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kids more at risk from omicron

Bria House and Lot: Are Children More at Risk from Omicron?

As the virus spreads over the world, the environment is no longer as secure as it once was. The way people used to see crowded places and mingle with their friends at their favorite hang-out place and see the family gathered to have bonded with their children to catch up with them. The way children enjoy running at parks and have their playmates join them in the activity area in their subdivision is to...

new home quarantine guidelines

Bria House and Lot: New Guidelines for Home Quarantine and Isolation

In line with the sudden surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines by the start of the year, and as foreseen until the end of January, the Department of Health (DOH) released an advisory regarding the updated COVID-19 protocols for home quarantine and isolation. The new set of guidelines allows and shortens the duration of home quarantine and isolation for individuals who have been infected...


Bria House and Lot: Lucky Foods for the Chinese New Year

As a strong symbolic color, Red universally represents different meanings, including strength, power, passion, courage, and attention. This color is also associated with fire, energy, good fortune, good luck, and vitality — most popularly utilized in an immense festival called Chinese New Year. Let's take a look at the lucky foods for the Chinese New Year that are believed to bring good luck....


Bria House and Lot: Omicron: Biggest COVID-19 Surge, Yet?

Just when everything seemed to be going fine, just when we were on the path of finally flattening the curve, just when everyone was becoming a little less confined, the biggest Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Surge happened. Omicron is deemed to be the COVID variant deemed to have the biggest surge, yet.  What we thought was an almost back to normal holiday, turned out to be the biggest turning...


Bria House and Lot: Everything You Need to Know About the Year of The Tiger 2022

As another year begins, people are used to knowing their fortune with the help of Feng Shui experts that will provide the details about what their Chinese zodiac signs are and what is in store for them for the whole year. The Chinese zodiac signs represent 12 zodiac animals that pertain to the person’s birth year that are associated with characteristics.  The year 2022 is about the Water Tiger which...

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