6 Ways to Use Granite in Your Home

Polishing granite

On the Pacific Ring of Fire, where several tectonic plates collide, is where the Philippines are nestled. The Philippines currently has 53 volcanoes, and when combined with their tropical climate, they are in high danger of experiencing various types of devastation from volcanic eruptions and their side effects. On the bright side, the nation has natural resources and stones like granite, a material that is frequently utilized in homes. Granite is sometimes referred to as a rock that is “permanent” as it can be used in countless ways in your home while it endures the test of time. It has been employed in several monuments, including the Rizal Monument in the City of Manila.

Granite is created when magma deep within the Earth slowly cools and solidifies. It is generally made up of minerals including feldspar, quartz, mica, and others. Granite is a preferred material for use in construction, architecture, and interior design because of its strength, durability, and beauty. The various minerals found in granite and how they have evolved over time are what give the stone its distinctive patterns and color variations. Some buildings use granite blocks, which might be smooth on certain sides and textured on others or textured on all sides. Together, they produce walls that have precisely fitting joints but a rough surface roughness.

Now, you may wonder what can granite be used for at your home. Granite is an excellent option for kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, and other surfaces that are exposed to frequent usage because of its strong resistance to scratches, stains, and heat. It appeals to homeowners since it requires little care and is simple to clean. However, granite is a somewhat hefty and solid stone, so using it in construction calls for specialized tools and expert installation.

1. Kitchen Countertop

There are several reasons why granite countertops are popular. Granite is hygienic, durable, heat- and water-resistant, and easy to clean. Is utilized in both classic and modern kitchens, large and small. Moreover, granite island tops and counters enhance the appearance of your house. When cut, the edges are sharp and blunt, necessitating the expensive operation of chamfering and softening the edges.

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2. Tabletops

Granite is an enchanting stone that is ideal for tabletops because of its extreme strength and durability. It is utilized in formal rooms like dining rooms since it is very elegant and aesthetic. Whether it is your dining table, office table, or even your study table, the natural stone adds a stylish appeal to every sort of table. For a busy kitchen, it is robust enough to handle the daily cooking and meal preparations. In a home office, it also functions nicely as a desk. In addition, they are simple to clean when used as tables.

3. Kitchen Backsplash

What granite can be used for at home serves the same purpose for a backsplash as it does for a countertop. Between your wall and water, it effectively provides a barrier. Granite is the ideal material for a stylish kitchen backsplash since it is durable, heat-resistant, and beautiful. Whether you have a countertop that was specially made for you or you installed the granite tiles yourself, granite backsplashes look wonderful. Utilizing granite for the backsplash and countertop will increase visual coherence, save you time, and money.

4. Flooring

Granite is a suitable flooring material due to its strength and longevity. Its surface or color won’t even deteriorate over time. Also, it enhances your home’s splendor and elegance. Since it resists microorganisms, families with allergy issues can use it. Although the majority of granite floors are built of a single kind for a smooth appearance, you may even use granite to make a patterned floor by laying down stones of different colors. Another well-liked design choice is a floor plan with stripes of a complimentary color along the edges.

You only need to be cautious since granite can be a little slippery; instead, use stones with an unpolished finish. Granite flooring are very simple to clean. Simply use a moist cloth to mop.

5. Bathroom Walls and Vanity Tops

Since bathrooms are frequently abused spaces due to their everyday usage, a solid wall, and a granite vanity top may be the best options. Granite is the ideal material to use in bathrooms since it is water and mold resistant, non-porous, and keeps out bacteria and other microbes. Its strength and durability also contribute to its allure.

In addition, you could also try a sink made from granite. Granite basins are available in different styles, i.e., pedestals sink, under mount sink, or modern, angular basin. Granite sink comes with all the same characteristics you expect from granite countertops. The sinks are water-resistant and easy to maintain.

6. Home Artworks

Create a colorful slab and mount it as a focal point on one of the walls in your house, whether it be in the living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. You now receive a special work of art for your house! To make it stand out, choose vivid hues like red or blue. Another technique gaining popularity is mosaics made of stone. Since granite can be crafted in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, it is frequently used as an ornamental material.

In essence, medallions are stone mosaics. A single, huge tile is cut, fitted with designs and patterns, and then it is placed as a single unit. Granite medallions can be utilized inside or outside the home, on the floor or the wall. Place a medallion there, or even on the shower or swimming pool floor.

Overall, Granite is an elegant and durable material to enhance the aesthetic and monetary worth of your home, regardless of its size. There are a lot of ways to use granite in your home not limited to the list above. You can also come up with a few fresh concepts for utilizing granite in different ways across your house. Granite is adaptable and has a wide range of applications, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or workplace. Try one or more of them out for yourself, and you can enjoy granite every day for years in your own house. Make granite a key component of your home’s design by drawing inspiration from the list above.