Effectively Remove Glass Bottle Labels with this Guide

Recycled glass bottles without label

There is nothing more important today than contributing to making the world more sustainable. Such change is noble and the first step toward it starts from our very own home. For example, recycling is the act of actively repurposing or altering the features of an already used product to extend its life span and not be put to waste. In our households, recycling glass bottles are perhaps one of the most significant ways to reduce our waste. According to the World Wildlife Fund, there are advantages of recycling glass bottles and some of these are:

  • A repurposed glass reduces air by 20% while related water pollution as high as 50%
  • Recycling glass frees us more space in landfills for proper waste management
  • Glass objects and residue would not serve as a hazard in landfills and bins.

From this information, there is no denying that glass recycling can do wonders for the environment. Thus, as a way to encourage everyone to recycle their bottles, BRIA Homes is here to provide you with pointers and instructions on how to remove labels from a glass bottle. Let’s face it, removing labels from glass bottles can be somewhat of a drag especially if you have a couple of glass bottles that need their label removed. One cannot explain the sheer frustration one has to face just to peel off that label properly. We hope that by following these instructions you’ll get pure satisfaction from completely peeling off that label. If you want to learn more about other ways to recycle, you may want to read the article below:

The Classic Method of Removing Labels from Glass Bottles

1. Boil Water or get a large bowl of water

This is the foundational step for every people wanting to remove the label off glass bottles. What you need to do is simply soak the bottle in hot water to soften up the paper and be able to peel it off. To further strengthen this step, you may also add a tablespoon of dish soap and a half cup of vinegar.

2. Put the glass bottles for a half-hour

Submerging the glass bottles would not only help you peel the paper off but dissolve the glue that was used for the label. By dissolving the glue, you will be able to simply peel or scrape off the label with ease. In addition, paper residues are less likely to stick to the jar.

3. Remove glass bottles, cool them down, and remove labels

Now for the most satisfying part, removing glass labels! Make sure to cool down the bottle enough for you to handle it properly. You may also get a scraper so you can easily remove it together with the sticky glue residues that did not dissolve. Another tool that you can use is the scourer side of the sponge, do not try to use a steel scourer because residues would tend to stick to them.

4. Removing remaining residues

In case you are having a hard time removing the remaining glue residues, you might need to get a mixture of baking soda and cooking oil. This mixture is best left for about 30 minutes to really dampen the glue residue. After 30 minutes, you may again start scraping in the sticky areas of the bottle. Make sure to only use a proper amount of oil so that the glass would not be oily after. You may also damp a towel with oil and directly scrub the residue with a towel.

5. Wash and Dry

After completing these steps, properly wash your bottles with dish soap to remove the smell of the glue and your solution. Left the bottle for some time until it’s completely dried. We recommend that you leave the glass in direct sunlight for about a day to remove any strong smells from the bottle. After that, you can now enjoy your recycled glass!

If you want to find out other ways to a more sustainable home, take time to read this article!

Other Ingredients and Methods that you can use in removing glass bottle labels:

1. Alcohol

A high percentage of alcohol may also do the trick if you do not like to work with oils. Just simply follow the steps and substitute ethyl and isopropanol alcohols or with a nail polish remover.

2. White Vinegar

White Vinegar is also helpful for these types of situations. However, you might have some problems with the strong smell it might leave in the jar after everything is done.

3. Freezer or Ice Water

Essentially, putting your glass jar into extreme temperatures is the key to removing the glass labels. Thus, putting your bottles into a freezer or soaking them overnight in a bowl of ice water may also work! Although you might still need to follow certain instructions especially if some residues were left in the bottle.

4. You can leave the labels off

You can simply leave the labels off if you feel that it is tedious to remove labels from glass bottles. This is actually quite acceptable especially if the design of the label really adds or helps pop the bottle you are planning to recycle. However, after a while, surely that label would surely get all ragged, so make sure to be ready when that time comes by following these steps.    

Things you can do to your new glass bottle

One reason why glass bottles are so fun to keep is because of their flexibility and the aesthetic that they bring to your home. Here are some things you can do to a recycled bottle:

1. Pen Holder

Glass bottles are the perfect pen holder! They are sturdy and would keep your desk and workspace organized. Furthermore, the transparency of the bottle makes it the perfect pen holder for any workspace design that you have!

2. Jar of Letters

You may put several letters that you can give to your significant other, or letters you can keep to yourself. You may also use it as a dispensary of daily reminders and motivational lessons that you can read at any time! Glass bottles are low maintenance (you can just clean them once in a while), but they will surely last for a long time!

3. Sell them as a product!

There are already a lot of people doing this on the internet. It is beautiful to think that working with glass bottles not only helps the environment but is also profitable for you too!

Now, there is no doubt that glass bottles can really do wonders. Of course, such wonder would only start through the simple method of removing its labels, after that, your possibilities for using glass bottles are endless! We hope that by providing you with these methods, you yourself can start doing sustainable things and do your part to save our home! Such sustainability is actually also the mission of Bria Homes, they are known to utilize an  environment-friendly system, read below to learn more:       

As you can see, Bria Homes are not only sustainable but are also primed in providing affordable housing or condominium for every Filipino family. By supporting them, you not only provided yourself with a comfortable and liveable household but also contributed to saving our planet by supporting environment-friendly and sustainable homes! Make sure to check out their website at www.bria.com.ph.

Written by AJ Caputolan