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Understanding Value Added Tax (VAT) Exemption in the Philippines

What is Value Added Tax (VAT) Exemption? Who and what are included in the list? Let us archive Bureau of Internal Revenue and be guided by the sections of Vat Exemption for goods and services. What is Value-Added Tax and who are required to file VAT Returns? According to Bureau of Internal Revenue, “Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a form of sales tax. It is a tax on consumption levied on the sale,...


Best Ways to Earn Passive Income

One of our deepest desires in life is to be able to sleep well while earning a lot of money. This may seem impossible to some, but with technology and knowledge, anything is possible. Passive income is the key to generating income streams and extra cash flows while enjoying a relaxing spa treatment. Because not everyone has access to the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines, it may be useful for you to...

Bria Homes Ormoc Groundbreaking (3)

BRIA Homes Ormoc Holds Festive Groundbreaking Rites

The much-coveted BRIA Homes lifestyle goes to Eastern Visayas following the groundbreaking rites of its new residential project in Ormoc, Leyte. Held last July 13, 2022, the milestone event featured a spectacular line-up of activities highlighted by a motorcade that started in the city proper and proceeded to the development site in Brgy. Mabini. Members of the XRM Bikers Club Ormoc and Suzuki Riders Club...

Maximalist Interior Design

Tips in Decorating a Maximalist Interior

Designing your very own Bria Homes is exciting! You get to finally decorate and design your home according to your style, your need, or according to your liking. It is your home; it is your rule. For about a decade, minimalist interior design reigned in most homes. Minimalism’s philosophy is “less is more”. Elements of a minimalist interior design is simple, clean, and open. However, it changed due...

Tips to Stand out in a Job Interview

Seek Thy Job: The benefits given to Filipino First-time Jobseekers

For the economy to flourish, efforts must be made to improve the work force's quality and make it more productive and growth-responsive. As the number of newly graduated students increases, the greater the number of work opportunities should be made available to the public. Aside from the struggle of finding the right job for you, first time jobseekers also share the struggle in acquiring the needed...

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