Bria Homes bets big on Laguna

MASS HOUSING developer Bria Homes is bullish on Laguna, where it sees demand for “superior quality but affordable homes.”

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Aspiring Filipino Homeowners Find the Winning Formula in BRIA Homes

As prices of commodities and services continue to rise in the Philippines, good employment opportunities are also getting scarce. This makes it increasingly difficult for ordinary Filipinos to provide their families with a home that they can call their ow

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Bria Homes’ winning formula resonates with ordinary Filipinos

Bria Homes is shaping up to be the fastest-growing in the Philippines.

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Bria ready to address housing backlog

You can now afford to have your dream two-story home only at BRIA Homes, the fastest growing mass-housing developer in the country today.

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For Everyday Filipinos, a BRIA Home They Can Call Their Own

BRIA Homes, the Philippines’ fastest-growing affordable-housing developer, makes it even easier today for the everyday Filipino to acquire their own home

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