8 Things to make your rented home well-decorated

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Can you decorate a rented property? Rental Properties or Lease properties are also categorized as rented apartments, rental leases, rented spaces, rental homes, or rental houses. Rental properties or rented houses become an easy choice target of Filipinos nowadays because renting a home or renting a property gives them an opportunity for freedom, appeases their capacity to pay, easy movement, location proximity for their business, and choices of terms on their own. Rented properties are valuable to future tenants, who are mostly moving from one place to another because of their life opportunities and considerations. 

In any business of rental properties, rented spaces or rented houses are protected by Tenancy Agreements and so within that rental agreement between the owner and the renter, you will be able to know the agreement between you and the owner from allowing major changes you can make to permanent changes you can request from them.  Understanding the Tenancy Agreement gives you an elaboration of what you can do as a tenant in decorating the rented home, the possible decorating process you can do, basically how to decorate a rented house, and to what extent can you decorate your rented house. A tenancy Agreement is very important. It will identify your freedom as a renter on how you can improve your rented house.

So, before we start to learn about the great alternatives you can do in decorating a rental house, let us first discuss what a Tenancy Agreement is.

What are Tenancy Agreements?

A tenancy agreement is also called a Residential Lease agreement that covers the consensus between the one who will rent the property called the lessee and the owner the lessor. This tenancy covers the following agreement and decorating a rented house is included in the agreement.

  • The agreed monetary deposits.
  • The monthly fee rental.
  • Period of the agreement of the property.
  • Basic Information of the Lessee.
  • Accountability, Commitment, and Obligation of Lessee and Lessor.
  • What is allowed and isn’t allowed.

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How you can decorate a rented house?

Knowing your Tenancy Agreement and considering that Filipinos love to decorate their home, whether it is rented or owned, it is their way of expressing love for the family, culture, representation, and practicality. Incorporating neutral or vibrant colors, maybe traditional or even modern, or input some soft furnishings, are some of the decorating ideal styles that Filipinos can choose but still incorporate based on their experiences and aspirations. With Rental properties such as a rented house, rental lease, or rental apartment, Filipinos will make an effort to decorate their rented property to give that ambiance of fulfillment for their personal or even for their business ventures.

Let us discuss what are the great alternatives you can do for decorating a rented house that is safe and will not disrupt the owner’s property.

1. Decorate with Houseplants.

Add some indoor plants that can lighter and brighter your rented house. Plants like Pothos, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, and Monstera are among the house plants you can add as your decor items that will give you that green ambiance and health benefits as well.

2. Add some Artwork.

For the artwork, there are so many great alternatives that you can add to your living room, bedroom, and kitchen like family portraits, clocks, paintings, and photos. There are artworks already that are available in the market that do not need to use nails like the use of hanging artwork, you may add character design, add you may hang pictures and you may also use artwork with command strips that leave no trace in the space as your alternative.

3. Style with Floor Decorative Layers.

Make use of the floor as your decorative and stylish for your rental home. Use carpet, and doormats that are stylish, with handmade doormats, a door Mat insert and a statement mat, you may also add some chic rugs, neutral rugs, trendy rugs, and contemporary rugs that will make your floor not just stylish but elegant.

4. Embellish it with Furniture and Fixtures with Function and Style.

With furniture and fixtures, you need to consider that you add them with purpose, or they must be multifunctional to maximize your decoration in your, whole space, living space, or kitchen so that you can freely move everything at once, you may add a stylish storage fixture, shelf divider, sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, and kitchen set.

5. Enhance Walls.

You may enhance your blank walls by adding a mirror, when you are putting a mirror on any wall or space the area becomes bigger and it brings a cosmic vibe since the light reflects in the mirror, you can hang some pictures, put some stickers tile tattoos and choose the right removable wallpaper that will not leave any residue on the wall.

6. Apply some Window Dressings Decorations.

You may add a great alternative style for your rental house by dressing up your windows you may put some colorful curtains, window decals, window film, or decorative window screens.

7. Decorate with Lightning.

For the vibrating up and jazzing up of your rental home, style your area with floor lamps and lighting fixtures that are movable plug lights best choices are table lamps, cabinet lamps, colorful plug-in lights, and night light lamps.

8. Insights of decorating a rented home.

There is always beauty in decorating a home, it brings serenity, and it brings comfort to everyone. A room that is filled with your own choices of rugs, lighting, paint, or furniture is one of the most satisfying feelings. The feeling of looking around your home with all your own choices is a freedom that brings peace and calmness to your heart.

Decorations are important because it boosts our mentalities and our energy to start our day, but agreement is important too and it is the best way to promote a good relationship with the owner of the property. As tenants, you should paint respect for your landlords since the property they own is not just a property but a built HOME to them. It is always easy to move into a rented house and make that idea a picture of reality if in between the parties are respecting the law of commitment to the agreement. Most likely landlords know that their renters have expectations, and they know you have needs, they know you want enhancement, to add color, lightning, style, some decor, and decorate a creative home style but everything is in the compromise between agreement and considerations. Honoring a tenancy agreement is valuing your landlord’s permission, to bring character of respect and trust that the house owned by the owner or lessor is rented by a responsible person or family, and at some point, it develops into a good build-up relationship.

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Written by Rowena Lansang