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BRIA House and Lot Nearly Doubles Facebook Followers via Digital Marketing

BRIA Homes, a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings Inc., one of the country’s largest real estate companies that offers affordable house and lots, and condominium properties, has nearly doubled its total Facebook followers through extensive digital marketing activities and promotions.  BRIA Homes has seen a 180% growth or close to a million active Facebook followers as compared to the...


Affordable House and Lot: How to maximize small spaces

Alas! You have accomplished your lifelong dream of having an elegant yet affordable house you can call your own. Now, what? What comes next? Are the interior designs and furniture included when you purchased the property? Probably not. Designing and decorating your home comes next and is no simple task. In this article, we list down significant suggestions that will help you maximize every...


Bria House and Lot: OFWs and their impact on the Philippine Economy

An Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW is a person from the Philippines who are living and working in another country, typically temporarily. This includes land-based OFWs and seafarers/sea-based OFWs. Based on the results of the 2019 survey conducted by the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) on Overseas Filipinos, the number of OFWs who worked abroad was estimated at 2.2 million of which Overseas...

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