Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Vinyl for Floors

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Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using vinyl, we must first understand what vinyl is. Vinyl is any group of plastic made from resins to form such materials that can be used in home construction, electronics, automobiles, and other products for piping, siding, wires, and many others. Vinyl can also be used in your home flooring. It is a synthetic material made from plastic or polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It can stand the test of time with great durability and functionality. There are also various designs to imitate wood, stone, marble designs, and other luxury flooring materials at an affordable price.  

Advantages of using vinyl for your floors

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • There are peel and stick vinyl floorings that you easily do it yourself. All you have to do is prep your actual floor then pre-cut the vinyl according to the sizes that you need, peel off the adhesive cover then stick it to the floor. As for the maintenance, a damped mop or cloth is enough to clean it and keep it in its best condition.
  • Easy on your feet
  • Unlike the usual hard tiles and real wood, vinyl finishes consist of thin foam backing that offers you softer walking that is less stressful on your feet. It has more shock absorbent in nature compared to other types of floorings.
  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • One of the advantages of vinyl flooring is it is waterproof since it is made of plastic, it can bounce off water for easier cleaning. Stains are also easily removable due to their material content which makes them resistant.
  • Cheaper option
  • It is cheaper since it is just an imitation of the natural wood, marble, and others and also it is made of plastic which is way cheaper than the real materials.
  • Lots of design options
  • There are different types of vinyl flooring according to your need and design that you opt for. As mentioned above, there are a lot of vinyl design options available in the market.

Disadvantages of using vinyl for your flooring

  • Can easily puncture
  • One of its disadvantages is that it can be punctured by sharp objects or another heavy objects due to its material content. Thou it can be durable at most times; sharp objects can produce small holes that can create bigger holes in time.
  • Time-consuming
  • Since you can do it yourself and do not need a professional to do it but at some time, you can create mistakes and those adhesives can not be easily removed and you cannot make necessary corrections once you glued it already on the floor. It will be hard to remove to re-align it.
  • Does not have the same quality
  • It can be easily purchased in manufacturing stores and at some point, the quality of the vinyl items is not equally the same. Be sure to purchase your vinyl in your trusted home stores so you can easily ask for a replacement if you need to.
  • Discoloration
  • One of the disadvantages of using vinyl on your floor is it will discolor over time. Since the material and design are an imitation of real wood or marble and made with plastic, the quality is not top-notch. It can also be because of your cleaning mixtures that will deteriorate their quality. Be sure to make research on what cleaning styles and liquids you can use for having vinyl floors.

Different types of vinyl flooring

  • Vinyl planks are designed to mimic wood flooring. Many people opt for this instead of real wood as they are easily maintained and easier to clean.
  • Vinyl tiles are designed to resemble stones or ceramic tiles. Many people opt for vinyl rather than real stone or tiles for small spaces as they can be easily cut according to your need. To enhance the feel of using real ones, you can even add grout.
  • Vinyl Sheets are commonly rolled up to twelve feet wide. It can be easily placed and laid down in one sweeping motion. It is a cheaper and better option for large sizes areas in your home.
  • Luxury vinyl planks and tiles consists of more layers than the standard vinyl pieces. With this, it can add a more realistic look to the pattern that you want to achieve. They usually use 3D printers and it is said to be more durable with a life span of 20 years.

Using vinyl on your floors has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you whether you will opt for this option in your home. Just make sure to study your home design and architecture so that you can learn if your home is suitable to use vinyl and if you can be able to maintain its quality for a long period of time. It is better to consult with the professional about your options. They have studied and earned their experience to know what is best for your home. Vinyl can be a cheaper option but its quality might compromise. You want to make sure that you are building a home out of great quality. Home construction these days is a lot more expensive and it is not practical if you have to redo your interiors.

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Written by Yna Faundo