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Type of Condominium Units Philippines

10 Things to Know if You’re a First Time Condo Buyer

From a simple observation of one’s surrounding will one realize just how many properties, particularly condos, are being built in highly populated areas in the Philippines. Directly related to this is the increase in the number of people living in condominiums. If you are looking to become a part of this statistic, it helps to have some condo buying tips. In the current age of living fast-paced...


Smart Investments OFWs Can Start Today

Overseas Filipino workers are the nation's modern-day heroes. In an effort to give their loved ones a brighter future, they work in a foreign country. However, OFWs struggle to accumulate their own retirement savings despite their contributions to the economy and to their own families. Saving for the future while providing for their loved ones is a challenge for many OFWs. Therefore, for OFWs who prefer...


Ways to Create a Japandi Style Interior

Over the last two years, our homes have become hubs for working, learning, and living, making it difficult to maintain any sense of balance or harmony. In this hybrid setup, our homes have also been modified to have an interior that meets both of our needs. Japandi Interior Style is one of the best trends for our stay-at-home family members to feel the environment while relaxing in their own homes. You...


DIY Home Upgrades: Philippines Small House Renovation Ideas

Home is a haven of comfort and tranquility. Families work hard to find the right abode where they can spend as much time as possible with each other. To keep the rhythm alive inside a household, home upgrades are to be considered. One of these upgrades is so-called DIY which simply means “Do-It-Yourself” an activity commonly associated at home such as renovation projects. Sounds exciting and fun,...


Filipino Comfort Food For Rainy Days

Summer is officially over and the rainy days are coming ahead. Cold and gloomy days are ahead, and you might be too lazy to go out of your own Bria Home, but for sure, it is still a good time for warm and delicious comfort food for the rainy days. A mouthwatering home-cooked meal that warms not only the stomach but also as well as the heart is satisfying. It is not easy to prepare a meal on a lazy day...

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