NAPA at Crosswinds: Must-Visit Cafe in Tagaytay

NAPA at Crosswinds

As the lockdown restrictions ease because of the vaccine rollouts, people are going out again to safely dine-in restaurants and cafés outside their homes. One of the popular places to go to for that well-deserved break and a change of scenery is none other than Tagaytay City. It is one of the most accessible destinations for Manileños and Southies (those who reside in the South) to visit for a quick road or food trip and lengthy stay-cations. Either there’s a new place to discover and a new restaurant to try for good food plus the amazing ambiance or a favorite spot which deserves another visit. Check out NAPA at Crosswinds, a must-visit cafe in Tagaytay.

The Tagaytay of today has changed a lot. What was once a sleepy city is now turned into a bustling, crowd-filled area, who is always driving by and hopping from one restaurant, hotel, and/or condominium to another. Unbeknownst to many, there is now a side of the city that has been developed into a commercial district with all the hotels, condominiums, and parks that have sprouted through the years. Be strategic about planning your plans with your family or friends because you do not want to get yourselves caught in weekend or peak season traffic.

This tourist destination, which is also regarded as the second coldest area in the Philippines, is home for its crisp, mountain air; provision of a gastronomic adventure of eating home-cooked Bulalo; the fresh flowers of kaleidoscope colors that are sprawled out everywhere; columns of majestic, bitter green pine trees (thanks to more than 30,000 pine trees planted and grown here); and that picture-perfect view of Taal Volcano. If you haven’t been here, the serene view of the caldera really captivates breaths especially during the day, with some clouds resting above its crown; and the cold, brushing air and array of twinkling lights as soon as nighttime falls …

… Which makes it perfect for a short coffee trip. 

There are dozens and dozens of coffee shops you’ll find here, with Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, and Bag of Beans among the others completing the list of the most popular and visited shops. 

And just when you think this is enough, you’ll soon find out there’s more. Being a favorite destination for a quick road trip away from the metro, it’s not difficult to find a café that suits your liking in Tagaytay City. Themed cafes, garden setting, … actually, you’ll lose count because there are just too many to choose from. 

But if you’re looking for something new — something that is lowkey and has a great view, this newly-opened café in Crosswinds is definitely worth the visit.

Check out Napa at Crosswinds

Napa is nestled within the Villar real estate property-owned Crosswinds. The latter serves as a fulfillment of real estate tycoon Manuel B. Villar, Jr.’s dream to build world-class leisure destinations for Filipinos.

“It has always been a vision of mine—to recreate a place like Solvang, California,” says Villar. 

“In Crosswinds, I wanted to bring to life a beautiful place that gave many fond memories to me, my family, and my closest colleagues. That was Solvang, a place that gave inspiration to many ideas we are currently working on now,” the brown taipan added.

Napa at Crosswinds, albeit new, is flocked by groups because of its cabin-themed look inspired by rustic houses in Napa Valley, California. While Crosswinds – Tagaytay is famous for its Switzerland-inspired houses, this newly-opened coffee spot in the neighborhood brings you to another side of the world. Upon setting your foot for the first or second time around, this new café would make you feel like you traveled abroad, or even a Napa local owning his/her own vineyard with its wooden floors, rustic interiors, relaxing ambiance, a stunning view of the surrounding hills, and picturesque alfresco dining area. Though you are dining inside the establishment, it would seem like you are still dining alfresco because the doors and windows are all swung open (as part of the IATF or Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases Resolutions’ safety measures to avoid customers from contracting COVID-19 due to closed areas), revealing a great and serene view of the outdoors. Customers are often fascinated with their open tents and wooden tables which are set up everywhere, with the sprawling trees and sparkling garden lights all adding up to and polishing the cabin-themed (and they certainly do not hope for a cabin fever feel) coffee experience.   

But every good place comes with a bit of a risk. Since everyone wants to see this new hip spot, it gets crowded easily. We also want you to avoid overcrowded areas to keep yourselves safe from COVID-19 contagion. So here’s a tip for you: Make sure to drop by early if you want to maximize your experience in terms of the ambiance, gastronomic adventure, and taking of photos. Napa at Crosswinds is open from 7 am-8 pm PHT.

Of course, just like any other coffee shop, Napa at Crosswinds would not be without their different café staple offerings. And mind you, they do not disappoint. Whether you’re visiting for a hearty breakfast or a romantic dinner over glasses of wine, Napa has a wide range of dishes that will fit every craving. They have a wide range of meals – from breakfast platters to lunch and/or dinner pasta, pastries, burgers, and desserts. Their hot and iced coffee, along with other non-caffeinated drinks, top the list of their must-try drinks. If you’re looking for a more ‘healthy’ and ‘organic’ drink, you might want to try their kombucha. 

For a more relaxed or romantic experience, visit Napa at Crosswinds at night and feel free to cozy up and keep yourselves warm with their fabulous white, red, and rose wine selection. Pair this up with their cheese and cold cuts to complete your unforgettable and matchless wine night. 

To see their full menu, visit this page.

To solidify our claim and take on this heart-warming cafe, we have checked out other reviews online. We are overwhelmed that these people from various areas in the country appreciate this place by heart and would seem like they would pay this shop another visit; with two-thumbs up merely an overstatement (Note: We have kept their identities anonymous due to the data privacy act.)

On the place and ambiance

  • “Anyways, what I love about Napa at Crosswinds is that they have plenty and open seats to accommodate group visitors. You can choose to sit and chill inside while having to enjoy the ambiance and sceneries outside. Or you can choose to sit outside and have all the fresh air and green-filled nature all for yourself.” 
  • “If you love taking pictures, every corner is instagrammable, picture-worthy to flood on your feeds and showcase your OOTD.”

On the food

  • “The food is a little bit pricey compared to other cafes but they do have unique and wide varieties of food selections. From the breakfast menu, pastries, cakes, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, pasta, paella to large plates and cheese platter selections, etc. down to the drinks such as coffee (of course), smoothies, teas, and even wines!”

As a tourist destination spot

  • “If you were to ask me what my favorite place is for a quick getaway, I would say Napa at Crosswinds in Tagaytay City right away! Just when you thought you visited every good place in it, well, this place just isn’t running out of surprises.”

There are numerous reasons to visit Tagaytay City for your next weekend or holiday getaway and make sure to drop by Napa at Crosswinds and see for yourself how it will take you to a different experience with an ambiance captured from the different side of the world.

Written by Carla Abigail Tambalo