5 Best Apps for Commuting in the Philippines

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What are the best apps for commuters? With the current economic opening and the business adapting to the new normal many of us are now bound into red lights, green lights roads navigating Metro Manila.  Metro Manila with sixteen highly urbanized cities that serves as the center of culture, economy, education, and government, this power city is serving hustling commuters every day. 

Transportation in the Philippines

               Metro Manila has considered the land of Business Opportunities and Urban Migration it’s the center of business and with its main transportation and transit like our very own Jeepney with 250,000 all over the Philippines and 75,000 are stated in Metro Manila.  About 26,301 are from Transportation Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) and 25,000 taxis are operating in Metro Manila. The bus has a total of 12, 595 all over the Philippines. Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) is currently operating an average of 14 to 16 three-car trains and four-car trains along its mainline and with a sustainable 300,000 passengers, last has been recorded last July 2022.

 With this busy bustling city, let’s find out what are the best apps for commuters as they hustle every day to go to work and vice versa. For convenient and helpful travel for commuters, every day to work, or do their businesses here are the best commuter apps that can help you navigate in Metro Manila. By the way, you can download these available apps thru the Google play store and ios platforms. Let’s get through with these handy apps that can help you to explore, and travel Metro Manila.

  1. Sakay. ph is one of the best commuter apps with 4.4 ratings, as a helpful navigator app and positive reviews with handy help in assisting you in step-by-step navigation and direction.
  2. A given comparable trips and route form all the kinds of transportation you need like jeepneys.  Regular P2P, MRT, LRT, PNR, UV Express, jeeps, and Pasig River Ferry as well. So when you download it you will see instantly that the app itself is easy to navigate. 
  3. Down below you can see four icons as your menu to start using the apps. In the Search section (magnifying glass) you will see exactly where are you going, you can navigate and enter your current location, pin your place on the Map and you could set your work and home location simultaneously.
  4. The next icon is the Route Explorer here you can explore a lot of routes you wanted to go example if you click Alabang Town Center to Greenbelt 1 there is information about Guides, Route Details, Transport, Fares, and the Schedule of each trip.
  5. Added in the menu is you can set two locations and get the halfway point and then the last menu is the settings in which you can personally update and inputs your information.

2.    Google Maps considered one of the best commuter apps.

  • In the Explore Menu, you can see the latest in the area location you choose like restaurants, cafés, hotels, and other establishments you want to go to.
  • In the Go section you may enter the location you want to go to, example if you choose Makati as your chosen location there is a time travel indicated under the location, the direction in which the fastest route is available, and traffic conditions depend on your chosen transportation, a step by step direction is indicated and you can pin this location too. If you choose Public transport it will give you the transportation details like trip schedule, location and the estimated arrival time.   
  • A save menu that you can list and save your favorites, where you want to go, your travel plans, labels, and the places you starred.
  • In the contribute section you can add information about the place, write a review, add photos and even edit the maps, it is practically adding information and helping people in their navigation.
  • In the updates section, you can find people and people you want to follow too. 
  • You can also save your favorite locations and then if you click the “more” menu it’s really more given menu because everything you need is there from establishments to ATMs to hospitals and to all the things you need or you want to do within your proximity.
  • Waze with 4.7 growing ratings with the service of getting the best routes with real-time alerts and traffic app functions.
  • After you install it you can choose to create your account or set it up later.
  • You can already navigate or input your location then on the screen you will see and view different routes in which you can choose which route applies to you the most.
  • There is also information about the nearest parking lot, and you can also set the alerts with the tones you want.
  • You can save your location and in the more options, there is a menu there where you can send your location, show it on a map, set it as a starting point, and mark your parking spot.
  • You can also set to the GO Later menu, set and save the time, and Waze will let you know and ring you when it’s time to leave.

4.       ikotMNL – it’s a mobile app for commuters that promise easy travel and your trips     convenient trips ahead of time.

  • They will connect you to their partner tour operators.
  • This app also will give you real-time updates and real-time travel information. It will guide you on how near or far the upcoming trains are in just one click and your estimated travel time.
  • Grab – these navigation apps is also considered the best commuter apps. 
  • In the Home section, you will see a lot of menus that you can choose whatever you need while commuting from food, mart, shopping, loading, and a lot more to provide.
  • With the same features as other apps in choosing a location, it will give you a lot of options and just click your location where you wanted to be picked up.
  • In the Activity, you could check the: “what’s going on” in a particular area or one place, it will provide you ideas and information about the place.
  • You just need to set up the payment menu and you may use the chat menu for the support you need wherever you are.

It is always your option and choice of what the best commuter apps will suit you and will give you that easy day ahead.

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Choose your best commuter apps and safely come home with your family. Safe travels and Stay safe!

Written by Rowena Lansang