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Real Estate Property Tax or Amilyar Philippines

Your Guide to Real Property Tax or Amilyar in the Philippines

Taxation is the lifeblood of the country; hence, taxes may be collected in a sovereign country even in the absence of law conferring the authority. It is money for the government that must be used not for their own benefit or to conceal it, but to produce employment, security, and meet the fundamental requirements of their people. As a result, owning a home in the Philippines is a luxury as well as a...

Computing the Cost of Living in the Philippines-Bria-Homes

Cost of Living in the Philippines and its Computation

The Philippines is often regarded as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With its mile-long white sandy beaches and clear blue seas, its various mountainous terrains and pristine hills, its scrumptious cuisines showcasing western and eastern influences, and of course, the very people warmly welcoming visitors from all around the globe, it’s no wonder why foreigners flock the county all year...


Typhoon-Prone Philippines and its Impact

Yolanda, Rolly, and Ondoy, these are the names of the strongest typhoons which landed over the past decade. Hearing these names not only remind me of the typhoons but their severe impacts on the lives of affected Filipino families. Many livelihoods were destroyed, and even lives were lost. Further, it is no stranger to Filipinos the country is often visited by natural disasters, especially typhoons, but...

Sentro: the new center of convergence in BRIA Communities

BRIA Homes’ Sentro: Promoting Well-Being of Its Homeowners

Marites and mosang are the few popular tags given by the present generation to people who loves to get updated to rumors and spread the same to their colleagues. Such culture is known to be gossip culture or tsismisan in Filipino. For many years, even without social media, the spreading of rumors is rampant. It’s like a hobby, especially to Filipino neighborhoods. This entails that Filipinos love to...


PAWsitive Effects of Running a Pet-Friendly Business

Do you agree with having pets, especially cats and dogs in your workplace? According to Forbes Magazine, having a pet-friendly business is a win-win move both for the employers and the employee. The pandemic has taken a toll on the Mental health of Filipinos. Given the changes when it comes to dynamics, policies, lifestyle, and different setup, one of the major focuses of almost all institutions are...

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