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invest in house and lots OFW

OFWs are increasingly optimistic to invest in house and lot in the Philippines

Overseas Filipino Workers are constantly proclaimed as the modern era’s “bagong bayani,” a title that attests to their unrelenting desire to support their families even if it means doing so from halfway across the globe. Copious accounts have been written about the travails of these migrant workers. Some are overworked and underpaid, often lonely, and when stricken ill, are forced to endure the...

Bria House and lot Plantahanan 2021

A Summary of What Happened in Bria House and Lot Virtual PlanTahanan 2021

Ever since we have been in the new normal, adjustments on our lifestyle were drastically made. One of the adjustments made were instead of being physically present in an event, we are present through joining the event virtually. The Annual National PlanTahanan 2021 of Bria Homes was conducted first time through Facebook Live last June 30, 2021 hosted by Joan Bicar, Marketing Officer from Bria Homes Manolo...

Top Banks for home Loan in the Philippines

Top Banks for Housing Loan in the Philippines

The primary option that Filipinos think of when it comes to financing a housing loan in the Philippines is the PAG-IBIG Fund.  As a result, banks are only considered as fallback choices if the PAG-IBIG loan somehow does not materialize, for a myriad of reasons. However, going for a bank loan to finance a house and lot purchase is not a bad decision, especially if time is of the...