to encourage more Filipinos to move away from the country’s over-developed areas by presenting high-quality housing options like those in BRIA Trece Martires.”

Indeed, Aguilar is confident about continuous property appreciation in Cavite, a trend that is expected to outpace anything Metro Manila can offer. Thus, residential properties in the province, such as the housing units currently being offered by BRIA Trece Martires for occupancy and pre-selling, should definitely be on the selling block before value appreciation happens.”

Interested homebuyers can immerse themselves through BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours in and inquire online through our Facebook page at They can also reserve a house online through this link.




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