Areas in Your Home That Might Need a Deep Clean

Vacuuming the pillows for deep cleaning

We all know that cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. Deep cleaning is a special kind of cleaning that goes beyond surface hygiene and takes care of nooks and crannies. Read this article to find out more about deep cleaning and the areas in your home that might need it.

Why is a clean house important?

Putting away first impressions, the key factor contributing to the importance of maintaining a clean home is health. Your living environment and your family’s health are immediately impacted by whatever is happening in your home. One of your main objectives should be cleaning the house.

Cleaning on a regular basis can help you avoid getting sick, or having allergies or asthma attacks. If you have dogs, regular cleaning is essential since the pet dander that is constantly floating around is a problem just waiting to arise. Mold and dust mites can completely destroy an immune system.

Cleaning removes germs along with filth and dust, improving the quality of the air inside the home and leaving a fresh scent in its wake. Since they are among the germiest rooms in any home, the kitchen and bathroom typically require extra care. Another key reason why you should maintain order and cleanliness in your home is the risk of tripping or residents hurting themselves accidentally if there is an excessive amount of clutter. Children are particularly at risk from this. Deep cleaning at home can ensure that bacteria and viruses will be removed not just on the surface of things.

The following tools may be useful in cleaning your home:

Setting up a system aids in maintaining a few buckets placed underneath the sink. For quick access, place the following in a bucket or container:

  • scrub pad scrub brush
  • dish soap
  • disinfecting spray

Keep a spray bottle on hand that is filled with a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. You may recycle worn-out clothes for cleaning.

11 Quick and Simple House Cleaning Tips for You

1. Clean the entire house, not just a single room.

Instead of cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, it is far more effective to choose one task (such as dusting, vacuuming, or mopping) and do it in every room of the house. By doing it that way, you won’t experience the feeling of being stuck in a never-ending cleaning cycle where you keep starting the same work.

2. Put all of your cleaning equipment in a caddy.

Having everything you need for cleaning in one portable location, whether it be a caddy, bucket, or tote, makes the task much simpler. While cleaning, you won’t have to spend time looking for tools, and you won’t have to worry about collecting them before your next round.

3. Eliminate clutter.

Go from room to room and clear the clutter before you even begin the cleaning. Consider whether you should put each item away, dump it, or donate it as you pick it up, including periodicals, well-read paperbacks, and worn-out sneakers.

4. Vacuuming and dust

Make sure all ceiling fans are off before you begin dusting. Dust furniture’s tops and the undersides of shelves, as well as handrails, picture frames, trinkets, and TV screens. Tie a microfiber cloth to the end of a mop or broom for difficult-to-reach places like blinds and upper shelves. Before you vacuum, change the linens in the bedrooms.

5. Clean windows and mirrors.

To clean all the mirrors and glass surfaces, use one moist microfiber cloth and one dry cloth.

6. Surfaces and counters should be cleaned.

Go through your home and wipe down all of the hard surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes, cabinets, worktops, appliances, and telephones. Some of those surfaces need to be cleaned, especially the ones that might come into contact with people’s faces and fingers. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white or apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water to create a non-toxic disinfecting solution.

7. Concentrate on toilets, sinks, and baths.

Before cleaning the bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets, spray cleanser on the kitchen sink. So that the cleaner has time to remove grime and stains, let it sit for a while. Then go back to the kitchen and begin cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the microwave’s interior. Clean bathrooms come last.

8. Sweeping and mopping

Clean the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. Avoid mopping yourself into a corner by beginning at the farthest corner of the room and working your way back toward the doorway. Every time you finish a 4-by-4-foot space, rinse the mop.

9. Move around while vacuuming.

When vacuuming, don’t worry about getting into every nook and corner. Simply proceed through the house, using the vacuum in each carpeted room in a single pass.

10. Remember to regularly wash your cleaning supplies.

Maintaining your cleaning supplies is a step that is frequently skipped when cleaning the house. It is far less efficient to clean with a dirty mop or a vacuum that has a full bag, and you’ll wind up cleaning for longer.

11. Make scrubbing a communal endeavor.

One of the easiest methods to clean a house quickly is to make cleaning a team activity. With your family, set a time in advance and allocate jobs to each member. Cleaning may be made more enjoyable by working together, and your home will be spotless in no time.

Thing in these 5 Areas of your home that might need a deep clean

1. Kitchen

Most people finish their day by sweeping the floors, cleaning the dishes, and organizing the counters. It takes a little more time to complete the kitchen’s deep cleaning checklist:

  • Refrigerator-inside and out
  • Dishwasher-inside and out
  • Microwave oven-inside cleaned out
  • Oven – top of the range as well as inside

Before you deep clean your oven, read the owner’s manual. Chemical cleansers can damage some ovens. Before cleaning, take everything out of the oven, including the racks.

2. Bathroom

Since bacteria thrive in bathrooms, thorough cleaning is especially crucial. Wash the sink and scrub the toilet bowl for a quick clean. The bathroom’s deep cleaning checklist is simpler than the kitchen’s:

  • Inside and out of the shower curtain
  • Grout – in the shower and on countertops as needed
  • The entire toilet system

Shower curtains have mold on them. If you have a shower curtain that can be washed in a washing machine, wash it on high. Consider replacing it every few months if it’s plastic.

Spraying your shower curtain with a 1:1 vinegar and water solution a few times per week will extend its lifespan. Nobody enjoys cleaning grout. But keeping mold at bay requires deep cleaning of the grout twice a year. Don’t just swish cleaning solution over the toilet bowl. Scrub everything thoroughly from top to bottom, inside and out.

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3. Windows and Blinds

Although difficult to maintain, blinds and windows should be cleaned twice a year. The best dusting method is wet. Each blind slat can be cleaned by wiping it down with a towel dipped in the vinegar and water solution.

Even for windows, vinegar works wonders. Dry them with newspaper that has been crushed to make them sparkle.

4. Baseboards

It’s a simple task that most people overlook. Along the baseboards, mist vinegar and water, then use an old rag to collect the dust. Easy!

5. Bedding

A few times a year, wash every piece of bedding you have, not just the sheets. Wash the mattress cover, comforter, and pillows. Using hot water This prevents the buildup of dust mites.

5 areas in your home that need to be kept clean

Everybody is putting themselves first at the start of the year, and as a result, we are all developing as people. Starting over means striving for a cleaner home along with becoming the best versions of ourselves. Your living environment is a reflection of who you are, and how you maintain it shows how you live, whether you spend hours organizing the accessories on top of your bed or only a few seconds tossing dirty items behind it (because, obviously, no one ever looks there). Here are five areas of your home that need cleaning this month in order to keep up with your lifestyle changes.

1. Trash Cans

The secret to garbage cans is that they aren’t designed to hold filth; rather, they are only utilized to hold filth. Although cleaning this may seem absurd, the garbage that spills out of the bag or entirely misses it and ends up decomposing at the bottom of the trash can may be the source of your odorous waste. Although it’s not the most enjoyable task, it must be completed for hygiene reasons. Pick up your trash can, add some dishwasher soap (or bleach), soak it in water, rinse it, and take pleasure in knowing that both your trash can and your house are now clean.

2. Pillows(all kinds)

Pillows are the coziest component of your couch, so they should probably be cleaned the most. You can’t stop how much you use them, from sleeping on them after a late night at the bars to resting your feet on them after a long day at work, but you can manage how frequently you clean them. Pillows can be cleaned using a variety of techniques, most of which rely on the material of the cushion. Some covers can be machine-washed, but others, like those made of wool, velvet, or silk, should be professionally dry-cleaned. Your throw pillows will be as clean as they are in good shape if you follow these suggestions.

3. Door frames

Regardless of the size of your space, you probably utilize at least one or two doors every day, such as the closet door in your room or the bathroom door down the hall. These doors accumulate dust, scuff marks, and random handprints—probably from your newborn nephew, but who’s keeping score? The simple answer? Make sure to wipe the top of the door after using a feather duster to eliminate dust, and use a rag to erase any imperfections. You’ll not only feel better after doing this, but your doors will also appear brand new.

4. Remote Control

Our remote control is the one item (apart from a slice of pizza) that we adore reaching for because it is the most underutilized (yet always used) component of every entertainment area. While greasy fingerprints and puppy slobber may not be the end of the world, they are the cause of a remote control that is contaminated with germs. Remove the batteries and clean the remote with a solution of dish soap and water to remedy the condition. Always keep in mind that the little things add up, and maintaining this device is one of them.

5. Curtains

Yes, we’re referring to your lovely curtains, which trap all the light (and dust mites) you could ever need. Your curtains add character to a space as the finishing touch for every window and should be cleaned to enhance that effect. Be aware that there are additional options besides merely machine washing your curtains, such as hand cleaning and expert dry cleaning. While you are free to choose how to clean your curtains, the end effect will have your room glistening and your visitors complementing you.

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Written by Raiza T. Gumarang