6 Things to  Consider When Planning Your House Extension Project

Acquiring your own home is a dream for everyone. Having such gives you a sense of fulfillment and success in life because this signifies your independence and hard work knowing that house and lots are expensive. Perhaps, when you are dreaming about your own home, you take inspirations of your dream house design from what you see on the internet or from the vlogs you watched from YouTube. It is a nice feeling to dream of constructing your ideal home which provides the maximum comfort and aesthetic you wished for. However, when you have a family or you want to start a family, the growing needs of your children, your spouse o even yourself may lead you to extend your space or decide to have a house extension. So, the obvious solution for this dilemma is to start having a house extension. As simple as it may see, if you are not a professional engineer or an architect or you do not have any background about house construction, you might have a hard time planning for your house extension. But don’t you worry anymore! We have outlined the best way to build a house extension checklist so you can carefully plan your house renovation. You definitely want to provide a solution for your need of extra space in your home so a checklist is a good way to list everything the must be satisfied in your planned house extension.

Planning for Building a House Extension Checklist

            In building an extension checklist, it is not enough that you list down everything you need and give it to the contractor. You have a lot of aspects to consider because remember that your house renovation is also an extension of your real estate investment and there will always be constraints in a project. So, you have to carefully plan and avoid being careless on planning your house extension. Here are some of the things to consider when building the best house extension checklist.

  1. Consider your renovation budget

Realistically, the budget will always be the main source of compromise for any project or answering our needs. In budgeting and funding your house extension plan, there may be unavoidable fees like paying for the building permit or the professional fee of the contractor and experts. So, you have to anticipate these costs aside from the materials to use for the house extension.

  • Consider consulting experts

Especially with a tight budget, consulting experts like a licensed architect or an interior designer will help you maximize the functionality of your living space. Yes, there might be fees to pay for availing their service but their job is to give the best value out of your budget and allocated space. Why bother paying more if you will be assured that your space will be more functional and its build quality is not compromised.

  • Consider rethinking your decision of house extension

Since this needs a huge financing, you should not be impulsive of your decision. Renovation may change the aesthetic of your home or change the functionality of the excess space of your home. You should think twice when deciding to convert it for another purpose. You must also take note that house renovation may not go as well as planned meaning there will be adjustments along the way so you have to ready yourself for these scenarios especially if the façade of your home is very important for you. If you are okay with adjustments on the overall design of your house and stretching your budget, having a house extension will always be practical and a good decision as it will be useful for your family in the long run.

  • Consider the existing structure and perimeter of your home

This is why in building a house extension checklist, consulting a professional’s advice is a must. You might have all the best idea to convert the space into something more useful but is it realistic? Is it workable with the current structure of your home? Also, a bigger house does not mean a better living space. You might be thinking of a house extension yet the more viable option is to just renovate and rehaul the interior design of your home to make serve your needs. Before the renovation starts, it is a good habit to rethink your decision along the process or best is to consult the advice of experts to guide you in your decision right away.

  • Your aesthetic and design preference

If you already decided to proceed with your house extension project, the finishing touches should be decided as well and discussed with your contractor. You should include in the list your preferred wall color or other aesthetic aspects. Additionally, if it will be a working space, you should consider the lighting and ventilation to experience the best comfort and purpose of the house extension project.

  • Timeframe

If you will not be moving out for the house extension, your daily living will be affected. Although, we understand that moving out is not always an option especially when there is a strict renovation budget. To compromise with this problem, you should discuss the timeframe or target date of finish with your contractors without sacrificing the build quality of the extension project. Additionally, with a quick timeframe, the project will be functional much faster and labor costs to be incurred will be lower. But always remember not to get excited so much and set realistic deadlines with your contractor so your project will not be compromised.

Ultimate Goal: Provide the Maximum Comfort and Purpose

Even if you have built the best house extension checklist, you should always prioritize the comfort and purpose of the project. The façade or aesthetic of the house pleases our eyes but the essence of having a home is experiencing a place of comfort and convenience. So, building an extension checklist will just be a guide to remember all the important things that must be satisfied for your project. With this, always adjust your plans if experts suggest something that will provide more convenience on the functionality of the project. Aside from consulting the experts, you should also consider your family members’ preferences especially if they are the user of the extension project. Personal taste is subjective so it plays a big part in providing comfort. What is comfortable for you may not be comfortable for others so always consider what they like especially if it is workable. A home should always be cozy for its people.

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