5 Tips to deal with corner window design

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The location of the corner window in the room of the home corresponds to its namesake, which is a corner of the room. At this point, two windows are joined together at the corner or edge of a building. Both of the surfaces of the home that are adjacent to one another feature sections of the window, which come together at the edges of the surfaces. The edge might or might not have vertical support from the window frame depending on the situation. This window has two faces that face in opposite directions, creating a 90-degree angle. In order to properly cover the window opening, a specialized lintel must be cast. The jamb post of the window, which is located in the corner, is constructed using a substantial section. If the apertures reach the entire height of the room, corner glass windows provide unobstructed views of the exterior while also allowing for the greatest amount of light and visibility possible within. This window lets in as much light as possible and can be incorporated into the building’s design as an architectural element. Additionally, the corner must be impermeable to water.

The house design with a corner window can give the impression that the space is larger than it actually is and provide the impression that the house is opening out to the backyard or the terrace. In settings where a good everyday illumination is desired, such as in a drawing room or a study, they have been demonstrated to work perfectly.

How to handle corner windows here’s the 5 tips

In residential settings, corner windows are an excellent way to let in natural light and take in views of the surrounding environment. However, these windows can be very challenging to decorate, particularly in terms of how window coverings should be applied to them. There are some types of window treatments that will not function with these windows. Before you go out and purchase corner window treatments, it is essential to first evaluate your preferences, both aesthetically and functionally.

In the post that we have for you on our site today, we will walk you through some easy yet fashionable methods to handle the corner windows in your home.

  1. Hang Semi-Sheer Curtains

Do not hang heavy drapes in rooms with corner windows because these windows typically let in a lot of natural light. The amount of natural light that can enter a room through corner windows varies depending on where in your home the windows are located. Instead of using blinds or shades to cover the corner windows, use drapes that are semi-transparent or sheer to give a unified appearance throughout the room. Curtain panels made of sheer fabric are light and airy, ornamental, and can be purchased in a wide range of colors and designs to accommodate a number of different types of living environments. In addition to this, they offer some degree of privacy without diminishing the amount of light that comes in through the windows.

To give the appearance of a window that continues from one wall to another, create the illusion with your hanging rods and adapters that are 90 degrees. The sheer curtains should be hung up, and then one should be gathered on either side of the unit. If you don’t want the curtains to be open when you don’t want them to be, such at night, you can simply pull them across the center to create more privacy.

  • Use Valances

When you don’t want to cover the entire height of your tall and large corner windows, the best window treatment option is a valance. This is especially true if your corner windows are located in an angle. Pick a valance made of a thick cloth and embellished with loops and tassels. It will assist in the creation of the illusion of a smooth turn at the corner, so providing the entire set of windows with the appearance of coherence. The addition of a valance to the window treatment is another way to help add visual interest to the room’s design.

  • Install Blinds

When you have a narrow wall space between your corner windows, vertical blinds are a great option for covering the gap in the wall. You have the choice between an inside mount mechanism or an exterior mount mechanism, depending on which one better suits your needs. If, on the other hand, there is no wall space in between the windows, an inside-mount roller blind or a Venetian blind would be a better option. Your windows and the entire space will take on an elegant and sophisticated appearance as a result of the installation of any one of these blinds.

  • Think About Using Different Layers of Treatments

Combining two distinct types of window dressings is a great way to give the impression that your corner windows were designed by a professional interior designer. For instance, you can combine blinds with curtains or sheers to create a layered look. When drawn, the blinds will create a more private space, but leaving the sheers or drapes open won’t obstruct the natural light or the view of the outside world. You might also want to experiment with dressing your windows with valances or window scarves in addition to drapes.

  • Maintain a Low Complexity

Blinds are a convenient and uncomplicated solution for covering tiny windows, such as two casement windows that are paired together in a corner. Choose blinds whose color palette is harmonious with that of the room’s interior design to assist pull the whole thing together visually.

Pros of having corner glass window

These sorts of windows allow for light and ventilation to enter the room from directions that are perpendicular to one another. As a result, the amount of light that enters the room is consistent at all times of the day. A window of this kind might be considered an architectural feature that enhances the appearance of the outside of the house.

The corner window offers a panoramic view of the scenery outside, which helps to bring the exterior into the inner spaces of the building. As a result, it is perfect for a home that is situated in a nice environment, and it also enhances the aesthetic value of the interior space.

One of the most efficient ways to get light into the interior spaces of the house is to install corner glass windows. Any room or area that requires daylight can benefit from installing corner windows. It works particularly well in the living area, as well as the kitchen, the dining room, and the study.

Cons of having corner glass window

The difficulty in designing the construction will come from the fact that at the junction of the window, there won’t be enough room for any load-bearing walls or columns, which are essential for ensuring the structural safety of the house. Again, the corner junction would be susceptible to some leakage, and such a window would not at all be energy efficient in any way, shape, or form. It’s possible that you’ll get into trouble if you don’t take these two aspects of the situation seriously enough. As a result, it is strongly recommended to discuss the matter with a structural engineer or an architect. If, on the other hand, you are seeking for a highly unique decorative feature that offers unobstructed vistas, you may easily get around all of these drawbacks. So, do you plan to install a window like that in your house?

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Written by Raiza T. Gumarang