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Affordable House and Lot: The Importance of Real Estate Investing for OFWs

Investing when you can is a great idea because investment is one of the keys towards financial freedom. It enables you to gain an income through an asset you acquired. For this, we all know that investment should not be taken lightly since it involves our hard-earned money in order to acquire one. Let's now take a look at the importance of real estate investing for Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs since...


Feng Shui Tips for Your Affordable House and Lot This 2022

When moving into a new home, people usually take into account the design, style, and aesthetics of the place. However, the most crucial step is usually omitted and that is creating a positive living environment to enjoy a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious life. Instead of just merely looking at the surface level of the home, it is important to consider the bigger picture. This can be done through the...


Ways to Adapt 2022’s Lucky Colors Into Your Affordable House and Lot

2022 has come and having something new in your home will help you start the year fresh and lucky. Speaking of lucky, the colors of 2022 has finally come out and it turns out that these shades can best be applied in your own Bria Home. In this article, we'll help you decide and design your own home based on the 2022 lucky colors using the Bagua map. This can also be one of the Feng Shui practices you...


Affordable House and Lot for Sale: The Future of Real Estate is in the North

Whether you are a young professional looking for a fulfilling career, a family person looking for a good and safe place to settle down, or a budding entrepreneur looking for a place to grow your business, you might want to consider moving to North Luzon. We're here to discuss why the future of real estate could be in the north.  Read Also: New Year, New Investment: Top Reasons to Start...


Affordable House and Lot: Get to Know Pili, Camarines Sur

Want to know more about Pili, Camarines Sur? Let’s dig some known facts about this Municipality. Fasten your seatbelt us we will travel to the Southern part of Luzon, the Bicol Region. Bicol Region is not just rich in culture and tradition as for the past few years it was also seen to be more competitive, eagerly reaching economic progression. With the effort of the (6) six provinces: Albay,...

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