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Guide to the Philippine Elections

A Guide to the Philippines 2022 Election: When, Where, and How to Vote?

The upcoming 2022 Elections in the Philippines is a heated topic both online and offline, for first-time voters, know the importance of your vote and how to vote through this article. Why is Your Vote Important? Suffrage or the right to vote must be exercised by all citizens of the Philippines who are at least eighteen years old and have resided in the Philippines for at least a year, as revised by...

SMEs Flourished During the Pandemic

SMEs During the Pandemic and How they Flourished

As we all know and witnessed, when the pandemic hit all of us, the world was put on pause. Everything that we usually do was transformed into something different. The ways of our lives and normal routines have been changed like getting coffee from your local coffee shops, buying your vitamins, going out with the kids, enjoying night-outs with friends, and even our normal curfew hours. All of the SMEs...

Livelihood Programs to Reduce Poverty

Livelihood Programs: Filipinos’ Breakthrough to Ease Poverty

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that it envisions achieving by 2030. This provided a blueprint for each member-nation of this organization to establish programs and standards which will aid in building a sustainable future, especially for the underprivileged. From this list, a long-term problem is yet to be solved till this present...

Extreme effects of Global Warming

What are the Extreme Effects of Global Warming?

The months from March to May are known to be the hottest months of the year in the Philippines – making it locally considered summertime in the country. As we are currently in the middle of the summer season, one cannot honestly deny the intense heat that we are experiencing. However, it’s not just the heat that we should talk about. While we witness and feel hotter days, we also see how extreme...


Modern Agriculture: Key To Faster Recovery and Poverty Reduction?

Philippines is naturally an agricultural country. However, the country's focus on this is not felt as much as it should be. But will modern agriculture bring the needed change in the agricultural sector? Read to know more about modern agriculture and how it is the key to poverty reduction. The Ailing Agricultural Sector in the Philippines With more than 47% of the 30 million hectare land area of the...

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