Bria House and Lot: 7 Common Investment Myths and Why Shouldn’t Believe Them


Investing has been a taboo for many Filipinos in the past few decades and we often reject proposals of our colleagues or even relatives whenever they try to educate us about Investing. According to the data given by the Philippine Government, 74 million Filipino adults are clueless and haven’t started investing. This is mainly because of the countless myths and misconceptions we Filipinos have when it comes to this topic. That is why here are 7 common investment myths and why you shouldn’t believe them. 

1. You are too young

Our youthful days should be filled with fun and laughter. We shouldn’t worry about our future because we are too young for that, right? Wrong. Time will either be your friend or your enemy depending on how you take advantage of it.

Long-term investments will help you get through the volatility of the market and put you on top. Also, if you plan for your retirement as early as possible, you will surely enjoy your “Golden Days” because of your investments. It is always better to be prepared for your future so that you wouldn’t have to worry about having a good life in the future. So, if I were you, I would think about investing as early as now so that you may reap the benefits of your hard works.

2. It’s too complicated!

Nothing of worthy comes easy. You can’t just expect your money to be doubled in just a snap of a finger! Investing doesn’t require a doctorate in finance or economics, all you need is a smartphone, an internet connection and I’m sure our good old friend Google can help you get started in this journey. 

At first glance, the jargon in the investment field can be quite tricky but I’m sure that you will get the hang of it in the long run and your experience can be as simple as possible or it can be the most complicated thing you’ve ever handled depending on how you handle it. 

3. Investing needs a lot of money

This is so far, the most common investment myth. As time goes by, countless platforms were created to help you start investing with the smallest amount possible. You don’t need to be a millionaire for you to be able to start investing, there are a lot of affordable investments that you can find. 

Good thing that BRIA Homes offers an affordable and quality house and lot for every Filipino. This is a good investment especially for our modern-day heroes hence, the OFWs. As we all know, many of our fellow Filipinos working abroad are looking for a good and worthy investment especially here in the Philippines, and because of the pandemic, the prices of real estate have been frozen.

Contrary to common investment myths that people believes, this is why it is better to invest in them now because it will surely have a promising return of investment in the long run. In addition to that, you can make this investment a passive income of yours just by renting your property through the apps like Airbnb and the like to incoming visitors or foreigners and also to your relatives! This is a great opportunity for you to invest and have an additional way to boost your income through real estate at the same time!

4. Stocks are the key to success

Many of us interrelate stocks as the only investment worth our money. This is another common investment myth but we cannot blame others who think that way because of their lack of knowledge. But, let me tell you this, the stock market is only one of the many options we have when it comes to investing.

Real estate can be considered a good investment especially if you are an OFW because of the many possibilities you can do with it.  As of the moment, Real estate is as worthy of your money other than the stock market because of the situation of the world right now, the prices have not yet increased so I suggest that you take advantage of that price freeze before everything goes back to normal. 

5. It’s too risky

One of the many reasons why Filipinos find investing too risky for them is because of the stories in the newspaper, television, and even from their relatives or friends that they were fooled by an agent offering them investments. While these things can happen to you, they can still be avoided by going to trusted and reliable persons to help you create your plan. Many successful investors are just like you. They were scared at first, they don’t know what kind of risk they’ll be going through. But they accepted the challenge and made a huge leap and look at them now!

What’s life without a little risk, right? Just be sure to always check the legitimacy before going into an agreement and I assure you that taking this huge step will become your life’s greatest move. You may check out BRIA’s guide to real estate investing here.

6. Investing is time-consuming

A wise man will take his time knowing what his next step would be, while a fool will not even think twice and just act based on what he feels at the moment. The same goes with investing, you need to at least know what you will be entering into. It’s a good thing that the UITF or “Unit Investment Trust Fund” exists. This is a perfect investment for people who don’t have a lot of time because fund managers from the bank will manage your funds, and oh did I mention that they will be doing all the hard work? Yes, they will be the ones expertly researching about what investment will be worthy enough for your money so that you may reap the benefits of investing in a UITF. 

7. They are for adults only

This complements most of the myths about investing because most of us think that adults are the only ones who have the financial and mental capacity to enter into an agreement with a financial advisor. There’s a saying that “Age doesn’t matter”, and I believe that it can be applied here because age will always be just a number.

Having an older age doesn’t mean that you are much wiser than the young ones, sometimes we need to keep in mind that as the elder we are not knowledgeable of everything. We need to be always open to other persons when they are sharing their knowledge about a certain thing.

Investing at an early age gives you a sense of responsibility and discipline that will surely help you grow as a person. You will also have the privilege of choosing from a pool of maturity dates because of your initiative of starting early.

So, what are you waiting for? If I were you, I would look for reliable financial advisors and talk to them or I would just simply search the net about investing and think about what will be my next step in making my future better. Stop being that person who believes in these myths! They will not only lure you into believing that investing is a bad thing or hold you back from doing what is right, but they will also reap your chance of having a better future.

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