BRIA Homes continues to help drive economic growth in the Philippines

bria Homes help economic growth

It has been stated often enough that throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Philippine real estate did not suffer serious disruptions as some might have anticipated. Homebuilders continue to report significant increases in sales, affirming the notion that whatever economic forces are at work, consumers will always have a basic need for shelter. This, plus the long-held dream of every Filipino to own a home, will continue to fuel the demand for viable housing nationwide.

The ensuing expansion in real estate construction projects has one undeniably positive outcome: it provides widespread employment—for both skilled and unskilled workers—and creates a demand for housing materials and related services. It also generates multiplier effects in terms of steady employment in the manufacturing sector.

This is supported by data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), which shows that there was a 114.1 percent increase in construction projects in the second quarter of 2021. Property consultancy firm Colliers adds that completed and ongoing public infrastructures are likewise pushing developers to build even more master-planned communities outside Metro Manila, thereby encouraging economic growth.

At the forefront of all these is leading real estate developer BRIA Homes, which continues to launch housing projects in key towns and cities in the Philippines. Indeed, BRIA resolutely addresses Filipinos’ aspirations for spacious and well-designed contemporary homes in over 50 residential communities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Future BRIA homeowners are primed to enjoy convenience and access to essential destinations such as schools, hospitals, malls, groceries, banks, and pharmacies. As for mobility, BRIA communities are located close to major road networks and highways.

Amenities-wise, BRIA developments feature jogging paths and wide-open green spaces, while recreational facilities like basketball courts and multi-purpose halls spur residents to pursue friendly community ties. Security within the property is ensured with 24-hour CCTV coverage, guarded entrances and exits, perimeter fences, and solar lighting at night.

Because BRIA aims to provide the best quality of life for Filipinos, communities boast Internet-ready homes and digital access to an efficient property management team. BRIA also offers digital services such as cashless transactions via e-wallets and online payments through partner banks.

To date, BRIA Homes remains a trusted and reliable real estate developer for many Filipinos–building value-for-money house-and-lot units and condominiums that attract young, single professionals, starting families, entrepreneurs and property investors.

“We are more than happy to offer a wide range of housing options for all Filipinos, especially now that individuals and families are realizing the value of owning a safe, secure, and stable home, says BRIA Homes Division Head Eduardo T. Aguilar. “Of course, we are also gratified to know that BRIA’s expansive product portfolio helps drive economic growth across the country.”

Aguilar further assures Filipinos that BRIA will continue to upgrade its services and develop more communities to provide livable, well-designed homes in more areas nationwide.


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