Bria House and Lot: Bria Homes Customer Care Head Lei Surco Enumerates Customer Service Trends To Expect Post-Pandemic

post-pandemic customer care

Businesses adapting to the post-pandemic scene is something everyone is starting to prepare for little by little. Temporary changes made permanent, improvements widely sought, everything has changed. With that, Bria Homes’ Customer Care Head, Ms. Lorelei Surco shares her knowledge on what the post-pandemic customer care looks like. 

What the Post-Pandemic Customer Care Looks like

With the continuous drive in mass vaccination and herd immunity, the worldwide economy is looking forward to going back to how the days were before the pandemic. In the Philippines, it is evident that people are now embracing the outdoor lifestyle once again. The increasing number of people flocking to malls and other tourist destinations, and pre-pandemic traffic again in EDSA are just some of the many things people are now doing again despite the presence of COVID. 

These things have given hope to the economy that soon enough, businesses and economic growth will start flourishing even when COVID 19 is around. To prepare for this, businesses are also planning to develop more improved customer care that will satisfy the needs of the people. 

Bria Homes, one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines that provides best-value housing for the ordinary Filipino people is also a superior provider of customer service with the help of the Customer care Head, Ms. Lorelei Surco. Let’s read on as she shares her key takeaways on how she continues to ensure excellent customer service and client care in the company. 

1. Everyone is your client      

In Bria Homes, each and every one of the employees treats other people as if they are their clients. Just because one is not working in sales or not dealing with selling and buying from clients, does not mean they’re exempted from giving customer care. 

Bria Homes’ management and employees ensure that everyone they’re frequently transacting with – colleagues, suppliers, and clients are well-taken care of and treated with utmost respect and attention. 

This method is a way for Bria Homes in redefining customer care. 

2. Cost Consciousness

Cost consciousness is part of Bria Home’s core values. To be able to provide better service without splurging, the company embodies cost consciousness within and outside the company. This means the company really looks out for their spending and of their customers too. 

We’re developing ways as to which consumers will feel the most convenient without having to spend a large amount of money. It is part of our plans in preparing for the post-pandemic customer care.

Bria Home’s house and Lots and condominiums too are cost consciously achievable to those who would start to save and invest in real estate. By doing this, the company is able to reach more and serve more people locally and internationally with the help of our kababayans.

3. Implementing Health and Safety Policies

The impact of coronavirus made hygiene and sanitation top priorities as a means of stopping the spread. Promoting frequent hand washing, social distancing, and carrying alcohol have been one of our most frequent practices due to the scare of getting the virus especially when we’re outside. Lack of use and implementation of these actions result in paranoia in some people. 

As these practices became necessities for all of us, establishments, both private and public started providing and implementing mandatory sanitation and placing alcohol and fogging sprays to serve their customers and clients better. 

Bria Homes too has been one of those companies that provide comfort to clients who would be transacting in its offices and interacting with Bria Homes’ personnel by implementing social distancing, sanitation, and even vaccination drives in all its employees. 

Nowadays, getting your employees vaccinated is something that businesses can brag about to customers as some people prefer to transact and be around those who are already vaccinated. 

4. Utmost convenience and accessibility

All that businesses have before the pandemic has been wiped out as some went back to zero and needed to come back up again piece by piece. But, amidst the appalling events, both negative and positive outcomes were felt. 

Bria Homes took this opportunity to improve what was thought to be already great – before. But the company came to the realization that we can provide better customer care due to the recent events.

That is why Bria Homes has been one of the pioneer companies that lead digitalization in real estate. Through aggressive digital marketing efforts, digital customer care, Bria Homes has reached more people virtually. 

Not only that, the company still continues to think and develop ways to improve its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to satisfy both employees and clients. With CRM’s planned developments, Bria Homes hope to respond to clients quickly online. 

Aside from that, Bria Homes continues to partner with merchants that will make their transactions easier and more convenient both online and offline. Making customer care always available is also one of the companies’ top priorities to help address clients’ concerns. 


Customer service has altered dramatically as a result of the pandemic, with Bria emphasizing empathy and human relationships. This can range from asking how clients are doing to slowing down complex transactions to walk consumers through step-by-step instructions. Customers want to feel like they are a part of the family, so we aim to make them feel like they are. 

Bria Homes is an innovative company that always looks forward to developing and improving its products and services. With all that is mentioned above, Ms. Lorelei Surco, Head of Customer Care in Bria Homes is looking forward to satisfying client needs and providing incomparable care. 

Affordable House and Lots

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Written by Kathryne Mae R. Beldad