Affordable House and Lot: Pilipinas Pasko na at Bria Homes


Celebrate a merrier Christmas with Bria Homes with its Pilipinas, Pasko na fun gifts and Prizes!

Christmas Day is renowned to be the most anticipated holiday in the Philippines. Traditions and colorful decorations surround every corner of many streets and cities in the Philippines as the “Ber Months” drop every year. It is where the Filipinos are set to celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world.

The phenomenon of “Ber Months” began with radio and TV stations playing Christmas music, selling of Christmas decorations like mini-lights and star-shaped lanterns or “parol”, and Christmas caroling which is similar to a traditional trick-or-treat where children will go house-to-house to sing Christmas songs in exchange for some coins or candies. 

Most of the cities and municipalities transformed into a very happy place as Christmas lights cover up some trees or posts. And the most familiar tradition are the Christmas trees that can be found in every home, even in the lobbies of many offices, malls, and hotels.  

Some might ask, “Why that long?” According to the Culture Trip, the explanation for this lies in the family-centric values of Filipino society, with Christmas being the time families reunite. It is expected that Filipinos should spend Christmas with their families, often going home to their respective hometowns. With many Filipinos living outside the country as foreign workers or as immigrants, as well as those working in other cities, the long Christmas season is an anticipation of families getting back together. Filipinos take “Home for Christmas” seriously.

In addition to that, the long Christmas season gives Filipinos enough time to prepare for how they will be spending their Christmas vacation, from booking their flights to working overtime to save more money for Christmas gifts. Most of all, the long Christmas sets the mood for giving, charity, and love for one another that will climax on the dinner table during the festive Noche Buena on Christmas Eve.

In this new normal, how do Filipinos celebrate Christmas?

Quite a question, but Filipinos are more sentimental and celebrates the Christmas season in simplicity. And with Bria Homes, Yuletide season is celebrated simply by doing what Bria does best — giving everyone a reason to keep you smiling.

This year, Bria Homes “May Ngiti Ngayong Pasko sa Bria” campaign gives us many different feels for this season with three (3) heartfelt presentations and indulging activities for the countdown to the day of Christmas:

1. Celebrating Christmas Traditions Photo Contest

In this activity, contestants will feature the “Filipino way” of celebrating Christmas and Christmas traditions that are unique in the Philippines. These are express in a single photograph. 

Visit Bria Homes’ Facebook page for more details on their photo contest.

2. Inspirational Stories of Success

Real people, real stories. These true stories seem almost too good to be true. From love to loss, and from survival to unbelievable coincidences will be highlighted and inspire our fellow Filipinos.

3. Pilipinas, Pasko na!

Where would you find the most Christmas spirit in the world? Of course, only in the Philippines! Bria Homes will deliver a video showcasing the different region’s unique ways of celebrating Christmas.

In the Philippines, gift-giving during Christmas has been a traditional trait and with Bria Homes, we got you covered with the perfect gifts in this Yuletide season — a Bria Home.

Affordable House and Lots

These (4) four house models offered by Bria Homes comes in different have-it-all packages that suit your need in finding the best gift this Christmas: (1) Elena or Elyana Rowhouse, a Bungalow type with 22 to 24 square meter floor area and a minimum of 36-37 square meter lot area; (2) Bettina Select Townhouse is the only 2-storey complete package house with tile finished floors and two bedrooms ready; (3) Alecza Single Firewall or Duplex with 36 square meter floor area and the newest house model; (4) Thalia Single Firewall/Duplex with 45 square meter floor area are bungalow with 2 to 3 bedroom ready with tile finished floors. All are available in stylish contemporary look to every Bria Project nationwide.

Bria Homes is the fastest-growing housing developer in the nation and has more than 50 developments across 40 of the country’s most progressive municipalities and cities in the Philippines. With more than fifty (50) project developments and more than 25,000 houses built for the aspiring Filipino homeowners across the nation. 

It also aims to alleviate homelessness primarily with the five (5) Brand Pillars since its establishment: Affordable or Budget-Friendly Amortizations (Mura), Well-planned, Quality and Design Integrated Community (Maganda), Accessibility or Proximity to Commercial hubs, Transportations and etc. (Malapit sa Lahat), Customer-Oriented Service Experience (Mahusay na Serbisyo) and Proficient and Competent Construction Procedures (Mabilis).

Every Bria community comes with wide-open spaces and beautiful amenities such as Community Facility, Recreational Court, Parks and Playground, and Open Spaces. And in order to maintain a secured community, it is also surrounded by Perimeter Fence, a 24-hour Guard House with only one entrance and exit point.

Bria Homes aims to become Filipino’s Home of Choice as it ease and improve the quality of life and became a symbol of success.

Bria Homes had already welcomed thousands of Filipinos into their new Bria home and continues to welcome more until every Filipino has their own Bria home they deserve and will create a better life.

Aside from simply providing housing, the said developer aims to build and develop township-like communities achieving and improving every detail of the quality of life to every Filipino homeowners, especially in this coming Yuletide season.

Written by Jubee Veras