Bria Homes’ winning formula resonates with ordinary Filipinos

Phil Star news

In the Philippines, were real estate sales and property development continues to thrive, Bria Homes is shaping up to be the fastest-growing in the Philippines. Working to address a serious backlog of affordable housing in the country, Bria Homes now provides everyday Filipinos the opportunity of acquiring their own homes for prices as low as P1,897 per month.

Its winning formula – affordability and superior quality – appeals to a vast market of aspiring homeowners: from blue collar workers to young professionals, Business Process Outsourcing employees to new entrepreneurs, and young married couples to small families.

As a subsidiary of Golden Bria Holdings Inc., tagged as the third largest real-estate enterprise nationwide with a market capitalization valued at more than P200 billion, Bria Homes is able to reinforce its leadership in the field. It now touts more than 50 housing projects – spread on more than 700 hectares of land – in over 40 of the Philippines’ towns and cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Bria Homes is not just a provider of affordable housing, the company likewise offers stylish good-quality homes in communities that are conveniently close to commercial, entertainment and retail destinations.

Bria Homes’ residents also enjoy a variety of amenities such as retail outlets, covered basketball courts, venues for events and recreational activities, and play areas for children.

Retrieved from: The Philippine Star (Business); May 13, 2019