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The Christmas season is fast approaching! It is evident from the many lights that were adoring the streets and houses, the playing of Christmas songs, and the preparations of many Filipinos for this much-awaited event. It is certainly one of the most awaited seasons in the Philippines, and many Filipinos were looking forward to its celebration as it comes with all the exchange of gifts, parties, reunions, and bonuses! However, the cherry on top of this celebration is the long and relaxing vacation that you will get for celebrating the holidays. Indeed, Christmas is a perfect season to spend time traveling alone or with your loved ones. It is the ideal opportunity to go out and take different sceneries. There is no better way to celebrate the season in some of the best Christmas destinations in the Philippines. Bria Homes is with you on that idea as we present to you the best places to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. Nothing can compare to the Filipino celebration of Christmas, and this is evident as we boast only the best Christmas destinations in the Philippines. However, if you want to be free of hassle for the sheer number of visitors and tourists during Christmas, you may also read this article below that speaks for destinations during the -ber months.

The best places to celebrate Christmas in the country can be found all across the islands, and we carefully picked these destinations to give you a more fulfilling holiday experience. Every place is unique in itself as it also boasts its rich tradition and culture. In addition, it also highlights top attractions, seasonal events, and December weather, so make sure to include or consider the following on your bucket list for this coming season!


The Province of Pampanga is more than meets the eye. The province not only serves the best-tasting dishes but here you can also find giant lanterns adorned with colorful motifs and dazzling lights. The City of San Fernando annually held a contest for its lanterns through the Ligligan Parul, widely known as the Giant Lantern Festival, in mid-December. The lantern industry of the whole province is very much alive thanks to this venture. Many locals flock to Pampanga not only to witness the event but also to bring home beautiful lanterns to be displayed in their own homes. It is not known to many that apart from the province’s title as the “Food Capital of the Philippines,” it is also the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines,” if you are interested in learning more about it, take a look at the article below.

Furthermore, to make the experience more magical, we also suggest that you should try some of the most mouthwatering delicacies of Pampanga. You can choose from a wide range of dishes like Sisig, Tibuk-tibuk, Buro, and their Tocino! You may also try here the seasonal Christmas treats like the Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. The province is also home to some of the marvelous Baroque Churches in the Philippines that have stood since the Spanish era. Here you may attend the traditional Simbang Gabi or the Christmas Midnight Mass. Pampanga is also an hour away from Manila which saves you a lot of time and also budget. If there is any place that you are considering to visit this holiday, we strongly suggest Pampanga, as it is arguably the best Christmas destination in the Philippines


Another best place to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines is in Baguio City. Although the City of Pines is a preferred destination during the scorching heat of summer, you may also equally want to visit here during December! The cool breeze and peaceful ambiance are certainly something to crave during your vacation, and Baguio can certainly provide you with that experience. Of course, you may first want to visit the Baguio Country Club Christmas Village, a place that fully immerses and lets you embrace the Christmas spirit further. Then at night, you can head off to the Baguio Night Market, where you can find a lot of cheap items that are of high quality and are perfect for serving as a gift for your loved ones. If you hope to spend much of the holiday here, you can go to Simbang Gabi and Christmas Mass in the historic Baguio Cathedral.

However, it does not stop here, for Baguio has a lot to offer in terms of attractions. It is the best time to visit La Trinidad, Benguet, because the strawberry-picking season spans from November to February, and you can bring home a pack full of freshly picked strawberries to be used for your Noche Buena or Media Noche! You can also go anytime to Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Burnham Park, The Mansion, Camp John Hay, and BenCab Museum. Baguio City is the best place to recharge, rest, and take a breath of fresh air before you go back to your daily duties.


Tagaytay is another place to visit if you really want to experience the cool breeze but prefers a more budget-friendly trip; Tagaytay is the perfect destination for you. The city is not that far from the capital, and it is only a two-hour drive. It offers almost the same experience as Baguio’s, especially if you visit the Christmas Village and Trail of Lights in Crosswind Tagaytay. It also boasts delicacies and foods which are best served hot, like its Bulalo, which will surely relieve you of the chills brought by the cold winds. The city also has the most breathtaking view of Taal Volcano.

There are also a lot of places you can visit in Tagaytay, like the Skyranch, where you can gaze at the Taal Volcano in full splendor. Other attractions include Palace in the Sky, Picnic Grove, Museo Orlina, and Caleruega Church.


Nuvali serves as the gateway for people in Manila who wants to visit Tagaytay. Thus, it is impossible for you to miss this destination. The place is slowly putting itself on the map after undergoing several developments in recent years. Its main attraction lies in its Fountain of Lights show. It also has three different Christmas events: 1) Parol ng Pasko, 2) Philippine Biodiversity / BIOLUMINISCIENCE, and 3) Constellation. On top of that, there are also a lot of different outdoor activities you can enjoy, and you may also visit the Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park, which is also less than 30 mins. away from Nuvali.


This destination, on the other hand, is for those who are living outside the metro. The capital is also a worthy Christmas destination due to the many attractions in the different parts of Manila. Most of the attractions are much more special, especially since they are making a comeback after years of being impeded by the COVID-19 Pandemic. For example, the Festival of Lights in Ayala Triangle Gardens had just opened in the past weeks. Another is the much-awaited return of the UST Paskuhan Concert for Thomasian Students. The Bonifacio Global City in Taguig has also opened its own Christmas attractions. To add, Manila’s timeless legacy in its Churches are also worthy of a visit for your Simbang Gabi. Holidays are always the best time to visit the metro because it is hassle-free, having none of its normal hustle and bustle activities, and many locals would retreat from their provinces.


For those who want to go farther, Tangub City’s Christmas displays are a must-visit destination. The city is donned with the title of “Christmas Symbol Capital of the Philippines,” and for a good reason. The city plaza is always adorned with mesmerizing lights and displays inspired by the many attractions around the world. You may also satisfy your wanderlust in Tangub’s tourist destinations, such as Panquil Bay and Memorial Hill.


We hope that you are satisfied with our suggestions for the best Christmas destinations in the Philippines and have marked it as one of the places to visit for this upcoming Christmas! We assure you that going into these locations for Christmas would make you want to look forward to the next holiday season!

To us Filipinos, Christmas is the one time when we can all get together and celebrate, which is why a lot of preparations and planning should be needed. Bria Homes also has some suggestions on how you can celebrate the season in true Filipino fashion. You may access it by referring to the article below.

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