17 Desk Accessories for Every Work-From-Home Setup

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             The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 delivered a stunning transformation to a large portion of the workforce: the adoption of remote working on a long-term basis. Many people who lacked a functional home office setting found it challenging to adjust. Having an effective workstation is essential whether you work from a little desk in the corner of your bedroom or a full-fledged study. Particularly if you spend up to 40 hours each week in the same location. Let us show you how to make the grind of the workweek a little bit simpler, from simple cable organization to ergonomic office desk accessories.

1. Monitor Riser

              Over the previous year of working from home, have you found yourself exhibiting the symptoms of tech neck? It’s likely that gazing down at your laptop all the time is affecting your posture. This reliable riser will do the trick if you want a more ergonomic viewing posture for your display and to avoid hunching over your computer. It’s simple to put together and has a bottom layer you may utilize for additional desk storage. It’s also a good alternative for an ergonomic laptop riser.

2. Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand

              A desktop riser might take up a lot of room, even though it’s a fantastic alternative for placing your laptop in a more ergonomic posture. Being forced to change the riser all the time might be a problem if your existing workstation isn’t fixed (or is in a shared place). You may obtain those strong ergonomic advantages with a portable laptop stand, combined with a quick and simple setup.

              Most computers between 10 and 17 inches in size may be supported by this stand, which can be altered in height and angle.

3. USB Hub

              If you regularly have to switch plugs so you can use particular devices because you have more USB peripherals than USB ports, you’re undoubtedly well acquainted with the dance. It’s one of those little tasks that, although not difficult, really gets more and more annoying the more you have to do it.

              You might want to consider purchasing a USB hub if that description is too familiar to you. There are many different hubs available, some with more total ports and some with various USB port types.

4. Transparent Memo Board

              You’ve probably seen someone put sticky notes to the screen’s edge. While in theory, it makes sense, it frequently results in screen obstructions. This office desk accessory is quite useful because of this. It is made to attach to the border of your screen so that you have more room to write or post notes that you can still see.

5. Wire File Holder

              Filing cabinets that are completely full take up a lot of room and are only truly essential for families and individuals with a lot of papers to manage. This 3-slot wire filing system will do just fine if you’re looking for a solution to organize your incoming mail and tasks. Reviewers adore how its gold pattern transforms their dull papers into something chic.

6. Power Board With USB Ports

              Power outlets may be scarce depending on how your home office is organized. The obvious solution to that issue is a power board. With four outlets and a long 1.8m power cord, this surge-protected power board should be able to supply all of your electrical demands. Three USB ports on this power supply should be more than enough to concurrently charge your phone, iPad, and headphones.

7. Cable Clips

              Is your cable setup a little bit of a mess? You may easily organize all of your various wires with the help of this clip bar. As long as your wires are 6mm in diameter or smaller, just stick them to your home office desk using the adhesive backing. No more tangles.

8. Wi-Fi Extender

              The configuration of your home office will determine how much use you’ll make of a wifi extension. You may forgo picking one up if your wifi router is in the same room as you are. Nevertheless, if your router is located on the opposite side of your property and you’ve discovered that the quality of your Zoom calls is substantially worse while you’re in your office, investing in a wi-fi extender will assist provide you with the extra boost you require.

9. Comfortable Mouse

              Selecting a comfortable mouse is similar to doing so for a keyboard. A trackball or touchpad are also options. There are wired and wireless options available. When choosing a mouse, keep in mind the space you have on your office desk and choose one that is comfortable to you.

10. Small-sized Humidifier

              This little one is just the right size to sit on your desk and is portable enough to bring back to work. Although it isn’t the greatest humidifier we’ve ever tested, it has received excellent reviews and can be charged via a USB port. Your skin, hair, and mood will all benefit from the cool mist spray it releases to keep the air around you pleasantly moist.

11. Headphone Stand

              Having your headphones on a stand rather than placing them anywhere on your desk is a smart method to keep them out of the way and out of trouble. Some people may think that this item is an unneeded addition to your home office. You won’t have to be concerned about unintentionally damaging them if you spill something on your workstation because it will help you from knocking them off your desk.

              If you’re short on office desk space, consider using a headphone hanging that fastens to the underside of your desk.

12. Desk Lamp

              Your eyes endure needless strain as a result of poor illumination. Ensure that your WFH workplace has adequate illumination to prevent headaches, eye strain, or long-term vision issues. Purchase a desk lamp, and think about switching to LED light bulbs from your fluorescent and iridescent ones.

13.Pencil Holder

              When you don’t know where your essential office desk supplies are, work might become more stressful. You may arrange your pens, pencils, scissors, paperclips, and other office supplies in this metal, six-cylinder pencil holder so that everything is easy to find and accessible.

14. Lap Desk

              Let’s face it, there are certain days when getting out of bed is simply too much trouble. Therefore, if the idea of working from home just doesn’t appeal to you, pick up this convenient lap desk equipped with two cushions for support and comfort as well as a phone and tablet holder to keep everything organized.

15. Leather Laptop Mat

              By adding a leather mat or blotter to your home office desk, you can both protect the surface and add a touch of elegance. This sizable leather laptop mat is made with a full-grain leather top and a bottom made of natural wool felt, protecting your desk from harm while also improving its appearance.15

16. Desk Clock 

              Although having a desk-sized clock at your home office desk may seem like a relic of the past, it will encourage you to put your phone down and concentrate on the task at hand. Now, even if you were only checking the time, you won’t have as much need for your phone.

17. Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad

              No matter where you work—at home or at an office—comfort is very much essential. Long-term computer usage can cause weariness and soreness to your hands and wrist, which can be lessened by using a keyboard wrist rest, and mouse pad.

              The above office desk accessories will help you to be more comfortable in your work-from-home setup. You can maintain your productivity and pleasure of working from home if you will set up a home office with cozy desk supplies. With the help of work-from-home accessories, you may transform your tedious tasks into enjoyable routines without being stressed and losing productivity.

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