BRIA Homes Capitalizes on Bulacan’s Strong Market and Economic Growth

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The northern portion of the Greater Manila Area is perhaps some of the most underrated sectors in the Philippine real estate market. Residential developments in the northern tip of Rizal and the south of Bulacan, are deemed by some home seekers as too close to Metro Manila and its urban woes: air and noise pollution and vehicular traffic. Others bemoan their lack of provincial charm.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, Bulacan reveals an allure that homebuyers have long missed out on. For one, the province is host to diverse tourist draws that include old cathedrals and churches, historic sites, folksy festivals, natural and manmade attractions. Bikers and sightseers can revel in picturesque views of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the vast plains of Luzon. Outdoorsy people can also explore Bulacan’s selection of mountains, caves, rivers, and nature reserves—each offering treks for both beginners and seasoned adventurers.

On the flipside, Bulacan also boasts urban conveniences, with further development ensured by the government’s ongoing infrastructure program. Small wonder, then, that property developers are setting their sights on Bulacan.

Among the major players is BRIA Homes, one of the country’s top providers of affordable housing, which is currently offering house and lot units—ranging from value to premium—in strategic locations in Bulacan. This attests to the province’s increasing potential for accelerated economic growth and property appreciation.

Accessible Viable House and Lots in Bulacan

Filipinos who visualize themselves enjoying a tranquil family life in the “suburbs” north of the metro can stop looking and check out BRIA Homes in Bulacan through this link.

Of course, prospective residents of BRIA Homes should know about Bulacan’s large number of malls, hospitals, and schools that are easily accessible through public transport. Traveling to the big cities will likewise be a breeze, with the expressways like NLEX and SCTEX allowing for reasonable travel times. Ongoing developments, like MRT’s Line 7 and the New Manila International Airport, only show even greater promise for Bulacan’s future connectedness.

Bria Division Head Margarita Romero affirms this, saying, “In choosing locations, we do not only consider their advantages for homebuyers and investors but also for the property market as a whole. For Bulacan, offering a variety of housing options will serve to support its rise from a metro satellite to a bona fide development district.”

Interested homebuyers can immerse themselves through BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours and inquire online through our Facebook page. They can also reserve a house online through here.


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